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Pneumonia and A-to-Z Challenge

Little hammy sleeping in the corner.  So cute!

Gwen is sitting here chewing on an antler on the couch.  When I gave her the first antler back in the fall I wouldn’t let her chew on it on the couch.  Now I have relented/given up.  She can chew on the antler anywhere.  Bully sticks and rawhides are on the floor though!  Those both stink and have yucky residual stuff that comes off them.  I guess this is like human parents giving up on their human children.  This whole thing reminds me of this thing I once saw on Pinterest…

This sounds about right, don’t you agree?

This just in:  medical update on the husband is that he has pneumonia.  Lovely.  Absolutely lovely.  We all called it, he just finally got diagnosed it.  We tried to go in to the ER this morning but to get the Navy to still pay for it he had to call the Corpsman at the hospital and say that he needed to go to the ER, they transfered him to the Nurse’s station who was supposed to “decide if you need to go to the ER or not” but they put us on hold for like 5 min, hung up and tried again and the same thing happened.  So he was like screw it I will just go to sick call again and demand to see a doctor if they try to dismiss me again.  So the Corpsman that looked at him today said that his lungs did NOT sound fine and got him in for a chest X-Ray before the doctor came to see him.  Now he has a whole bunch of medicine to take.  He is coming home today to be a slug and is on light duty for awhile after that while he gets better.

Andrew being sick puts a kink in our weekend plans. 😦  We were going to go to this Corgi event on Saturday but I guess now it will just be Gwen and I.

Today, I signed up to do the Blogging from A-to-Z Challenge in April!  Basically it is posting everyday (except Sundays) using the letter of the day to determine what your theme is for the post.  The sign ups for it are open right now, go ahead and click on the link to find out more information about it and maybe even sign up!  Any kind of blog/blogger can do it!  Check out some of the other blogs that are already signed up!  Since it is a pretty open topic (just gotta incorporate “the letter of the day” in the theme) I think this will be pretty fun!  Though I am wondering how it will work when I want to tell about some of Gwen’s ridiculousness of the day…guess we will find out in April!

(Apparently I like exclamation marks today!)


Adding to the Menagerie

I have tried to write this post about twelve times but it never got off the ground since things kept popping up!  I am not quite sure where to start with this!  I suppose the beginning is probably the best.  Forgive me if this gets longwinded, I just have so much I want to say!

On Friday, Andrew and I both had the day off.  So I made an appointment to have Gwen groomed.  She was getting pretty stinky, especially after he last trip to the dog park…so much mud!  Miss Gwen went to the groomer and we decided to splurge a little and get her the special which included a teeth brushing and this fancy pants shampoo and conditioner that smelled like honey and almonds. (Honey and Almond Milk Bath Spa Works was what they called it at the store.  It’s a seasonal thing.) About twenty bucks extra but it was SO worth it!!!  She smelled like Heaven when we got her back!   You could be six feet away and still smell her!  Oh my goodness it was so good!  Of course we took her to where I work so I am going to have to find out if you can purchase that shampoo!  I will let you know the brand once I find out! 😉

We have been talking about getting a couple of hamsters for a little while now.  Roborovski Hamsters (aka Robo Hamsters) to be exact!  They are a type of dwarf hamster, the smallest of the hamsters, and native to Mongolia.  They are social little creatures, only about the size of a ping pong ball, and very cute!  They are quick and supposed to be a little difficult to handle because of their size.  When we dropped Gwen off to be groomed, I showed Andrew the hamsters.  Once he saw them he finally agreed that yes we would be getting a couple at some point!

Since Gwen was going to be at the spa for a few hours we headed up to the range to go shoot.  Our intentions had been to shoot rifle and maybe a little pistol but the local PD was using the rifle range for something so we only got to shoot pistol.  Andrew got dart board targets for Christmas so we played a round of Cricket (I think that’s what we played) and I beat him!  It was fun!  We shot our own pistols so he got a slight handicap of having to shoot at the next farther line since the middle line would’ve been too easy for him with the 9mm.  I shot my .22 which would have sucked at the far line, so we were pretty even except for the fact that I stomped, stomped, stomped him!

