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A Navy Wife Question: And what do YOU do?

Note:  Not a dog post.

This is for the Navy (or other military) wives out there.  This evening I went to a friend’s house (was not a navy wife) for dinner and while the other guests and I were chatting before dinner the question of course came up about my occupation.  I don’t understand why but as humans, we must have some sort of social obligation to find out what others do for a living.  I do understand that it is a good general conversation starter but still, isn’t there something better to ask?  To me it just feels like that is the main way to judge someone.

When I was asked, the first time I wasn’t thinking and I said “well I was working at [enter workplace name here] but I just recently quit.”  The next time I was asked I was prepared and just said “I’m a Navy wife.”  The first time I was caught off guard, the subsequent times I was prepared.

To me there is a stigma in being called a “Navy wife.”  I know most Navy wives are patriotic, supportive, and willing to do anything for their service members.  There are also those that are so gung-ho about every single thing that it is irritating — I call those the cheerleader types.  I am not saying being positive is bad, I am saying the cheerleader OVERLY positive and OVERLY enthusiastic types are annoying and get on my nerves.  Those are the ones I want to just go away.  I also know there are the wives that love their husbands but do not love their husband’s job and cannot wait until their husband’s commitment time to the military (aka jail sentence) is up.

There are all these different “types” of wives but it still boils down to being a “navy wife” and if that is all I can say, then what is the point?  To me it says that I do not have an identity separate from my husband.  By having a job or being a student that says “hey, I’m doing something with my life!”  I already have a double major and a BA in History, so I can’t say I’m a student anymore… I am not trying to bash on housewives I am just trying to say that being a housewife is NOT my thing.  If you stay home with your kids, all the power to ya!  But I do not have kids so I don’t have an excuse to be at home doing “nothing” all day…

My question to you is how do you answer this?  I also posted this question on my personal facebook page and I have already gotten a few responses.  What do you say when someone asks “what do you do”?  When I answer “I’m a Navy wife” I feel awkward saying it and to me I feel like I am saying that I do not have an identity…how do you answer this and still sound like you are your own person?  I suppose with time it will get easier, but right now it is just hard and a bit weird.


And for those of you keeping track, once Andrew does get his dolphins they will be gold not silver. I still thought this was a fitting image.

P.S.  I do have a couple more posts that I am planning and/or have already written partially that I would like to follow this piece.  They are navy related but not quite as difficult as this topic was…I do have a couple Corgi posts that I would like to share too. Now to just keep up with this motivation that I suddenly have!  I have fallen off on blog posting quite a bit, mostly because all the time I have to write I usually put towards writing my emails to my husband.  Those emails are like novels some days!

Stay tuned for Gwen’s big news! 😀


Living the Single-Wife Life

**Not entirely a dog blog post. You have been warned.** 🙂sub disapear

Lately I just have not felt like writing much. When I do write, I am penning emails to my husband who is at sea. More specifically, he is under water and out of touch with the real world. The sailors can receive emails and they can write them back but they cannot send them until they are no longer on patrol — you can’t be sending emails and be stealthy at the same time… This deployment we have heard from them a couple of times, which was more than we had expected. I felt like actually sitting down and writing tonight because I miss him. It’s not the same writing an email to him even if I know he is going to read it, it still feels like I am talking to a brick wall. I even told him that in an email and he thought it was funny. His response was, “even if I am a brick wall that you are talking to, I still look better than a brick wall so that has to mean something.” I’m glad someone has a sense of humor.

If he’s a brick wall, I’m a retaining wall. Those left at home have to hold down the fort and make sure to keep everything in working order while the other half is away. The retaining wall may get a couple cracks from the pressure it holds up daily but as long as that wall does not crumble from the strain, it will continue to stand there as long as it is needed. Living the Single-Wife Life makes me create these goofy analogies all day long…

Gwen is not amused. (She was really hot and miserable that day…Corgis don’t really like the hot weather and it was nicer outside than inside! ugh!)

I also talk to my dog. I don’t find anything wrong with this except for today I informed the dog that I was going to take a shower and then looked at her like she was going to say something to me. I seriously need to get out more!

Some of the things that I have done to keep myself busy have been work, work, and more work. I feel guilty not having enough time for either Gwen or Owen (or even myself!). I did take Owen to a horse show where we did pretty well for our first real show together in about 4 years! More on that later though. When I am home with Gwen she gets spoiled (of course!) and she now goes out to the barn with me every day except when it is too hot for her to sit in the car. I’ve been having to go and medicate my horse daily since he has a case of gastric ulcers but those seem to be heeling nicely.

Owen. At the horse show!

One day I went into a little thrift shop near where I work and I found the neatest thing! It’s a bread box! Like one of the old-fashioned roll top ones, so of course I bought it, intending to put my bread in it. I brought it home and cleaned it up and it sat on my counter for a few days until my mom came to visit at which point she put all of Gwen’s doggie treats in it. So now my bread box is a dog treat box but it is a great way to keep all those different kinds of treats hidden! 🙂

I have also started running again. I am not entirely sure why I quit in the first place (got lazy) but I did and now I have to work myself back up to the distances and pace that I previously enjoyed. It’s not easy but in the end it will be rewarding. The past few days I’ve been gimping around on sore feet and legs. I can’t wait for my legs to get stronger and no longer have to look and feel three times as old as I really am! Staying positive and working towards goals — looking at doing a 5K in August! — that’s what will get me through the rest of this stinking deployment!

