Christmas Cards & Trees

I like going into the card aisle at the grocery store or even stopping by Hallmark just to look through the cards.  Granted I usually end up buying one or two so I don’t do that very often.  I did stop in Hallmark the other day to try and find one last card for Christmas and ended up not buying anything but just sitting there reading the cards for a good chunk of time before I realized I had to get going so I could feed her royal highness the dog before she starved (Corgis always think they are starving even when they are little pudge balls).

This was one of my favorites that I saw there and I would have purchased had the people I still needed a card for understood the card…I am afraid they are not really animal people. *gasp!*

Christmas with pets…

If you have pets then you know this is true!  Last year we ended up with our Christmas tree cordoned off with an x-pen so little puppy jaws and claws could not reach the presents or the ornaments.  This year we decided to try letting her near the tree and she has done well about leaving the presents alone and we did refrain from putting any ornaments down low.  Well, there are a couple but they are metal (i.e. not easily broken by a curious Corga!).  The only time she touched one (it was a white metal horse) she jumped back when it moved and started to bark at it.  Since then she’s left it alone!

In the past, my family had two cats and we had to anchor our tree to the wall…I don’t remember exactly what our cats did but I have a feeling it had something to do with climbing up inside the tree and thereby making it fall over.  So my parents were smart and just anchored the tree so the cats could play inside their new evergreen treehouse.

I tried to find some pictures of trees by people with pets, but it was difficult to find anything!  I know I have friends that have to set trees on tables and presents up on shelves but I either couldn’t remember who had those trees or I couldn’t find their pictures!  I resorted to Google Images….

Dogs knock over Christmas trees too, of course!

Or you have THIS problem…

I found way more cat photos than I did dog photos but I did find this link with some helpful reminders about Christmas safety.  It is quite close to Christmas but some things to maybe think about next year.

“O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How dangerous can you be-e-eee…”


4 thoughts on “Christmas Cards & Trees

  1. I saw the Christmas tree disaster picture and immediately thought to myself, “OH NO GWEN! YOU’RE BETTER THEN THAT! YOU DIDN’T!!!!” I was very happy to see that she didn’t destroy YOUR tree, and that was a photo of someone else’s tree!

    • Hahaha! Yes, I am glad too! Our tree kept falling over before we even got it in the house so we had to find some pieces of wood to shim the base! She was very good this year and hasn’t been too interested in it. Might be the creepy reindeer I have around the sides of the tree that might be deterring her… hehe (I’ll have to take a picture of it.)

  2. Ha! Cracked up through whole thing. The kids in our barn made stockings for all the horses. Which are steadily being filled with human candy by Santa’s “helpers”. This translates into two things: 1) every horse has a sore neck – they’re twisting themselves into pretzels trying to reach the (mostly) out of reach stockings.
    2) every small child has sore arms from being yanked by said horse reaching for stockings.
    3) everyone is looks like they’ve been imbibing in eggnog a little too early, as we zig zag down the barn aisle, trying to lead horses through the maze of temptation. Animals + Christmas = big smiles and hilarity.

    • HAHAHA! I usually hang a stocking on my horse’s stall but this year the barn we are in has no UNaccessable areas for my horse without it being close to the ground so I’m sad to say he doesn’t get his stocking this year. We quit hanging his halter on his door because he would fling it out in the aisle way. He’s one of those goofy ones that plays with everything and will drag his blankets in his stall to play with.

      But yes, Animals + Christmas = hilarious! I’ll have to post Owen’s “antler” picture later too. 🙂

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