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Cabin Fever!

I am pretty sure that Gwen has cabin fever.  Think of the song from Muppet Treasure Island.  (Click here for the video.)  Muppet Treasure Island also just happens to be a favorite movie of mine! 🙂

Anyways, Gwen is going crazy being cooped up and I don’t blame her in the least!  However, she IS driving me CRAZY!!  I made her pen in the living room bigger today.  It goes in front of the couch so she can’t jump on it  but it also makes it very difficult to get on the couch.  I have to keep her in a smaller pen to limit her activity — mainly the jumping on the couch.  She has jumped up on the couch a couple times much to my chagrin.  (Great word!)

Gwenie is wearing her “treat eating champ” shirt to keep her from scratching her belly where they clipped all the hair away for her surgery.  She has behaved very well in the licking at the sutures department.  She had been scratching at her belly, leaving big, ugly, red scratches.  We put some cream on the scratches and her shirt and they are now at least scabbed over and she is no longer scratching at it like she was.  Today and most of yesterday she had her floppy cone off which was nice.  That meant she could walk around a little more freely and not look so pitiful.  I still put the floppy cone thing back on her when I’m not watching her, like when I leave or take a shower or she is in her crate for the night.  I would like to think that Miss Gwyndolyn is grateful for that.

Since we left Gwen at the vet for her surgery and then brought her home she has developed a slight separation anxiety that she never had before.  She did occasionally howl and yip when I would leave to go run errands but she was getting over that.  But now she has been exceedingly clingy and vocal about being left alone and also about not being where she can touch her humans when she wants to.  Since I have been sick I haven’t really felt like doing anything, mostly cause I cannot breathe and my head feels like it is going to explode, so I have been devouring books.  (Not literally, that is what Gwen does.)  I have had to go sit in the bedroom and read for awhile just to get some peace and also let Gwen sit on her own for a bit.  Then I come back and play with her.

I hate having to keep her quiet!  Since I’m a sucker, I let her out in the living room and she followed me around the house but then something set her off and she decided to frap around the living room.  So OBVIOUSLY she is feeling better…  I am only keeping her cooped up in half the living room because the vet’s instructions said to “limit her activity for 3 weeks” though I don’t see why it is 3 when she gets her stitches out in 2 weeks.  Doesn’t the vet know what Corgis are like?!?!?!?!  


Recovery Day 1

Gwen came home about 4 yesterday and then laid on her bed I made her in the living room all day, sleeping off the drugs from her surgery. She doesn’t have one of those lamp shade cones, it is s flexible one. It makes me think of a sun hat with a hole in the top. It is huge and floppy. She steps on it when she walks and likes to try and chew on it. She didn’t eat last night but I was able to get some chicken broth and water in her. I spoon fed her. And the chicken broth was from my own soup. I even caved and set up a little pen next to my side of the bed. It was the worst sleep I’d had in awhile but at least I knew Gwen was okay. She came out of her stupor at about 2am and started to whimper. Poor baby was not feeling well. I sat with her til she fell asleep and then crawled back under the covers. She’d wake up every couple hours. She wasn’t very comfortable.

I got her up this morning and took her out. She did her business and then I fed her and gave her water. She was glad for her food because she actually ate it all at once! She was only allowed about half of what she normally gets. I wrapped her pain pill in some cheese and she gobbled it right up!

Her cone thing makes her look like a flower when she has her head up and is looking perky. 🙂

Trying to keep her quiet is difficult. She got out of her quarantine area and ran around the living room. She also jumped on the couch when I had her out on her leash. I’m supposed to keep her calm and no running or jumping for 3 weeks. It is going to be super annoying and difficult. She is going to hate it. But this is what we get for not wanting to end up with oopsie-puppies. Worth it in the long run.

I think Gwen is getting bored already. I gave her a couple toys to play with and she played with them but it is obvious she just wants to run around. :(. I’ve taken her on a couple short walks around the yard and she stays calm out there, mostly cause she roots around in the grass looking for bugs as she walks.

This is going to be THE longest week ever! I’m sick, puppy is recovering from surgery, and Andrew is working different, longer hours. We are watching The Big Bang Theory. Well I am and she is sleeping. Thank goodness.

Innards Removal Day

I think you could classify this as a “Monday Moaning” post.  We took Gwen in to the vet’s this morning to have her innards removed.  If she were a he then she would be having her outards removed.  Ya follow me here?  Yes, Gwyndolyn is getting spayed today.  Well, she has already been spayed and is awake, they just called not too long ago to tell me that I can come to pick her up any time after 3:30.  YAY!  I am so lonely and bored without my little buddy!  [cue singing] I am so roanreeeeee!