We headed home to wait for the call telling us Gwen was done.  On our way home we went to the Petco by our house just to look at hamster stuff.  We saw the little Robo there but didn’t buy anything except an exercise wheel since the place where I work didn’t have the kind/color that I wanted.  At that point we had decided that we would be buying the basics for our hamsters!  We talked about them in the car and we were leaning towards getting them that day/weekend.  When we got to Petco to pick up the dog we got a cart and started to get the things we needed.  We got the dog, got the stuff, got the dog a Moozle (beef snouth chew treat) and a Kong piggy because I felt bad that we weren’t getting her anything.  I had also fully intended to use our two $5 off ($10 total!) coupons on this purchase but of course some lady distracted me by asking about Gwen so that didn’t happen.  I did remember to ask for my employee discount which helped!  AND we used a gift card that had almost $100 on it so that made it super nice and way less expensive! 🙂

The Moozle (beef snout) and the Kong Piggy that we got for Gwen. We love Kong products! They are so durable!

Got home, realized the tank we’d gotten was too big for where we were going to put it.  So we loaded that back up and headed back to the store! Another two 20 minute drives.  Got the right size tank for us for even cheaper since we got an aquarium instead of terrarium — it’s $1 per gallon aquariums w/ petco pals cards right now!  So we got some money back!  How nice.  Did I mention that we purchased our two little Robos on our first trip?  Yup.  We purchased two robos but basically put them on hold since we wanted to get everything set up first.  So they put a sign on the cage saying that they were purchased and going home with me on Saturday!

That night we gave Gwen the Moozle while we were setting up the new hamster cage.  My intention was to only let her have half and then take it away since it was a big treat.  That plan back fired.  She ate the whole thing before I realized it!  So of course that night she had a belly ache.  Turns out the Moozles are just a bit too rich for Gwen…without being too nasty, her upset tummy continued the next day…so she had to have another bath after her grooming and was on a diet of rice and chicken broth for a couple days.  Also, she could clear a room better than Pumba.  Oh lordy, it REAKED!

Saturday we had plans to go to a dog show (Doin’ the Charleston) sans Gwen and then later to go to the range so Andrew could donate blood and get another 3 month membership.  I checked the schedule and saw that Pembrokes were to show at 9:15am on Saturday!  So we got there about 9:00, found the ring and watched the dogs there.  Another breed that was to show in that ring before the Pems was the Sweedish Vallhund.  This dog is related to the Corgi and looks like a corgified wolf.  So cute!  We talked to a lady who had three that she was showing and she turned out to be the only breeder in GA of these dogs.  She imported some of her dogs from Europe and has her own breeding program.  This breed is still a bit rare in the States.  We talked to her, got her business card, and met her male puppy that she had waiting in her car.  She brought him back in when she brought us back a card.  We watched the Pems while we waited.  Oh they were so pretty!  (Mostly females being shown the other day).  We talked to one Pem lady who had a puppy that it was her first show, that little pup was so dainty looking compared to Gwen!

Andrew and I both loved the little Sweedish Vallhunds and we both thought it was neat that we could actually see some at the show and talk to the lady about them!  We had heard about them before and said how neat it would be to one day have one of those.  I am still partial to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi of course but we both think that one day a little Sweedish Vallhund could join our family.  Gwen would probably love to have a playmate but would hate to share her things!  At least they would be the same size.

Moving right along now.  After the show and donating blood, we headed home to play with the dog for a bit before we went to pick up our new additions to our little family and my our menagerie.  We picked up some things we had forgotten the day before, like food, and also picked up our new little hammies!  Saturdays are always quite busy so the associate on register asked if I wanted to get the hamsters myself, since I do work there too.  I told her sure I’d get them!  I felt weird since I was in normal clothes but I even saw one of the managers while I was getting them and he didn’t care, he just said hi.

So now we have two hamsters! 😀  Their names are Boris and Visili.  Boris is the smaller one and Visili is Andrew’s and just so happens to be the fat one.  We picked the names since they are Russian.  I like Boris because it means “small” and Andrew liked Visili because of Vasily Zaytsev the Russian sniper of the Battle of Stalingrad fame (Enemy at the Gates).  Also, Visili means “king.”


