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Conked out Corgi!

Gwen and I were fortunate enough to be able to go visit my parents for the long weekend.  I slept on an air mattress and Gwen slept wherever she felt like it — mainly in or under my parents’ bed.  She also likes getting into the house plants…meaning pulling leaves off, dragging dirt out, and in one instance getting on top of the coffee table and dragged the moss and dirt out of the pot…  She is such a little pest!

Dayzee & Gwen in their patriotic “scarves”

Gwen played with her Auntie Dayzee all weekend and also went for walks on the beach every morning, needless to say she was one tired Corgi when we headed home earlier today!  While we were riding on the ferry I snapped a couple pictures of my conked out corgi.  🙂

Someone was so tired that they curled up into a ball…I didn’t know that Corgis could scrunch up that small!  After a little while she ended up sprawled out on the floor where she rode the whole way home.  She really makes a good travel buddy. 🙂



Grouchy Gwen

Got home at midnight last night.  I currently have no concept of time, my internal clock is all messed up.  I feel like I should be doing things but there isn’t much to do.  One thing I could do is to unpack all the bags I brought back (thank goodness Southwest lets you check 2 bags for FREE!!!)  but I don’t really want to do that.  Back in WA I was almost constantly doing something or had some task to be done.  Now I’ve finished my tasks and am at a loss.  Dog doesn’t want to play with me, I don’t want to watch TV, and I need a break from reading.  What to do, what to do?

I’m not sure Gwen was happy to see me…I did wake her up when I got home.  She was asleep and didn’t want to come out of her box.

My parents sent some presents to their grand-dog.  Gwenie got a new Skinneeez toy and a Kong squeaky ball and a new pink leash!  The Skinneeez (yes, that is the brand name 🙂 ) is one of those stuffing-less toys with squeakers in it.  Her leash is hot pink with light pink polka dots.  It’s cute and even matches her collar.

Today she has been sort of indifferent to me.  She hangs around in the same room but doesn’t really want to acknowledge me unless it benefits her.  Much like a cat.  She has been so grouchy today!  I got her to run around for a little bit and then gave her some ice cubes to fish out of her water dish.  Had to put that in the kitchen because she was getting water all over the carpet…needless to say that the ice cubes got all over the floor too since she would bring them out into the living room once she “caught” them.  At least it made Gwen happy.  She was sticking her nose in the water and blowing bubbles!  Gwen likes to splash in her water bowl too (an almost daily occurrence).  It makes me think of a raccoon washing its hand like paws.  So I guess that would make Gwen a cat-dog-tasmanian devil-raccoon.  What a sight THAT would be!

Oh and we had a pillow fight!  I was trying to shoo Gwen out of the way with my pillow so I could sit on the couch and read for a bit but Gwen had other ideas.  She stood up on her hind legs and jumped at the pillow.  So I swung it (nicely, don’t worry!) at her again.  She got more pushy so we did this for about ten minutes before she decided to go play with her toy box.  She even launched herself off the couch at this dang pillow a couple of times.  Corgis are tough little dogs!

I think she must have grown in the week I was gone!  She looks slightly taller and slimmer.  With her lack of activity this week I don’t think she would be getting any slimmer.  She looks good, I think, because when I left she was getting a little chunky.

Well, it is puppy dinner time now and she is laying by the door looking pitiful.  Apparently I am falling behind in my duties as the Corgi’s personal slave….

Visiting Home – Part 2

I have had a happy visit back home.  It has been extremely busy but also enjoyable.  I got to see my parents, my horse, my dog (Dayzee), friends and family.  I sure am going to miss this house once my parents officially move out.  I know I moved out “officially” during the summer but to me I don’t think it was quite official since I still have furniture set up in my bedroom and stuff tucked away in all the drawers.  Now my room looks like a tornado went through it and deposited some boxes here and there and dumped everything else on every other available surface.  It will all be over with (for me at least) tonight [Saturday] when I pack my bags and go to sleep in my bedroom one last time in this house.  It is a sad thought to say the least.  I really like this house.

*    *    *    *   *

Next week is my birthday but since I will not be here for it, we celebrated it a week early!  We had a nice dinner [on Thursday] with my grandparents of ham, homemade apple sauce (sans cinnamon — apparently this is a big deal?), cheesy hashbrowns, and cupcakes!  That was the best cupcake I have had in a long time!  It was the perfect size (big) with not too much or not too little frosting.  I had a good time and I showed my grandparents tons of pictures of Gwen!

I got to pick out my presents Thursday too.  We went to Coastal (huge farm & ranch store) where I got to pick out a new blanket for my horse (he was needing one…) and then we headed over to Petsmart to get some new decorations for my fish tank.  My tank is 40 gallons and I have 3 catfish (and a bunch of little schooling fish too).  A Plecostomus (Brutus), a Golden Chinese Algae Eater (Mushu), and a Striped Raphael Catfish (Ralph).  These 3 fish have gotten huge and they all share the same castle since the other hiding spots are kind of small for them now.  So I got a new hiding rock for them!  I had intended on taking a before picture but forgot so there is only an after shot…it looks like I went crazy with plants now, I think….

“Does this blanket make my butt look fat?”

The NEW blanket! Such masculine colors!

Looks like I went a little crazy with the plants.

I got to hang out with a couple of my best friends while I was back home.  One has been my best friend since 4th grade and the other is my god-sister!  (My parents are her godparents.)  It was great catching up with these two.  🙂  One thing I miss about home is that I don’t have any real friends in SC.

Today (Saturday), I did my good-bye rounds.  I find those are always very difficult.  I hate saying good-bye and I hate having to do it on a time schedule.  I started with Owen and the people taking care of him.  Next I went and saw a family friend who has been sick lately and gave his horses treats.  He and his wife have been like family to me and have done so much for me with the horses.  (They offered me one of their horses to ride and show when my own injured himself in my last year of 4-H.)  And last but not least I went and had dinner with my grandparents.  I hate saying good-bye but I know that I have to go back.  SC is my home (for now at least) and I must return to it, my dog, and my husband.

Good-bye bedroom.  Good-bye large yard, awesome view, and quiet neighborhood.  Good-bye Kitties buried in the yard. Good-bye house.  I will miss you.  You will always be the house I grew up in.

**Yes, I know the days of the week.  I just did not get around to getting this posted until quite late.  Shame on me, I know.