X is for X-cellent Day — Y is for Yappy

Today we will start backwards and do the Letter Y first!

Y is for Yappy.

No, Corgis are not to be considered “yappy dogs” but Gwen sure has been yappy lately!  Just as I type this, someone dropped something on the other side of the house and Gwen tore off in that direction barking an alarm.  Gwen has decided that since she is currently homeless she is going to bark whenever and wherever she feels like it…whether it be in a hotel room, inside, outside, in the car, or in whatever house we are currently standing inside…ugh!  It seems to be getting a little better now except for the fact that she keeps seeing things (mainly people and birds) out the window and feels the need to bark at them.  She never had that opportunity when we were in Charleston since we didn’t have windows low enough for her.

My grandparents and my parents both have sliding doors which provide prime guard-dog views.  She loves sitting there and watching outside!  She follows everyone around and has been a very good girl (minus the barking) at all the places we have been.  Today will be our (the humans) first night in our new house while Gwen stays with my parents for a couple of days.

X is for X-cellent Day

The day for the letter X just so happened to fall on Gwen’s birthday!  Which also happened to be my hometown’s heritage day parade.  My hometown has some big Dutch roots so the last weekend of April is Holland Happening, where they have a big parade, carnival, and street fair.  We all went to the parade (without the dogs).  We had a fun time, got some lunch and saw friends and family.

After all the festivities, we had dinner at home with my mom and dad and my “sister,” Dayzee.  Gwen got to meet her Aunty Dayzee and they got along just fine.  Last night they even played!  Well, as much as a young Corgi and an older Lab with a bum leg can.  Dayzee would bark at Gwen when Gwen would run by her, it was the most we’d heard Dayzee bark in such a long time!  It was really kind of cute. 🙂

Since it was Gwen’s Barkday Pawty (Birthday Party) we got some hats to put on the dogs and a “Happy 1st Birthday” banner that we hung up in the kitchen.  Dayzee was a good sport about wearing the hat and the beads that we got at the parade.  Gwen…well let’s just say that one hat just was not enough…

Aunty Dayzee Mae

Gwyndolyn Rose — 1st Birthday

One hat would slide over to one ear so we put two on her.  I mean, she already had 2 party hats (ears)!  She had one stuck on her rear at one point too, actually looked like she had a tail for once!

The humans got pie for dessert, Dayzee licked all the bowls clean and Gwen got a tiny piece of pie crust (she’s not allowed to have human food) as her “spercial treat.”

Frappy 1st Barkday, Gwen!  Hope you liked your Barkday Pawty!

Wow!  Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of the A-to-Z Challenge!  I can’t believe it!


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