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Happy Howl-o-ween!

Gwen is very festive and really getting into the Halloween spirit!  She ripped open her bat toy yesterday so I destuffed him and gave her back the “skin.”  She also has a bat/purple people eater and  vampire stuffed ball squeeker toys.  I did my best in describing them…  Tonight instead of candy treats (like a little kid would get) she is getting a couple small-ish Halloween squeekers!  If I’m lucky this afternoon, I’ll get her picture with them…we’ll see!  We’ve been hoarding hiding these toys for awhile.  We’d tried with the other toys too except she found one of them and I was a sucker and had gave her the other.

I hope the orange isn’t too difficult to read but I’m feeling festive too!  Though I am not sure if I will be handing out candy this year or not.  I don’t really feel comfortable doing so in this area that we’re living, even though it is an apartment-land.  Last year when I was in college I lived in a neighbor hood that had a lot of families with children and I had so many trick or treaters come to my door!  My favorites had to be the family of Angry Birds, Einstein, and a Scarecrow that came to my door.  I think there was another but it escapes me at the moment.  The scarecrow was done with lots of straw and all painted up.  Someone really did a good job putting that kid’s costume together!  


This is what happens when you strap an Acme rocket to a Corgi:

We got some video of it and I’ll have to post the links to the video later once I’ve uploaded them.  They’re cute. 🙂


I love the top-middle picture!  It’s so pathetically adorable!  I don’t know why it put “do I gotta” on there twice (and right over her cute little nose, I might add!) but it wouldn’t let me get rid of it and I didn’t want to start over, so here is Gwenie’s Penguin costume “collage.”  When I have more time, I will make a better collage but at the moment I am trying to do a million things, none of which are getting done except this post!

Remember that pumpkin costume that Gwen had on in the picture that got in the Magazine?  I have a bunch that I loved from that “photo shoot” that I’d love to share, but for now I think those will be saved for another entry.  Maybe tomorrow??  But for now, here is what her original costume was going to be before she grew out of it.  Yes, the little chub-a-lubs grew in just a few weeks.


From our house to yours, Happy Howl-o-ween!!!





[NOTE:] This is another post that has taken me ages to write.  Started during my lazy block and finishing it now. 🙂

Gwen must be my lucky charm!  Since we’ve had her, we have won 2 doggie related things!  One was a free visit to one of the local doggie day cares in the area.  The other was our most recent, the TropiClean Fresh Breath giveaway that the Lowcountry Dog Magazine was doing.  Remember, Gwen got her picture in the magazine just recently, too.  So we got all these goodies, but I have one problem:  Gwen doesn’t have stinky breath!

Either way, we won first prize which was pretty much a sampling of all their products.  We got The Fresh Mint Foam, Water Additive, Clean Teeth Gel, Liquid Floss, and a Tri Floss Ball!  Lots of things!

Anyways, I plan on using the flossy spray.  It says if you spray it on their rope toys then it helps them to floss and have good breath.  Worth a try at least.  That and the Tri Floss Ball.  If she doesn’t like it then maybe I’ll just have to give the stuff to my parents for Dayzee who DOES have stinky breath!

Also, Gwen has figured out how to tear open her stuffed animals to get at the stuffing.  She opened up her bat and alligator today.  Sad day. 😦


The black lab is Dayzee Mae and the yellow lab is Bella.  Bella belongs to my cousins.  When this picture was taken, Dayzee was over at my cousins’ place for a play day.  What lovely labs!

Pumpkins and Bugs

2 Days ago, on Saturday, Gwen turned 6 months old!!!  Yay!  My little puppy is getting big!  We were just talking about her the other day, reminising on when she was tiny and could fit underneath the shelf on the coffee table and she was shorter than my arm.  Now she gets stuck at her shoulders and she is about 3 times longer than when we got her!

Every time we take Gwen outside she chases leaves.  It is so  windy here right now!  Well, I guess it could be worse.  We didn’t get hit with that hurricane, Sandy, but it did send a little rain and wind our way.  From what I’ve heard, Charleston is pretty lucky when it comes to the paths of these hurricanes.  This area is kind of tucked back a little and not really in the normal path of the hurricanes, as I understand it, so it usually doesn’t get hit bad.