We took Gwen in at 8 am, met with her vet, talked to him about a couple questions not relating to her being spayed, the tech gave us back Gwen’s “jewelry” (collar & leash) and took her back.  It was so sad!  Gwen was wanting food and thought she was going to go play or something, little did she know….

We came home, I cut Andrew’s hair and he got ready for work.  We sat on the couch and watched TV.  It was strangely quiet without Gwen’s busyness.  I couldn’t sit for very long so I got up and vacuumed and there was no barking!  Meanwhile, Andrew went and cleaned up the yard.  After that he told me I should help him make his lunch.  So I did.  I added cookies and airplane snacks (I have a stash of them in the cupboard) and a sample packet of dog food.  Yep, you heard right!  We had a sample packet of dog food up in the cupboard with all the people food.  I am not sure how it ended up there but now it is in Andrew’s lunch (dinner) and I can’t wait until he finds it!!! tehehehe!  He told me before he left that I am not allowed to help him make lunch anymore since he usually just takes a sandwich and some fruit and maybe a fruit snack or two.  “Are you trying to make me fat?!” – Andrew

I have yet to decide which is easier to clip:  Andrew’s hair or a horse.  I’ve clipped horses for quite awhile, having shown them for ages.  There are times when my clip jobs are not the most beautiful things in the world, but my horses are ALWAYS presentable and well groomed for shows!  I have been working on cutting Andrew’s hair a little longer but that means I have to do the fade thing.  There is room for improvement but it also does not look that bad unless you are being nit-picky (like me).  I told Andrew when I was done, “I am sorry if the other kids make fun of you at work.”  He replied with, “It’s okay, I’ll kick their butts if they do.”

With both gone I am now totally bored.  I am not sure which book I should start reading.  The one I have been wanting to start or a book that I have recently become interested in the topic.  One I own, the other I could either get on my kindle or wait for it to come in the mail…  Oh, the topic is the Navajo Code Talkers of WWII.  The book I just read was called Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac.  Very good book.  (Yes Dad, I will lend you the book.  No, it is not available on Kindle.)

Also, I think I’m getting a cold. 😦  Just the other day I pondered aloud, “I wonder what Gwen will do when one of us really gets sick?  You know, with coughing and sneezing and hacking up a lung.”  Since every time one of us sneezes she barks an alarm.  It’s like she’s shouting “DEMONS BE GONE!!!” or something of that nature!

Mini-Top Shot Competition:

Now if you do not like guns or friendly competition, then please stop reading now.  There is nothing to do with Corgis or Gwen in this next part.

On Saturday, Andrew and I finally had our competition to see which was a better shot.  We had been shooting almost every weekend at our local range but then we took a 3 week hiatus.  Mainly because I didn’t want to go to the range because I didn’t want it to get boring.  So we came back to it, and decided to hold our competition.  We made up our rules prior to actually shooting.  Though we did change the number of rounds per weapon when we were at the range.  Here were our rules:

  • We would get a chance to sight in with each pistol before we actually started on our target.
  • 10 pts for the bulls-eye, 9 for green ring, 8 for yellow, 7 for orange, 6 for pink, 0 for anything outside pink.
  • .22 – 20 rds.  [Walther P22]
  • .380 – 12 rds.  [Walther PPK]
  • .40 – 20 rds. (total)  — 10 rds./target — we shot 2 targets and took the better of the 2.  [XDM]
  • We would both take our turn with each respective weapon before moving on to the next one.
  • We scored the targets when we returned home, not at the range.

I went first with my .22 and it was looking like I was going to have a horrible day.  I was all over the place!  I shot my sight-in target and my target to be scored and then it was Andrew’s turn.  I ended up with a pretty good target.  Andrew had a hard time with my little .22.  He is not as used to shooting it; it is small and very light.  He didn’t do so hot…and 2 of his rounds weren’t even in our scoring circle!  It was a landslide victory in my favor for this round!

Next was the .380.  This is the pistol that Andrew got for his graduation/commissioning present from me.  Well part of it came from me.  At the time I could only afford part of it and he bought the rest.  I have kind of claimed the PPK as my own since it is small and fits my hand better than it does Andrew’s.  I do better with it than Andrew does usually.  We were pretty close on the scoring for that one.  I beat him by 1 point!

Last but not least was the .40.  This is Andrew’s pistol and I don’t usually like shooting it.  But I had been shooting it a little more recently when we would go to the range.  I did pretty well considering by the time we got to shooting the .40 I was tired and my hands were quite visibly shaking from fatigue.  Andrew obviously won this one.  (He had to win something, right?)

