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Pi Day!

Today is Pi Day!


Do you know what else today is?

It’s Andrew’s Birthday!!!!

Of the famous people born on this day, Albert Einstein has to be the most iconic and ironic.  Quite fitting since he was a Physicist

Einstein’s birthday is also today, so it is fitting that the genius kid was born on Pi day.  I know it is super nerdy, but he is definitely a huge nerd!  Chemistry major…minored in Math before switching to History (easier)…Now he is a Nuke in the Navy  (think Nuclear Engineer.)  If you knew him you would definitely agree!

When I was looking up famous people born on this day, I found Aamir Khan.  He is one of our favorite Bollywood actors!  He was in 3 Idiots which is both of our favorite Bollywood movies!


I baked him a mincemeat pie last night for today and even put the Pi symbol in the top of it. *pats self on back* 🙂

Stitch is his favorite. 🙂


Happy Christmas Eve!

In case we don’t get a chance to say it later, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Before I get into anything else I just wanted to say that GWEN WAS ON THE DAILY CORGI TODAY!!!! 😀  Here is the link to that. 

We have had a busy weekend getting ready for guests and Christmas dinner.  Gwen got to open her Corgi Secret Santa present this afternoon!  We will definitely be posting what she got later this week — expect that post after Christmas sometime. 🙂  I will say that Gwen’s present came from Sawyer, a Corgi in Canada!  I will say that she loves her presents that she got!  And her stocking which is now hanging on the outside of her bedroom aka crate.

I’ve made 2 of our 3 pies so far!  Chocolate and Pumpkin.  Mincemeat will be later today.  I love pie!

Gwen went swimming on Saturday and I got a bunch of good pictures this time (again)!  I will do a short one on that later this week too.  After swimming we got to take her raffle winnings home too.

This antler looks like a fang to me and being the Harry Potter fan that I am, I decided that it was a Basilisk Fang!  It could also be a Saber Tooth Tiger’s tooth or a Walrus/Elephant Tusk.  You take your pick!


Just looking cute holding my antler, no big deal!