Gwyndolyn was chasing a fly that was inside here earlier.  She was hopping all over the couch trying to catch that thing!  She watched it go back and forth and all around for awhile.  Then she decided that I was in her way and started to jump on me trying to get it.  She never caught Mr. Fly but she did catch a moth last night inside and the other day she caught another moth when we went outside for our pre-dinner potty break.

We carved pumpkins last night!  We started a bit late so we didn’t finish them until it was past 9 pm then we ran out and bought some candles before the stores closed.  We’d bought 3 pumpkins (1 for Gwen of course!) but only had time to carve 2.  So hers is just sitting outside our door with the carved ones.

After cleaning up all the pumpkin guts and scouring the kitchen, we headed to bed.  It was almost midnight by then.  I went into the bathroom and closed the door.  Guess what was behind the door.  A palmetto bug!  Also known as a cockroach!!! Ugh!  It was so nasty!  I jumped up on the tub and started screaming for TK, who has THE  slowest reaction time e-v-e-r!!  He really needs to work on that.  The roach scuttled down the wall and out under the door.  I couldn’t get out of the bathroom fast enough!  TK said it went under one of the bookcases in the office.  He said he couldn’t get it out so I said vacuum it out!  So he did and then he claimed that he sucked it up and it was dead.  I was scared to sleep.  I didn’t believe him.  So I called my mom.  She of course yelled at me for calling so late over a bug.  The first time I saw a cockroach I called her and since it was 7am here it was 4am there.  She did not like being woken up.  At least she was awake this time.

Before we went to sleep I told TK to empty the vacuum in the morning because there was no way in hell that I was going to do it.  This morning he took care of it while Gwen and I sat on the couch.  The cockroach was indeed in the vacuum container BUT it was still alive!  Andrew took it outside and smashed it with a shoe.  I am so glad he was home to kill that nasty bug!

In the aftermath of the most recent cockroach incident I have found something that I am even more terrified of than spiders:  cockroaches!

Back to the pumpkins.  We did Angry Bird pumpkins!  Andrew’s is the yellow bird and mine was supposed to be 2 of the 3 little blue birdies.  Mine got messed up when I was trying to cut it out so it I made it look more like a face by adding a “mouth” beneath the birds.  The “mouth” was supposed to be the things that the birds were flying over.  Andrew’s turned out really good.  Mine…eh…

Andrew complains and whines more when he’s doing pumpkins, but I guess he did a better job than me, the one who didn’t say anything except “I can’t get the tape to stick!”

As for other autumnal activities, I roasted the pumpkin seeds today.  I think I did a pretty good job too. 🙂

TK let a pen go through the wash in his uniforms.  Yeah…  I know my mother always say “you’ve got to check the pockets before you stick it in the wash” but you know…  So this pen went into the wash and ended up in the dryer and pretty much exploded.  There was ink everywhere!  I googled how to get rid of the ink and the one that showed up the most was to use nail polish remover.  So I did.  Got the majority of it out and so now the inside of the dryer is just a shade of light blue.  Better than it was.  Now the dryer is airing out.  I’m just afraid to use the dryer again right now.  Waiting til Andrew gets home to see about it.  He was a Chemistry major after all.  I don’t want an exploding dryer…good reason to NOT do laundry today!

These are so cute! Corgis made of flowers!

the iapetus blog thing

How we came to greet the Queen with our floral corgis at the opening of RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012

This is the story of possibly the most random thing we have ever done…and certainly the most exciting. You may have spotted in the coverage of this years RHS Chelsea Flower Show three little floral corgis…well they were made by Anna Brook, our Director here at iapetus. However, Anna is not a florist or flower arranger, so how she ended up at the most prestigious horticultural show in the World is a rather wonderful story.

