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Spoiled Rotten

It is strange to think that I have not posted anything in about a week since I had been posting almost everyday during the month of April for the A-to-Z Challenge.  Honestly, I needed to take a break even though there were so many things that I could have been writing about!  Though the Challenge was fun it was also somewhat stressful trying to get things written and posted during the proper day, it was like having to submit homework assignments again!

We got up here to WA on about the 26th, got our keys and then headed to my parents house where we spent a couple days.  Before we headed to our new house, we left Gwen with my parents where she got to spend a whole week being spoiled!  She got to go to the beach everyday, sleep in the human bed with my parents, sleep in their room, stick her head into coffee cups, lick plates (I am assuming since Dayzee does it), get a “cookie ball” every night, ride in the truck, and bark at things that went by their big windows.  Undoubtably she got spoiled!

Gwen at the beach with my dad on his morning walk.

Gwen was left with my parents since we figured it would be less stressful for her there and it would also keep her from being underfoot while we unpacked all of our stuff and got the house cleaned up.  By the time we got Gwen back we had most of the house unpacked and cleaned, but not quite all of it.  We did end up buying some new furniture for our living room which we had to haul and get it inside and set up on our own…Gwen was forced to stay in her crate for that whole ordeal.  She did take quite nicely to the new furniture, though.

Gwen has taken a liking to this arm chair. Even has her own blankie on it — just don’t tell her that it is really to keep the new stuff clean, she just thinks it’s to make her feel special.

We received all of our household goods (furniture, clothes, etc.) on the 30th and have been working pretty hard at turning this house into our home.  Andrew even mowed the lawn for the first time yesterday.  It looks so much better too!  The back yard still needs to be done…It’s like a jungle out there!  We are trying to do the dog blanket on the couch thing (again), you know where if there is a blanket then you, the dog, can sit on the couch if not then you, the dog, get thrown off.  Gwen hates this but is being a little more cooperative than she was in Charleston.  It might be because there are so many places to sit now!  She also has her nice big doggie bed by the window which she likes.  She also likes sitting on the back of the chair to look out the window.

Owen’s Cinco de Mayo picture…

This past Saturday Andrew and I went back to the Island to go with my parents to bring Owen, my horse, out here.  We went over early, walked onto the ferry, and my dad picked us up on the other side.  We went to our storage locker, picked some stuff up, stopped by my parents house to see the dogs and then went to start getting Owen ready to travel.  I started off by lunging him (basically letting him run around for a few min) to get some excess energy out.  Then we went for a walk to the mailbox and back to cool off, when we got back he got a good brushing before I was to wrap up his little leggies for the trip in the trailer.  Owen is normally a good boy, nothing fazes him, he rarely acts up.  Not sure what got his knickers in a knot but he was beyond obnoxious!  The lady that has been taking care of him said “he knows something is up!”  That may have been true but I have never known him to act so stupid before I moved him or took him to a show, and especially not when I tried to put him in cross-ties (a way to tie the horse up in the middle of the aisle so you can still move around them).  He threw a fit, wouldn’t stand still, and wouldn’t let me wrap his legs.  It took F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get his leg wraps on because he kept fidgeting and picking up his feet.  He even stepped on Andrew!  Once we got everything packed into the trailer and Owen secured in his spot in the trailer, he was perfectly fine.  Figures,right?

My mom, dad, Dayzee, Gwen, Andrew and I were all packed into the truck on the ferry when my mom decided it was lunch time.  I got my sandwich and ate it while Dayzee drooled all over me, so being the good “sister” that I am, she got to eat my crusts.  My mom handed a sandwich to Andrew, who just so happened to have the Corgi on his lap…Gwen jumped up and latched onto that “ham samich” so quick and held on, refusing to let go!!!  Andrew had to pry her mouth open to rescue his lunch!  He handed it back to my mom until I was done so I could hold the sandwich thief so he could eat in peace!  I wish I could’ve gotten a picture or a video of that because it was priceless!

Gwen and Dayzee sat in the house while my parents helped us for a few hours set up our new house and clean.  At one point I tied Gwen’s leash to Dayzee to keep her from wandering out the door when we were going in and out.  That worked for awhile until Dayzee (she weighs around 90 lbs.) got up and walked away…Gwen had been sitting down and she ended up being slid dragged across the floor on her rear.  Dayzee didn’t care at all of course but poor Gwen looked so confused!  (Not to worry, we rescued her.)

My parents took Gwen home with them for a few more days of spoiling before she was returned to us.  When we did get her back she stunk to high heaven so I took her to PetCo to get a bath.  Now she smells better.  The downside to having legs that are only 6 inches long is that you pick up all those nasty smells on the beach and outside.

On the ferry ride back to the Island, Gwen was zonked out in the front seat with my mom holding her…





Z is for Zap!


