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2013 CorgiButts Secret Santa Gift Exchange!

We participated in the Corgi Butts Secret Santa gift exchange again this year!  Of course this year Gwen was a little impatient to open her present…plus we kept seeing other Corgis that had already opened theirs…we wanted in on the fun too! 😉

Gwen with present.

“After I opened my prezzie I had to pose for pictures. (Silly hoomins.)”

Hi everyone! Gwen here.  Da hoomin let me tell all about my presents!  I got some Greenies Joint Care nom noms to chew on to keep my little dwarf joints all healthy!  AND I also got a Corgi squeaker flopsie!  Da momma is happy it has no stuffings but da daddy hoomin thinks I a pest because I take my new squeaker toy and jumps on the couch and squeakes it on top of him.  I is such a good Corga, not sure what he is talking about!

Isn’t this so cool?!

And just in case you are wondering where Hermann and his humans got this gem from I will post the link HERE for you.  They also have all sorts of other breeds! 🙂

Thank you to Hermann and his hoomins!!!!!  I lurves my prezzies!!!  — Gwen

The Corgi name(s) that we drew were Luna and Twinkie.  They have already opened their presents and know that we were their secret santa.  They have a Facebook page too!  These are Gwen’s new fur-iends with part of their present from us:

Twinkie & Luna

We got them some nom noms and a couple little greenies and their human told me they liked bandanas so I made some bandanas and we got them puzzle toy too!  (Black Friday dog & pony shopping is AWESOME!)

One last thing to share was this Corgi Nose Art sticker that we got for Luna & Twinkie’s owner.  I just happened to also buy one for my new car too! 😉

Christmas is right around the corner!!! Gwen is getting her letter ready for Santa.  Though I feel sorry for Santa since Gwen wants to leave dog biscuits for him…we tried to tell her he like HUMAN cookies but her reply was only, “why would I want to leave cookies out of humans for him?!” 


Opening the Secret Santa Gift

Gwen got to open her Corgi Butts’ Secret Santa present on the 24th.  Here are some pictures! 🙂

Gwen with her Secret Santa present.

Can I open this yet?

We open this now?

What’s in here??



We got caught mid-flash…these are our Kristen Stewart impressions.

All my new prezzies!

Can I play with this now??

Gwen’s new stocking she got, hanging on her crate!

Our secret santas were Sawyer & Kayley!

We really enjoyed being a part of the Corgi Butts Secret Santa gift exchange this year and we look forward to doing it again next year!!!  (Assuming there will be one next year!)

Gwen sure does like her new toys!  She doesn’t know what to do with herself since she got her secret santa toys the toys from her stocking and from other family members!  Her toy box is brimming!  She’s all tuckered out after all the festivities the past couple of days too.

Thank you Sawyer & Kayley! 🙂

Another Corgi Carol — Corgi Butts

Something to start off your day right.  WARNING: These lyrics are catchy! *<|:o)

“Corgi Butts” (to the tune of Silver Bells): 

Corgi pawprints, little pawprints
Dogs in holiday style.
In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas.
Corgis barking, Corgis romping,
Causing smile after smile
And on every street corner you’ll see.

Corgi butts, Corgi Butts
It’s a Welsh time in the city.
Herp-a-derp, they’re in shirts,
Soon it will be Christmas day.

Sets of stub legs, lots of stub legs
With costumes red and green
And tourists rush out with their cameras.
Hear the claw-clacks, see the long backs,
Corgis are making a scene.
And among all the bustle you’ll see.

Corgi butts, Corgi Butts
It’s a Welsh time in the city.
Herp-a-derp, they’re in shirts,
Soon it will be Christmas day.

               * * * * * *

I don’t know who wrote these lyrics but they are simply BRILLIANT!!! I found them here on Facebook.  Andrew sang this song all night last night.  We have a very busy weekend this weekend preparing for Christmas and our guests!