It all starts 10 days before the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012 opened during the Malvern Spring Gardening Show also run by the RHS. Each year Anna organises a competition in Great Malvern, (Worcestershire) called  ‘Blooming Hills’. Traders there create wacky floral displays in their windows to coincide with the Spring Gardening Show. This years…

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Earlier this week, Gwen got her first antler!  I got her one of the split elk antlers.  She loves it!  That being said, on the same day that I gave it to her, I saw on Puppy on a Roomba‘s facebook page that he, Ty, had cracked a couple of teeth from chewing on his antler!  I didn’t know what to think since some of her nylabones are kind of hard too and she is only going at the marrow in the middle right now, not really chewing on the outside.  So I let her chew on her antler and then decided to contact my cousin who is a vet and see what she had to say on the matter.

My cousin said that rawhide bones (not flats) are best since antlers and nylabones can splinter and cause issues with teeth and intestines, and pigs ears are just gross.  The flat rawhides can cause problems too, like getting stuck in their throats.

Now I know everyone has different opinions and everything, but sometimes it is nice to get one from a professional!

Either way, Gwen looked cute chewing on her antler and was so excited when I got the box.  I think she knew that what was inside it was for her.  She sat so patiently in the kitchen while I dug it out of the box too (it was buried in styrofoam peanuts!)


P.S. I still don’t know what to do about the antler…risk it and let her chew on it or take it away completely.  She only gets it with supervision and then not for too long.  I gave it to her after dinner last night for about an hour and a half before I put it away. (This was before hearing back from my cousin.)  Right now she is playing with a plastic water bottle.  Cheapest and easiest toy ever!



Adventures in Chuck Town

Friday was full of adventure!  Gwen got to go to the doggy salon!  I took her to the Petsmart Grooming so she could get a bath and brush.  I know I can give her a bath just fine but sometimes it is nice to pawn off your little yellow devil on some other poor unsuspecting soul just so that you can get a nice clean dog and a devil free afternoon!  Also, I had a coupon. 🙂

Made her appointment on Thursday and got her in on Friday!  I didn’t even get lost going to Petsmart on my own! (Normally I don’t venture that direction sans husband.)  I asked the lady how much she said it would be and she said for a puppy it would be $10.99, so I thought “cool! this will be way cheaper than I thought!”  I took little Gwyndolyn in and the lady checked her in and was asking what I wanted done and I just said a bath and brush and she asked me if I wanted her to be bathed with the special oatmeal shampoo and a conditioner used on her coat.  She said it would cost $16.  I thought what the heck, pamper my dog!  It is after all only about five bucks more! . . . famous last words!  What I didn’t realize she was saying that it was $16 EXTRA! (Selective hearing?)  I missed that part.

Oh well. I didn’t find out that it was extra until I went to pick her up.  But I am getting ahead of myself here!

So the lady said it would take about 3 hours and I’d get a call when Gwen was done.  So I headed over to the mall to kill some time.  I went to JC Pennys and looked around, not really intending on buying anything.  I ended up buying a dress and some earrings.  Then I walked through the mall, found some more earrings, bought a birthday card at Hallmark, and then decided I needed to leave the mall before I spent too much money.  As it were, I am quite happy with my purchases.  I don’t spend much money on myself as of late anyways (spend it all on dog toys…) so I justified it quite easily.  I decided to try to head to this store downtown that I have been wanting to check out.

Got in the car, punched in the address on the GPS and headed out.  Went through an area that I’d never been to before after going through the area where there are all the car dealerships!  And I mean all the FANCY dealers too!  Like Maserati, Land Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, Lexus, BMW, Smart Car, and then of course the normal ones like Dodge, Ford, Chevy, Honda.  Andrew had taken me down there before just to show me the fancy cars when I came to visit.  Where I am from we don’t have a ton of fancy cars around.  There is a resident Aston Martin on the Island that you see every once in awhile but for the most part you don’t see many.  And of course things like muscle and sports cars only come out on nice days back home.  Here, they are EVERYWHERE!  I have seen more Corvettes and Challangers around (as well as others) town in a week than I normally see driving around WA all summer!  I think it has something to do with the weather.

