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Happy Christmas Eve!

In case we don’t get a chance to say it later, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Before I get into anything else I just wanted to say that GWEN WAS ON THE DAILY CORGI TODAY!!!! ūüėÄ ¬†Here is the link to that.¬†

We have had a busy weekend getting ready for guests and Christmas dinner. ¬†Gwen got to open her Corgi Secret Santa present this afternoon! ¬†We will definitely be posting what she got later this week — expect that post after Christmas sometime. ūüôā ¬†I will say that Gwen’s present came from Sawyer, a Corgi in¬†Canada! ¬†I will say that she loves her presents that she got! ¬†And her stocking which is now hanging on the outside of her bedroom aka crate.

I’ve made 2 of our 3 pies so far! ¬†Chocolate and Pumpkin. ¬†Mincemeat will be later today. ¬†I love pie!

Gwen went swimming on Saturday and I got a bunch of good pictures this time (again)!  I will do a short one on that later this week too.  After swimming we got to take her raffle winnings home too.

This antler looks like a fang to me and being the Harry Potter fan that I am, I decided that it was a Basilisk Fang! ¬†It could also be a Saber Tooth Tiger’s tooth or a Walrus/Elephant Tusk. ¬†You take your pick!


Just looking cute holding my antler, no big deal!


Innards Removal Day

I think you could classify this as a “Monday Moaning” post. ¬†We took Gwen in to the vet’s this morning to have her innards removed. ¬†If she were a he then she would be having her outards removed. ¬†Ya follow me here? ¬†Yes, Gwyndolyn is getting spayed today. ¬†Well, she has already been spayed and is awake, they just called not too long ago to tell me that I can come to pick her up any time after 3:30. ¬†YAY! ¬†I am so lonely and bored without my little buddy! ¬†[cue singing]¬†I am so roanreeeeee!

We took Gwen in at 8 am, met with her vet, talked to him about a couple questions not relating to her being spayed, the tech gave us back Gwen’s “jewelry” (collar & leash) and took her back. ¬†It was so sad! ¬†Gwen was wanting food and thought she was going to go play or something, little did she know….

We came home, I cut Andrew’s hair and he got ready for work. ¬†We sat on the couch and watched TV. ¬†It was strangely quiet without Gwen’s busyness. ¬†I couldn’t sit for very long so I got up and vacuumed and there was no barking! ¬†Meanwhile, Andrew went and cleaned up the yard. ¬†After that he told me I should help him make his lunch. ¬†So I did. ¬†I added cookies and airplane snacks (I have a stash of them in the cupboard) and a sample packet of dog food. ¬†Yep, you heard right! ¬†We had a sample packet of dog food up in the cupboard with all the people food. ¬†I am not sure how it ended up there but now it is in Andrew’s lunch (dinner) and I can’t wait until he finds it!!! tehehehe! ¬†He told me before he left that I am not allowed to help him make lunch anymore since he usually just takes a¬†sandwich¬†and some fruit and maybe a fruit snack or two. ¬†“Are you trying to make me fat?!” – Andrew

I have yet to decide which is easier to clip: ¬†Andrew’s hair or a horse. ¬†I’ve clipped horses for quite awhile, having shown them for ages. ¬†There are times when my clip jobs are not the most beautiful things in the world, but my horses are ALWAYS presentable and well groomed for shows! ¬†I have been working on cutting Andrew’s hair a little longer but that means I have to do the fade thing. ¬†There is room for improvement but it also does not look that bad unless you are being nit-picky (like me). ¬†I told Andrew when I was done, “I am sorry if the other kids make fun of you at work.” ¬†He replied with, “It’s okay, I’ll kick their butts if they do.”

With both gone I am now totally bored. ¬†I am not sure which book I should start reading. ¬†The one I have been wanting to start or a book that I have recently become interested in the topic. ¬†One I own, the other I could either get on my kindle or wait for it to come in the mail… ¬†Oh, the topic is the Navajo Code Talkers of WWII. ¬†The book I just read was called¬†Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac. ¬†Very good book. ¬†(Yes Dad, I will lend you the book. ¬†No, it is not¬†available¬†on Kindle.)

