Z is for Zap!


Gwen checking to see if my mom’s coffee cup was empty or not.

Yes, I do realize that the challenge ended yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to do my post. All of our household goods (furniture, dishes, etc.) were being delivered to us and afterwards we had to go shopping for some cleaning supplies and food — never did get that food shopping done. We explored the area a little, found both of the stores that I could potentially work at (was allowed to see them both before I started the transfer process). Hardly any of our boxes got unpacked last night except for the bathroom stuff and some clothes. We were on a mad search for the iron (so Andrew could iron his uniform) and sheets last night since we didn’t get to unpacking until about 8pm after everything else. Guess what today entails? Unpacking!

Anyways, enough about that for now. Here is the Letter Z:

We are considering a couple options for Gwen backyard containment. There is of course the more preferable option of fencing in the whole yard (it is only partially fenced) or going the Invisible Fence route. Both my parents and my cousins use this method with their dogs and don’t have any problems (minus when the line got cut) with it. We still want to put in a little dog run so she can stay out if we aren’t home — the electric fence would be for when we are home but not outside with her.

The other reason Z is for Zap is because I am thiiiiis close to investing in a bark collar for little miss barks a lot… Gwen’s barking and overall behavior has fluctuated a lot in the past couple of weeks with all this moving around and change. Honestly, I don’t blame her. She’s not allowed to bark inside but has taken it upon herself to modify this rule. “Allowed” is a relative with a corgi…they kind of think they can do whatever they want even when they know better. When your dog has as loud of a bark as Gwen — it carries and is forceful, excellent for herding cows — you don’t want it to bark indoors if you want to hear the tv, carry on a conversation, or in general keep your hearing.

My mom commented on Gwen’s barking the other day, “you need to do something about this barking thing.” To which I responded I know.

If we do go the bark collar route for indoors (she can bark outside if she wants) I am debating the citronella one versus the shock collar one. Citronella sprays them in the face and the other is self explanatory. We know from prior experiences that Gwen does not like to be sprayed in the face, it just pisses her off so that may or may not make matters worse, don’t know.

We do know Gwen will bark when she is trying to communicate something (apart from “a leaf fell! A leaf fell!”) like having to go outside or when there is no water left in the bowl, so I’m not sure I want to completely kill the bark…plus I like having a dog that barks at people in the yard or at the door, makes me feel safer knowing she’s on the look out! We will try the spray bottle corrections again before we go the expensive collar route.

De barking is not even a considerable option — it’s inhumane and cruel. I’ve herd of it being done to corgis and Shelties but I won’t even consider it. There are so many bad things that can happen with that too, but more on that some other time. Time to go buy some donuts for breakfast!


5 thoughts on “Z is for Zap!

  1. We have a real fence because mom just doesn’t trust the invisible kind but we are only out if someone is home because you never know when someone might steal a dog or the dog might dig their way out if they are bored or who knows what, so we are only out if she is home but that is my mom a bit paranoid maybe.

  2. I feel your pain on the barking. Gimli barks for everything and he seems to time it to the right part on tv shows.. ie the murderer is…, the weather for tomorrow is… that sort of thing.
    We never tried the collars, but we have been working on allowing 2 or 3 barks and then giving a command to stop… at least on paper lol. We haven’t been consistent, so Gimli’s not 100%, but he’s a little better.

    • Haha! What impeccable timing he has. We used to be able to shush her by saying shh! or thank you (not sure by thwt worked but it did) but now I don’t think she really cares. I was told to try to interrupt it or distract her. I’m thinking in maybe trying an air horn…the silencer things at the pet sores are similar, mo of an outdoor thing.
      My cousin used a can of coins with her corgi and it worked. (Shaking it)

  3. Please post about which bark collar you use. Norma needs some SERIOUS barking control – we didn’t do enough of it when she was a puppy. My in-laws are doing a thing where if she barks she has to go on time-out for 30 seconds in the bathroom. It has always worked really well with their dogs, but she’s sooo head-strong and so far it hasn’t worked with her. We’ll see! I’ve never heard of that citronella one! I wonder if it would work despite Norma’s facial floofiness?!

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