Boris (L) and Visili (R)

Sunday I worked and when I came home, I had been expecting to either go somewhere with Andrew and Gwen or maybe head back to the dog show to watch some of the afternoon stuff but I came home to find the husband sick.  He had flu like symptoms that were accompanied by this horrible cough which of course lasted through the night.  Should’ve taken him to the ER that night but we waited until the morning, he went to sick call instead of work and they told him that he has an upper respiratory infection and that “everything was normal and that he sounded fine.”  They should have seen how not fine he was about an hour before we got there!  He had trouble breathing.  Last night was better but he ended up sleeping on the couch so he could sit up.  He went to work and we (his parents and I) are hoping that they send him to the doctor/hospital when they see how horrible he looks and sounds.  But this is the Navy we are talking about…their “doctors” aren’t known for being good or efficient…when he went in he wasn’t even seen by a real doctor.  He was seen by a corpsman which is like a nurse but I don’t think they are as well trained…I am pretty sure a nurse would NOT have told him what they told him and a nurse would most likely have had a doctor see him!  Argh!  I won’t see him until after I’m done at work today so I hope he gets through the day fine…

While the husband was sick with the flu I was nice and bought him a plethora of different chicken soup varieties, saltine crackers, some Gatorade, and Ginger Ale.  The next day after he went to see the “docs” he wanted desperately to go to work even though they had told him rest and lots of fluids.  I wouldn’t let him go.  Good think I drove him to the base and he didn’t drive himself or he may have ended up at work instead of being a vegetable on the couch all day!  I made him go put pjs back on and go to sleep on the couch.  I brought him tall glasses of liquids and told him to drink and then go to sleep.  Just call me nurse Ratchet!

**We will be back to regular Gwen adventures soon!  I have some picture posts planned for the near future!  A picture says a thousand words, right? 😉

Muddy Dog: The Model — Part III

For the last installment of our three part serial the best has been saved for last!  She may have been a muddy mess but even models get covered in mud for photo shoots sometimes, right?

And now a word from our model, Gwen:  Hi everyone!  Guess what my hoomans decided to let me have!  My very own Facebook page!!!   You can “like” on Facebook since I already know that you like me here. 😉  If you look off to the right side on the column of goodies (you might have to scroll up a little) you will see the spot where if you click it will take you to my new Facebook Page At the moment the page is still very new and my humans will help me to make it look pretty and help me type (my chubby paws sometimes get in the way!) so you can have more updates of all my Corg-tastic adventures I have!

Kitchen Jail Guilt

Gwen has been stuck in kitchen jail for the past few days since both Andrew and I were working.  When he was working during the night and sleeping during the day it was easier but after one day of her staying in her crate the whole time I was gone (someone never woke up) we decided to rig kitchen jail for her so she would at least be able to move around a little.  To make up for having to put the Princess in jail I brought home some goodies for her. 🙂

After my shift I bought a braided bully, a Red Barn Fetchers Bully Stick Treat, and a bag of puppy cookies!  The bag of cookies were “oops” cookies, meaning that they are discounted for a quick sale either because they have damaged packaging but are otherwise fine OR they are nearing some sell by date or the store just wants to get rid of them (also think seasonal products).  In this case it was the sell by date.  I got an employee discount on the first two items (yay!) and then the bag of cookies was already discounted so I bought them separately.

Now, the whole reason I bought this stick chew thing was because of where it was made:  Paraguay!  I saw them when I was stocking shelves on Sunday and told myself I would have to buy one for Gwen.  You may be wondering why I would care about something made in Paraguay.  The reason behind that is, I was born there and you don’t ever really hear much about the tiny, landlocked country in South America let alone things that were made there.  I will tell you how Gwen likes it once I give it to her.

Gwen and her Bully Braid with creepy eyes

Gwen got her bully braid!  She didn’t want to share it and kept crawling away to different places to hide and chew on it.  It was hard to get a picture of her!  She likes bully sticks and this was her first braid.  I think the braid held up remarkably well compared to the plain stick variety!

I am enjoying working at Petco very  much!  It has given me the opportunity to learn something new, get out of the house, earn some moola to pay for my animal addiction habit lifestyle.  I also get to see many different people and their animals.  I am getting better at the different kinds of transactions and things that people ask for.  I think my favorite things to ring up are the fish, the second are the animal toys.  My least favorites are returns without receipts, and things that are oops/match price that need a manager.  Those just take a long time since you have to call a manager and they have to walk over and then punch in their override codes.  Oh, and don’t forget receiving big bills.  Gotta have a manager make sure they are real, ya know.

Yesterday, we had a Darius Rucker sighting, though I am not sure it was real.  I do know that he is from this area and often returns home but I have never seen him.  I did not see him yesterday but the lady that I was ringing up swore that he just walked out the door!  I was the only one at the registers at the time and I didn’t recall ringing up anyone looking like him.  I don’t know.  I will just chaulk it up to almost seeing someone famous! 🙂  The conversation between the lady and I went something like this:  She was like “That was Darius Rucker!” I said “where?” she said “He just walked out the door!”

