Pi Day!

Today is Pi Day!


Do you know what else today is?

It’s Andrew’s Birthday!!!!

Of the famous people born on this day, Albert Einstein has to be the most iconic and ironic.  Quite fitting since he was a Physicist

Einstein’s birthday is also today, so it is fitting that the genius kid was born on Pi day.  I know it is super nerdy, but he is definitely a huge nerd!  Chemistry major…minored in Math before switching to History (easier)…Now he is a Nuke in the Navy  (think Nuclear Engineer.)  If you knew him you would definitely agree!

When I was looking up famous people born on this day, I found Aamir Khan.  He is one of our favorite Bollywood actors!  He was in 3 Idiots which is both of our favorite Bollywood movies!


I baked him a mincemeat pie last night for today and even put the Pi symbol in the top of it. *pats self on back* 🙂

Stitch is his favorite. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pi Day!

  1. YOU LIKE BOLLYWOOD MOVIES?!?!?!??!!? We were destined to be friends!!!! I LOVE BOLLYWOOD MOVIES!!!! I spent 3 weeks in India a few years ago and my friend and I couldn’t stop watching tv at night!!!! I took a Bollywood movie class in college, too!!!! ACK!!!!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday, Andrew!!

    • I wish there were like buttons like on FB!! I LOVE Bollywood movies! And I got Andrew hooked on them too! I took a History class on India my last year in college and I found their culture to be so interesting and I hope one day to go to India, though my dad asks me “why would you ever want to go there??” whenever I mention it. One of the things my Prof had us do was to watch 3 bollywood movies throughout the semester and then write about them, touching on some of the topics she listed in a hand out and also making connections to the historical/cultural elements. This got me hooked! I’d also had her for Middle East History and she did a similar thing with movies from Iran and Pakistan. I took a Foreign Film class and a Spanish Film class too, so I got really good at the whole subtitle read while watching thing! 😉 You can totally tell the difference in styles between US and Foreign films!
      This reply was like 10 times as long before I decided to just scrap the rest and write something less rambly. Oh yeah, and my India/Middle East Hist. Prof was Indian! She was my favorite! 🙂

      Any good Bollywoods that you recommend?? I’m always open to suggestions! 🙂

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