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Guard Dog Gwen

Some very exciting things have happened lately!  One of which made me so glad to be a dog owner and also quite proud of my little Gwen.

A couple nights ago Gwen and I were sitting in the living room minding our own business, I on the couch she on the rug by the door, when there was a noise on my front porch.  I heard a creak about the same time Gwen reacted to it.  At 11:30 at night, a creaking sound on your front porch step is not a sound you want to be hearing…  Guard Dog Gwen sounded the alarm!

I got up off my comfy perch on the sofa to assess the situation.  I flipped on the lights and saw that there was a shirtless, white male on my front porch and he was backing down the stairs.  He was probably in his twenties and judging by his state of undress in the cold he was most likely under the influence of something.  He backed off my porch and then went around the front of my house in my yard.  At that point I lost sight of him and had already started dialing 911.  I think it took me maybe 2 seconds to decide what to do, and now that I think back on the incident I don’t know when or where I got the phone from since I used our landline phone (thank God for those!) and I don’t remember bringing it to the living room…

The 911 dispatcher sent a police officer out to my house and she stayed on the line with me until he got here.  She asked if I was armed (yes), what kind of weapon I had, if there was anyone else in the house (Gwen), and where I was in the house.  She also asked me what my phone number was which I was unable to say since in the moment I totally forgot our home phone since we rarely use it and never give out that number anyways.  Lucky enough that caller ID was invented ages ago so she had my number on her screen. 🙂

Once the officer was in the area, the dispatcher told me to secure my weapon — don’t need any itchy trigger fingers around the Boys in Blue, now do we? (not that I have an itchy trigger finger!) — and the officer would make contact once he had a look around.  Though I am pretty sure the officer’s uniform was brown but if it were “the boys in brown” that would be referring to UPS.  Anyways.  The officer asked me what happened after letting me put Gwen in her crate as I had opened the door holding a dog in my arms.  I told him what we heard and saw and that Gwen had barked her head off until she got the sign for quiet, and he said he would have a look around the house to make sure no one was around.  At which point I asked if it was safe if I took my dog out to go potty while the officer was still there.  As odd of a request I am sure he has probably heard worse.  At least that is what I keep telling myself.

I was quite shaken by the whole experience.  Of course once Gwen had pottied and the officer left — he assured me that there would be a cop in the area patrolling a couple more times tonight — I was left to deal with the after affects of the adrenaline that was still coursing through my body.  Meaning, calling my parents and not being able to sleep.  My dad goes to bed before 9:00 every night, so it is best not to call really late, and by this time it was well after midnight…  I had no choice but to call and recap everything that had happened.

I am just really glad that I have a dog and a gun.  They help me sleep better at night, though after something like this getting to sleep is a little more difficult.  And for the record, in case you are new to  GwendolynRose, I do have my Concealed Carry Permit, I do shoot very well, and I won’t be a victim.  Calling the cops is always going to be the right thing to do, but in that time between calling them and them actually arriving on scene it is always nice to have a backup plan (weapon) so as to not become victim and another statistic.

I just want to make a quick reference to a website/facebook page that I follow, it’s called The Well Armed Woman.  They also have a blog.  Some of the following pictures I’ve borrowed from their facebook page as well as just plain ol’ google images.  This page, or rather group of women, advocates the education of women and girls in the use and safety of firearms for personal defense as well as just recreational shooting.  I don’t remember how I came across this page but have found it very interesting.

The following are some dog and gun related images I found that I couldn’t figure out how to use in this post but still wished to include them. 🙂


Just a little look at what kind of damage the different caliber bullets make without any blood or gore.



Alligators, Dolphins, Corgis, oh my!

I hope that everyone had a very Happy New Year!  Since I have returned home from my last trip to WA, I feel like I have been going and going nonstop and it feels like that trip was ages ago! (I got back on Sun!)  Today, I refused to get out of bed to go to the gym.

Yesterday, we drove up to Myrtle Beach to go to the Bass Pro Shop up there.  That was a 2.5 hr drive just to get there, and I think we spent about an hour or two there before we headed back.  While we were there we ate at the BPS’s restaurant (Islamorada) where we had Alligator and Dolphin!  We’ve both had Alligator before at the Bass Pro in Independence, MO but this was our first time (at least mine) trying Dolphin.  It was really good!  I don’t like fish (except catfish fillets and occasionally some fish & chips) and I was glad that dolphin did not taste like fish!  It reminded me of a fish fillet but then also like chicken but didn’t taste anything like chicken.  Either way it was good. 🙂

The whole reason I told that story was to say that on our way up to MB we saw a bunch of cop cars in front of some apartments and  when we headed back home about an hour and a half later there were even more cop cars and the Hwy was blocked and the cops were forcing everyone to detour around.  There were even TV crews there.  I said that it must have had something to do with guns or dead bodies, because why else would they block of the road like that, for there to be news cameras and no fire trucks.  Sure enough it was a “shots fired” incident and some guy was shooting at people out a window.  Here’s the news article for it!

Okay, now on to the corgi business!  Gwen is a good little guard dog!  Today while Andrew was getting ready for work and I was putting away Christmas decorations a random Comcast (our local sucky TV co.) guy just walked through our door!  Gwen went after him and I went after Gwen.  I wasn’t thinking “oh hey look a stranger just walked into my house!” no, I was thinking “my dog is going to escape and run into the road!”  Then the guy was like “am I in the wrong apartment?” I told him yes, he said he was looking for #9 and I told him it was upstairs (it’s really next door – oops).  He did apologize for walking into our apartment.  He was on the phone when it happened and I think he just wasn’t paying attention to which door he wanted.  The doors are next to each other.  He didn’t knock or anything just walked in and stopped still holding the door.  Normally our door is always locked but we had just come in from taking the dog out a couple of minutes ago and I’d forgotten to lock it.  Gwen kept barking at the door the whole time the Comcast guys were out there working on the neighbor’s TV!

I had put a post on Facebook saying that we had just had a random guy walk into our house but I took that down after a little while.  There were quite a few people saying that I needed to call that Company and complain and/or report the guy/incident.  Even get him fired!  I don’t think it is always necessary to raise a ruckus about something that is wrong.  It was an honest mistake and he apologized.  It is not like we would get anything out of calling to complain.  Andrew said he was lucky the guy didn’t get shot.  I think he is lucky he didn’t get bit!   No harm, no foul.

Gwen went to the dump with me today to take our Christmas tree to be recycled.  She tried to jump out the door when I got out — she is such a pain some days!  I don’t know if the garbage man picks up the trees outside of the dumpsters in apt complexes or not so I just made a trip to the dump myself.  There are a bunch of trees that people just dumped out by the dumpsters.  I know curbside customers can leave their trees there since they can leave yard waste out.  Apartment living sucks.