Also, I think I’m getting a cold. ūüė¶ ¬†Just the other day I pondered aloud, “I wonder what Gwen will do when one of us really gets sick? ¬†You know, with coughing and sneezing and hacking up a lung.” ¬†Since every time one of us sneezes she barks an alarm. ¬†It’s like she’s shouting “DEMONS BE GONE!!!” or something of that nature!

Mini-Top Shot Competition:

Now if you do not like guns or friendly competition, then please stop reading now.  There is nothing to do with Corgis or Gwen in this next part.

On Saturday, Andrew and I finally had our competition to see which was a better shot. ¬†We had been shooting almost every weekend at our local range but then we took a 3 week hiatus. ¬†Mainly because I didn’t want to go to the range because I didn’t want it to get boring. ¬†So we came back to it, and decided to hold our competition. ¬†We made up our rules¬†prior to actually shooting. ¬†Though we did change the number of rounds per weapon when we were at the range. ¬†Here were our rules:

  • We would get a chance to sight in with each pistol before we actually started on our target.
  • 10 pts for the bulls-eye, 9 for green ring, 8 for yellow, 7 for orange, 6 for pink, 0 for anything outside pink.
  • .22 – 20 rds. ¬†[Walther P22]
  • .380 – 12 rds. ¬†[Walther PPK]
  • .40 – 20 rds. (total) ¬†— 10 rds./target — we shot 2 targets and took the better of the 2. ¬†[XDM]
  • We would both take our turn with each respective weapon before moving on to the next one.
  • We scored the targets when we returned home, not at the range.

I went first with my .22 and it was looking like I was going to have a horrible day. ¬†I was all over the place! ¬†I shot my sight-in target and my target to be scored and then it was Andrew’s turn. ¬†I ended up with a pretty good target. ¬†Andrew had a hard time with my little .22. ¬†He is not as used to shooting it; it is small and very light. ¬†He didn’t do so hot…and 2 of his rounds weren’t even in our scoring circle! ¬†It was a landslide victory in my favor for this round!

Next was the .380. ¬†This is the pistol that Andrew got for his graduation/commissioning present from me. ¬†Well part of it came from me. ¬†At the time I could only afford part of it and he bought the rest. ¬†I have kind of claimed the PPK as my own since it is small and fits my hand better than it does Andrew’s. ¬†I do better with it than Andrew does usually. ¬†We were pretty close on the scoring for that one. ¬†I beat him by 1 point!

Last but not least was the .40. ¬†This is Andrew’s pistol and I don’t usually like shooting it. ¬†But I had been shooting it a little more recently when we would go to the range. ¬†I did pretty well considering by the time we got to shooting the .40 I was tired and my hands were quite visibly shaking from fatigue. ¬†Andrew obviously won this one. ¬†(He had to win something, right?)

We went home, took the dog out and then totaled up the scores.  And guess who won!  Yours truly!  I won bragging rights for being a better shot!  I also beat Andrew at a doggy paddling race in the pool, 3 times!  He is a swimmer but apparently swimmers do not know how to doggy paddle, as they say it is not efficient.  HA!  I actually won at something in the pool!!


I always get comments on my shooting when we go to the range. ¬†I’m not sure why that is. ¬†I acknowledge that I am not a bad shot, though there is always room for improvement, but I don’t see why it is so comment worthy. ¬†Maybe it is because there are always guys bringing in their wives or girlfriends and having them shoot and them sucking at it. ¬†I people watch when I am not shooting. ¬†It is interesting to watch some of them.

I am glad my dad took me to the range and taught me how to shoot properly.¬† It is a great feeling to receive compliments, even if I don’t get to hear them right away, Andrew relays them to me later. ¬†Sometimes when we shoot, one of the range masters that comes and cracks jokes if you aren’t shooting, told us we were required to have fun and he told Andrew to never make me mad since I was shooting better than him! ¬†