Crossed a draw bridge, and found the shop I wanted to visit!  The only problem was finding parking.  So I drove around and had to double back, turned, got lost, figured out where I was, didn’t want to park in a parking garage cause they’re creepy alone, and got lost again.  Ended up parking in a lot that I wasn’t supposed to just so I could punch in the Petsmart address to get back.  I never got out of my car and never made it to that little shop. 😦  My GPS didn’t like being in the buildings so I stuck it in my phone’s GPS and that picked it up right away.  So I drove back with 2 GPS things directing me!  The funny thing was that they were both telling me to go different ways and they didn’t tell me the directions at the same time and my GPS was a little off.  It is a little old/out dated but it still gets me where I want to go.  I haven’t the desire to get a new one since then I’d have multiples.  I’d much rather just pay to update it (I know that isn’t as economical).

Drove over another draw bridge!! (I think draw bridges are cool!)  Got pissed off at drivers not letting me over to exit.  In the end I ended up where I wanted to go.  I found two thrift stores I plan on dragging Andrew to with me and a BBQ place that I want to try.  One of the thrift stores, the proceeds benefit the animal shelter.  There is a thrift store like that back home where all the proceeds benefit the animal shelter.  I think that’s a nice way to raise money for the animals. 🙂  Plus, I have some stuff I can donate!

Got back to Petsmart, milled around a bit then decided to go back to check and see if Gwen was done.  As I was walking back, the lady called me!  I was like okay, I’ll be right there!  I don’t think she understood I meant I would literally be right there!

Got Gwen, was told it would be $26.  That was when I realized it would be $16 EXTRA…  but I had a coupon for $5 off a bath so it kind of evened out in the end.  Gwen ended up with a nice clean and fluffy coat and I didn’t have to get soaking wet lift a finger!  Took Gwen outside and she peed like a racehorse in the bushes.  Put her in the car and she went right to sleep!  Well, she barked in my ear once but slept until we got home!  She never sleeps in the car!  Gwenie curled up on the couch and went to sleep until dinner time, ate and then went back to sleep.  She slept until Andrew came home!  Going to the doggy salon must be quite stressful!

Petsmart gives you a “Pawgress Report” that tells all about their visit.  I think it’s quite a nice touch!  It lets you know how they were and what they had done.  Gwen got washed with super duper extra spercial oatmeal shampoo & conditioner! And then she got brushed and her nails done (even though I said she didn’t need them done since I’d just done them) and her ears cleaned (they really needed cleaning), and her TEETH BRUSHED! With chicken flavored toothpaste.  I feel sorry for her, but Andrew had been wanting to brush her teeth — I’d always said that was silly.  I mean we never brushed Dayzee’s teeth… “yeah and look how that turned out for you, her breath stinks!”

All in all, Gwen got a THOROUGH day at the spa!  I even made her a nice little festive bandana for her!  This time it has candy on it in honor of Halloween!  Her butt is so fluffy now too!

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!  Not more about Gwen’s trip to the “salon” but our weekend, thus far.  Yesterday, I went to a volunteer orientation at one of the local horse rescues.  This one is smaller and newer but they of course still need volunteer help.  So I am going to try to volunteer there a couple times a week to get my horse fix and be a productive member of society.  I missed the last orientation because I got lost (of course).  It was so nice to be back in jeans and boots again!  And I got to spend most of my morning petting horses and giving treats!  While I did that, Andrew went to the grand reopening of a gun shop where our dog trainer works at.  Andrew ordered a new rifle while he was there too.  If you would like to make a donation to his gun buying fund, please, by all means, feel free to do so!  Our agreement is that if he buys this one then I get to get another animal once we move.   While he was there, he won a prize and entered to win a shotgun that they were raffling off.  He dragged me back later so I could get a raffle ticket and to see if he’d won it.  Sadly, he did not.  Some man who was missing his bottom teeth did….

Today we don’t know what we are going to do.  I think Gwen wants to go outside to play with her stick though!  She has been dragging this same stick around for almost a week.  We make her drop it at the door with the shoes outside and she clamps down on that thing and refuses to give it up.  In the end she never wins.