Gwen checking to see if my mom’s coffee cup was empty or not.

Yes, I do realize that the challenge ended yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to do my post. All of our household goods (furniture, dishes, etc.) were being delivered to us and afterwards we had to go shopping for some cleaning supplies and food — never did get that food shopping done. We explored the area a little, found both of the stores that I could potentially work at (was allowed to see them both before I started the transfer process). Hardly any of our boxes got unpacked last night except for the bathroom stuff and some clothes. We were on a mad search for the iron (so Andrew could iron his uniform) and sheets last night since we didn’t get to unpacking until about 8pm after everything else. Guess what today entails? Unpacking!

Anyways, enough about that for now. Here is the Letter Z:

We are considering a couple options for Gwen backyard containment. There is of course the more preferable option of fencing in the whole yard (it is only partially fenced) or going the Invisible Fence route. Both my parents and my cousins use this method with their dogs and don’t have any problems (minus when the line got cut) with it. We still want to put in a little dog run so she can stay out if we aren’t home — the electric fence would be for when we are home but not outside with her.

The other reason Z is for Zap is because I am thiiiiis close to investing in a bark collar for little miss barks a lot… Gwen’s barking and overall behavior has fluctuated a lot in the past couple of weeks with all this moving around and change. Honestly, I don’t blame her. She’s not allowed to bark inside but has taken it upon herself to modify this rule. “Allowed” is a relative with a corgi…they kind of think they can do whatever they want even when they know better. When your dog has as loud of a bark as Gwen — it carries and is forceful, excellent for herding cows — you don’t want it to bark indoors if you want to hear the tv, carry on a conversation, or in general keep your hearing.

My mom commented on Gwen’s barking the other day, “you need to do something about this barking thing.” To which I responded I know.

If we do go the bark collar route for indoors (she can bark outside if she wants) I am debating the citronella one versus the shock collar one. Citronella sprays them in the face and the other is self explanatory. We know from prior experiences that Gwen does not like to be sprayed in the face, it just pisses her off so that may or may not make matters worse, don’t know.

We do know Gwen will bark when she is trying to communicate something (apart from “a leaf fell! A leaf fell!”) like having to go outside or when there is no water left in the bowl, so I’m not sure I want to completely kill the bark…plus I like having a dog that barks at people in the yard or at the door, makes me feel safer knowing she’s on the look out! We will try the spray bottle corrections again before we go the expensive collar route.

De barking is not even a considerable option — it’s inhumane and cruel. I’ve herd of it being done to corgis and Shelties but I won’t even consider it. There are so many bad things that can happen with that too, but more on that some other time. Time to go buy some donuts for breakfast!

W is for Welcome to Washington!

We made it!!!!

Today’s post will be quite short.  W is for Welcome to Washington!  Washington State is where both of us humans are from originally so it is nice to be back home.  We got our keys to our new house, checked out the barn where my horse will be moving to, and then took the ferry over to the Island where my parents live.  We are staying with family for a couple days before we get all of our household goods (furniture, etc.) which come on Tuesday.  Here are a some pictures of Gwen enjoying the grass at our new house…we will be getting a lawn mower for that beast of a yard real quick!

She found something smelly to roll in!

Gotta rub that smell in good!

This is my favorite! I was trying to take a picture of her in the tall grass standing there and then she started to do an all-body shake! Sometimes the funny looking pictures are the best. 🙂

The grass is taller than her in places!



S is for SNOW! — Gwen’s First Snow!

Gwen’s First Snow Experience

Yesterday, we arrived in Denver and are staying with Andrew’s family for a couple of days.  My parents came into town to visit my brother who lives in the area also but with the impending snow they decided to only stay a day and then head out with my truck.  (Andrew’s mom &  grandpa had driven it half way and my parents were to continue the other half.)  My mom and dad did, however, get to finally meet Gwen even if it was for a short time before they headed off.  We will see them soon though and Gwen will also get to meet her Aunty Dayzee and other cousins, Bella, Tucker and (Uncle?) Nemo!

Here at Gwen’s grandpawrents’ house are two dogs, Faline and Rorie.  Faline is a black spitz of some sort (fluffy and black) and Rorie is a Terror-mutt  terrier mix.  Faline is the family dog from when Andrew was in High School and Rorie is the new addition, being only around 6 months old.  Needless to say Gwen and Rorie get along great (now) but Gwen and Faline don’t really see eye to eye, and that has nothing to do with height…

Rorie & Gwen. Look at the ears on that thing!

I tried to get Faline in the picture too but she politely declined.  I just remembered that she hates to have her picture taken….