Have you ever met anyone famous?  I know my parents have, being in the airline industry they have told me stories of different people flying on their planes when they were working.  The only famous person I have met was Clinton Anderson.  He is a world famous horse trainer and clinician from Australia that does Natural Horsemanship.  Oh, now that I think about it I suppose I have met Ken McNabb too, another famous horse trainer and clinician.  Now they may not mean much to you, but in the horse world they do. 🙂

At some point in there I got off topic.  I was trying to tell about the animals…anyways, I think ferrets are cool, I wanted one before until I found out they are stinky.  I always said that if I got a ferret I would name him Ferris, as in Ferris Buller.  Ferris the Ferret, has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?  Well, yesterday I sold a little ball pit for ferrets and then one of the other associates sold some other nifty ferret toy and I started talking to her about ferrets.  Turns out she has one!  So this morning I started reading about ferrets.  They are nifty little creatures!

Did you know they sell leashes for Iguanas?!

Gwen is not thrilled about the Roomba today and is hiding behind me.  Occasionally she comes out and licks my computer screen.

Doggy Wisdom:

Random Bits:

I found this on facebook and I really wanted to share it.  You may have to have Facebook or be logged in to see it but you do not have to be my friend since it came from a news page.  I just thought it was funny.  It IS dog related, you’ll see. 🙂

My last little piece of random is this:  Glaucus atlanticus.  I saw this on Pinterest first,  then looked it up and started to find pictures of it.  This has to be one of the prettiest creatures I have ever seen!  I know it isn’t dog related but some things are just too good or neat not to share!  Aren’t they pretty?  This creature is a type of sea slug that eats the poisonous Portuguese Man O’War jellyfish and stores the venom in its body to use as its on protection.  It is only about 3 cm big.  Some common names for this creature are sea swallow and blue dragon.

Glaucus atlanticus

Muddy Dog: Tricks — Part II

I am so trixie!  Momma shulda named me Trixie!  Momma wrote my last bloggy post but had tooooo many pictures for just one bloggy so she decided to makes it into tree!

My momma and daddy hoomans both worked today so they left me in kitchen jail.  I was mad so I peed in my bed in the kitchen.  They said I should’ve been able to hold it.  I don’t think so.

Hi-5! (“shake”)

This is what I look like when I take cookies and shake at the same time!

BANG! …my favorite trick!

Stooopid camera was being blurry!

Momma hooman had some interesting experiences at worky today.  She told us these stories when she got home.  I’ll tell them in momma hooman voice:

I almost cried today when I had to box up and sell a feeder rat!  I got the rat out of the cage and put it in the box.  The people didn’t even care which it was, meaning that I had to pick.  When it looked at me it almost made me cry because it looked so sad!  I looked like it knew that it was going to be eatten!!! 😦

I saw a corgi today!  A Pem!  His name was Max.  I talked to his owner about corgis for a little bit and she asked about mine.

The momma says she is getting more used to the cash register thingy and it is getting easier.  There are times when she has problems but not quite as much.  Most is stuff that she hasn’t done.  Like accepting checks.  She is glad that there is hope for her yet!  She isn’t as scared of the customers anymore, just the telephone.  She doesn’t like the telephone.  Or paging people, but she is getting better at that since she has to do it lots — lots of people wanting to buy things means she needs back up.  I heard all about that too.  There were lots of people at her work today because it was another adoption day!

We are just going to cuddle now.  And watch Cinderella on the TV.  I like cuddling with the hoomans.  Especially on my sofa.  I let them sit on it sometimes.  They like to wrap me up like a burrito to stay warm.  Both hoomans are tired though I don’t know what from,  not like they did anything today.


Muddy Dog — Part I

Guess where we went today!  The doggie park!  We tried to go in the morning but it apparently did not open until noon so we went home and came back later.  It’s like a 15-20 min drive too.  Gwennie had fun and is worn out!  She got so muddy but I have good intentions to get her to the groomer this week (once I know when I’m working) so she can get a good bath and brushing!  It will be much easier to just show you some pictures. 🙂

LEAPING out of frame to some other fun!

I took a TON of pictures of Miss Gwyndolyn today!  I have decided that I am going to make this in a two or even three part thing.  There are too many pictures for one post, I am afraid.  I have a few that are very pretty minus the fact that Gwen is covered in MUD!  She is a big show off too.  Andrew made her do tricks and I took pictures. 🙂