I realized yesterday I haven’t taken as many pictures lately.  Shame on me, I know.  We got ANOTHER costume for 50% off the other day, so that will mean more pictures!  Also, I am hoping to post a leeetle more regularly that way I don’t end up with gargantuan posts like these….I have soooooooo much to tell but not enough time space attention span necessary to get all my thoughts out at once.

Lazy Block

I have been suffering from a Lazy Block.  That’s right, it is like “writer’s block” except for the fact that I had plenty to write about the Lazy just got in the way.  I should get the program that types as i write…but I kind of think that is cheating.

Okay, it has taken me 4 days to do this post!  I started on Monday and am now just picking back up on Thursday!  Oy vey!  Talk about LAZY!

Leashes:  Gwen has this thing about which leash she is on when we go outside.  She likes her 6′ pink leash.  She does not like her pink Flexi leash.  You know, the extendable/retractable types.  I am not a big fan of that kind but we bought it even before we got her and it has come in handy at night time when it is dark.  I don’t like taking her outside at night alone but now I have no choice.  So I bought one of those super powered flashlights – 275 lumens – it is basically a lantern but not (if that makes any sense).  This is the flashlight I got.  ULTRA HIGH POWER!  I like that. 🙂  This puppy is super bright and I can sweep the whole yard to see if there is anything lurking in the bushes or waiting to ambush us.  However, this super, duper brightness comes at a slight cost:  the user must be careful not to blast it in their pet’s eyes or in the neighbors’ windows…Andrew is not allowed to use the flashlight since he tends to shine it in the neighbors’ windows…  I have been watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds, I guess, because it freaks me out to be home alone at night now and have to go outside in the dark!

But I digress, Gwen will run away from you when you try to hook that big leash on her.  Though the past couple days she has been pretty nice about staying by the door.  So maybe that was just a phase?

I don’t tend to like the flexi leash things because I don’t like that dogs pull with them.  Gwen wasn’t all that sure about it either since she needed a little tension to pull it away and even then she wasn’t sure about going away from me outside.  We only use it at night time though.  During the day and on walks we still use her pretty, polka-dotted, pink leash.

Fire Ants:  Last week Andrew sprained his ankle playing frisbee.  Meaning he gets an excuse to not have to do puppy chores (i.e. doggy doody or taking her outside when it’s dark) and leaving me to deal with the little yellow beast by myself.  Figures.  Well, the night of the sprain, he was walking on it fine (“I’m fine, I’ve iced it…”) so we took Gwen for a walk.  We both wore flip flops like idiots.  Wearing flip flops out in the field by our apartments is a little dangerous since we have fire ants back there.  So here we are, walking along and Andrew steps on a small mound.  No fire ant bites for him!  Next, Gwen trots through another small mound.  No problems with the fire ants either!  Last but not least, Gwen drags me over to an area where there are ant hills arranged in a sort of semi-circle where I stand in the middle and then realize (too late of course!) that they are fire ants.  Yup, yours truly got bit.  I didn’t even get in the mound unlike the other two bums I was walking with!  At least I can bend my toes now.  They swelled up for a few days.

Gwen’s distaste for home decor:   We got a new door mat for outside our door this last weekend.  Previously it was just bare concrete.  Now we have a nice door mat that says “Howdy! Wipe your boots!”  Gwen of course did not like it.  She hopped over it or skirted around the edge of it when we went in or out.  I don’t think she liked the little pokeys poking her little corgi paws.



Last weekend, we took Gwen to the Battery Park.  We walked all around and even walked all of the sea wall and then back to the car.  Gwen behaved superbly!  She stayed right next to us and did not try to pull too much on her leash.  She climbed up and down stairs and did not try to jump on people passing by us!   It was so nice!

Riding in the car has gotten easier for her too.  She has figured out how to balance and also that laying down in the seat is often helpful when one has really short legs.

There is probably more that I am missing here, but hopefully the lazy block will stay away and I can post more regularly.