One last parting word before I sign off: I ask that if you know me or my husband, please do not put any personal info in the comments ESPECIALLY if it pertains to the boat he is on. The submarine in the above picture is not his, it is just an image that I got from another wife who found it somewhere else. Any info regarding the coming or going of his boat is pretty much on a need to know basis so I do not put anything on this blog, facebook, or anywhere. After a certain period of time has elapsed, I am able to say “he’s gone!” but that is basically it. OPSEC (Operations Security) is a real thing and as subs are meant to be weapons of stealth, the only way to keep them and the loved ones on board safe is to keep it hush-hush. I have not had any problems with this to date but I don’t want it to become one. The following is a great little way to remember OPSEC…(click on the image to make it bigger if you cannot read it.) Enjoy! 🙂


Worms, Subs, Nugget and Blog Bits

Gwen’s Weekend

Gwen has been asleep all afternoon.  I put her in her bed so I could make a run to the store and she barely woke up.  I came home and she walked out and crawled up onto her favorite sleeping space (on the shelf under the coffee table).  I don’t think she feels very well still.  She hasn’t felt very well this weekend since we realized she was a little wormy…when I say wormy I mean the poor thing had worms!  [*Sidenote:  She is moaning/closed mouth howling in her sleep.  It is both cute and pathetic at the same time.  Poor baby!]  I called the vet and they said to describe them and I did.  The lady said it sounded like tapeworms.  I thought, “great just what our growing pup needs!”  The lady said to bring her by and they would have some wormer ready for her.

I told Andrew to look up how she could have picked up a tapeworm.  The result of his research was an infected flea.  (Fleas are problematic here and Gwen hasn’t taken kindly to them…I have done what I can to keep them away and her comfortable.)  The other ways to pick up a tapeworm were highly unlikely for her.  We picked up her wormer and gave it to her when we got home.  She kind of just slept it all off — we don’t think she felt very good for a couple days since it takes like 24-36 hrs for it to kill them wormies.  I think we were lucky enough to catch her little worm infestation before it actually did become that:  an infestation.

This was all on Saturday.  After we took her to the park, an adventure in itself….

We got up early, fed puppy early and headed to the park after she’d had time to digest a little.  Well that also coincided with normal post breakfast nappy time.  But Gwen loves the park!  So we headed downtown to take her to the Battery park.  As we were heading towards Charleston traffic slowed. Apparently a car had caught fire on the freeway.  I had never seen a car on fire before!  I have seen RVs and a Semi but never a car!  It was some SUV that was turned the wrong direction (must have crashed) and ablaze.  We were redirected to Mount Pleasant (nearest exit).  We decided to go see if we could find a park to take Gwen to anyways.

Right after we crossed the Ravenel Bridge (Google it, it looks cool) and entered Mount Pleasant we turned off onto Patriots Point.  There is a bunch of stuff there that we decided we would go check out someday without puppy (museumy type things).  We got out and went to see this big submarine memorial.  It was pretty neat.  There is a submarine made out of black cinder-blocks and metal and around it is a walkway.  The whole thing is a memorial to the Cold War era submarines.  I am having a difficult time trying to describe the memorial, so if you are interested, check out the following link and at least look at the pictures.  http://www.patriotspoint.org/explore_museum/cold_war_memorial/

After walking around the memorial at Patriots Point park, we decided we would head to the Battery.  Gwen had not gotten to really play since we only walked on a path.  By the time we parked and walked to the park she was starting to slow down.  So we kept our trip short and walked across the park before heading back to the truck.  We got home and Gwen drank water and went to sleep. She got the rest of the afternoon to sleep while the humans had the afternoon to themselves.  We (the humans) went out and got the cars (both!) washed! (exciting I know.)

Sunday evening we took Gwenie out for her long walk and she met 3 new dogs!  They were all off leash and I wish that I could trust her off leash because there was a young pup named Roxy that was playing with Gwen and I would have loved to see them run in the field together!  The dogs’ owner came up and we talked to them while the puppies played.  Oh! While I am on this subject, Gwen had a run in with Nugget the doxy that lives a couple doors down from us.  Nugget and Gwen have met before but this Nugget decided to instill some wisdom upon Gwen.  Nugget (she is about 4 I think the guy said?) asserted her dominance and Gwen was like whoa!  It was funny to watch since they are both about the same size.  Gwen hasn’t really come across any dogs that really pay attention to her.  The first was Nugget.

I can’t wait until Gwen meets Auntie Dayzee and Cousin Bella. 🙂  They are both labs.  Not sure how Great-Uncle Nemo (poodle) will put up with crazy corgi.

Blog Bits

So as I am doing this blog, I have started to find that there are a lot of blogs out there that people have dedicated to their Corgis or at least post about their Corgis a lot!  I have 3 Favorites!  They are as follows (click on the names to be directed to the other blogs!):

These are my top 3 favorites.  Check them out and you can meet Gimli, Gibson, and Ty & Eve.  Ty and Eve (Puppy on a Roomba) also have their own Facebook pages where they post their own thoughts!  …I have considered making Gwen a Facebook page.  I mean I have, after all, made a page for my horse!  There is also of course The Daily Corgi which you must also check out!


ONE LAST THING!!! Today Gwen is exactly 4 months old!!!  — check out our new PitaPata Widget on the left side of the screen.  It tells Gwen’s exact age!  You can figure out your pet (or even your own) exact age if you go to the PitaPata webpage (Google it).  Pretty neat, I say! 😉