Gwen and Rorie play like puppies, rough housing and causing a ruckus and in doing so leave Mother Hen Faline out.  I don’t think Faline really likes that, especially since Rorie is “her” puppy and play thing.  She is a bit jealous and does not hesitate to let Gwen know.  She will bark and growl at Gwen and Rorie when they are playing and they don’t tend to listen to her admonishments.  There was one instance when the pups were out in the yard that Faline was growling and barking and then Gwen paused in her wrestling with Rorie to turn to Faline to snarl at her.  They ended up in a stand off for a long moment where they both had snarly faces on staring at each other.  I think that was the point where Gwen stood up to Faline and said, “Hey Lady, if you aren’t going to do anything about it then leave me alone!”  They never went after each other, just had ugly snarl faces.

This is Faline.  She’s a Mother Hen.

As for the snow, Denver has some!  The snow is also going to make us delay leaving for a couple of days since the Challenger is not really the best vehicle to be driving in the snow…it is currently covered in snow.

I can’t believe that the A to Z Challenge is almost done!  Only 7 more letters to go!  That means 7 more days!  Well, technically I still need to do my A and B but I am planning on combining those later this week with another one.  I should’ve just done them in beginning when I had a chance to catch up (remember, I’d almost forgotten about the challenge), oh well.  Gwennie’s FIRST birthday is coming up too!  She will be turning a year old on the 27th!!!!!!!!!!!!!


R is for Road Trips and Rest Stops

I have been on many road trips but this is my third cross country road trip. Every time I have to climb back in that car I dislike road tripping more and more. It wouldn’t be too bad if we could just stop and go see things…today, for example, we kept passing things with the name “cave” and “park” in the name on the signs but since we have the dog and are trying to get cross country in a certain time frame we don’t really have the luxury of being able to stop and sight see. *insert frowny face here*

Gwen did much better today in the car than she did yesterday. She barely made a sound and was very good at all of the rest stops. When it comes to rest stops, the ones we stopped at today (mostly truck stops and a restaurant  were clean and even the human bathrooms were clean. Thank goodness! We have stopped at some pretty nasty rest stops in the past!

Here’s an example of a gross rest stop, and what makes it worse is it is the PET AREA that was gross! The human area was nice and clean. When we went to pick up Gwen from the breeder she was only 9 weeks old so that meant that we had to make a few rest stops since the trip was about 4 hours to home. You couldn’t take a step without looking and almost stepping in some yucky dog poos! Clearly some people need to learn to pick up after their dogs. I don’t care what you do at home, but in a public place, please pick up after your critters! Because that rest stop in South Carolina, right outside of Charleston — I think it was Ladson — had a very, very gross Pet Area.

After our last pit stop, we figured that maybe Gwen could ride the last hour and a half in the front with us instead of her spot on the back seat with her crate. Yeah, that didn’t last long…only about a half hour before I plopped her back in the back seat again. I was covered in dog hair and she couldn’t get comfortable and then we started to “argue.” Gwen didn’t like where I kept trying to rest my hand so she’d bark at it then get all snappy at me. If you said anything to her then she would “sass” back. She kept barking quietly and it sounded like she was talking!

We put a step next to the bed so she could jump on and off easier and safer. She seemed to really like it.

This was Day 2 of our trip, we made it to Topeka, KS. I even helped drive today! A whole 2 hours!!

Oh yeah, and we saw this car at our hotel! Look at how ORANGE it is! It’s like neon!!!

Q is for Quest

In the crate in the back seat.

Gwennie would like to tell you her story today:

We are going on a QUEST! The hoomans loaded up the big orange pumpkin chariot and said “comeon Gwen! Lets go for a ride!” And then we drove and drove and drove for like 8 hours!  It felt like FOREVER!

We had a bunch of evil rains today.  It was really, really loud and hurt my poor corgi ears. 😦

We stopped at a Chik fil a for lunch (they didn’t give me any but let me go for a potty break, thank goodness!) and at a gas station. We are in Nashville, TN for tonight.  It’s my first time staying in a hotel.  The momma isn’t so sure about me being a good dog…her thinks that I bark too much.  People keep walking by outside!  I MUST BARK!

I gots to ride in an L-E-vader [elevator] to get to our room!  Lots of peoples got in with funny suitcases and some stranger petted my head then everybody left!  There are lots of funny smells here and I keep getting into trouble for chewing on this funny carpet.  Now the humans think it’s a good idea to put me on a leash indoors.  What’s up with that?!

Now I am sitting on the bed with my hoomans.  At home I’m very, very rarely allowed on the big human bed — they think I’m going to jump off it and hurt myself.  I figured out how to get on this bed all by myself.  They were impressed but also worried I might hurt myself since I am a long backed corgi and not supposed to be jumping such big jumps.

Oh yeah, and I did NOT get car sick today!  Yay!!!  That’s a first for a long car ride.  I’m proud of that. 🙂

Sitting on the human bed in the hotel!

Day 1.  Only 2 more til Denver to visit the daddy’s family, then another 2 or 3 til we get to our new home!