We went home, took the dog out and then totaled up the scores.  And guess who won!  Yours truly!  I won bragging rights for being a better shot!  I also beat Andrew at a doggy paddling race in the pool, 3 times!  He is a swimmer but apparently swimmers do not know how to doggy paddle, as they say it is not efficient.  HA!  I actually won at something in the pool!!


I always get comments on my shooting when we go to the range.  I’m not sure why that is.  I acknowledge that I am not a bad shot, though there is always room for improvement, but I don’t see why it is so comment worthy.  Maybe it is because there are always guys bringing in their wives or girlfriends and having them shoot and them sucking at it.  I people watch when I am not shooting.  It is interesting to watch some of them.

I am glad my dad took me to the range and taught me how to shoot properly.  It is a great feeling to receive compliments, even if I don’t get to hear them right away, Andrew relays them to me later.  Sometimes when we shoot, one of the range masters that comes and cracks jokes if you aren’t shooting, told us we were required to have fun and he told Andrew to never make me mad since I was shooting better than him!  

Fangs, Socks, and Costumes – oh my!

Little Gwyndolyn is all curled up in her crate (she went in all on her own) sleeping.  It’s really cute.

Gwen has been losing the larger teeth on the sides, but has yet to lose or start losing her “fangs.”  I call them fangs because that is pretty much what they are.  They do not resemble “canines” but one day they will be her canines.  And that day cannot come fast enough!  I am tired of getting nipped and slashed with those buggers!  The other day we were playing Corgi-in-the-middle with the frisbee and I reached out to catch it as Gwen was lunging to catch it and she caught the side of my hand.  Slashed it open, drew blood, you know, the works.  So when you put a bandage on a cut it just gives Gwen more incentive to try and bite you.  I can’t wait until we are out of puppy phase!  I am ready to have a lovely little dog that does not bite or nip or chew!

Gwen has gotten better about biting your feet when you wear socks! A plus!!  She still likes sticking her face inside shoes and boots and will still steal socks if they are left unattended.  Though she did claim one of my flip flops as a chew toy the other day…took a small chunk out of it before I discovered her.

Dusting is Gwen’s favorite chore, a close second is laundry.  Can you guess her least favorite?  Vacuuming!  I put her in the bedroom the yesterday when I went to vacuum the living room and hall and she stood behind the closed door and barked as loud as she could.  She barked more than when she had been in the same room as that infernal contraption!  She chases the duster and likes to burrow into laundry piles — reasons why those are her favorites.  She does not understand washing dishes yet, not like my parents’ lab Dayzee who insists on cleaning plates before they get washed!

I put Gwen in her Halloween costume again so I could get some pictures of her.  She of course hates it, but this time instead of attacking it right away, she rolled over on her back and looked at me like get this off of me!  She has grown again or at least gained a little weight because the belly band was snug.  More so than last time.

I’ve been looking at what it would take to travel with Gwen.  When I say travel I mean fly.  I’m thinking I might be going back home for a little while but if I do then I will be taking Gwen most likely.  We do not want to take her to a kennel and we don’t have enough friends around here that we could pawn her off on leave her with.  Andrew’s new work schedule is still 12 hr shifts but it now goes until like midnight so it would be very unfair to leave her home alone for so long.  In doing my research I came across this page on MyCorgi which was prefect.  Now, even if you are not planning on flying with your dog, it is well worth checking out.  Mainly for the video…it’s interesting…watch the whole thing.

Couch Potato

Gwen is the epitome of couch potato.  She may be a busy and active little Corgi puppy but she is also a big couch potato.

For example, I leave her in the living room while I go to take a shower, I come out to check on her when I’m done and where is she?  On the couch.  Most of the time she is still on the shelf under the coffee table (her usual perch) but as of late it has been curled up between the cushions or a pillow on the couch.  As I write this, guess where she is.  Did you guess the poofiest cushion of our couch, sprawled out on her belly in true Corgi fashion?  Then you guessed correctly!  She is diagonal on the cushion too, I might add.

We’ve been experimenting with Gwen-freedom every now and then to try to see how well she will behave when we leave her.  I feel bad sticking her in her crate all the time when we leave.  If I go to get the mail and don’t take her with me, then I leave her in the living room.  She hates me leaving without her but sits and waits.  I left the other day to run down to the corner store to get some toilet paper and left her out of her crate in the living room.  I was gone for a total of about 20 minutes.  I came back and guess where she was.  Yup, on the couch!

Now I don’t leave her out and about inside alone when I go to the grocery store or something like that because I do not yet trust her enough.  She is still in the puppy-chewy phase.  That right there should be explanation enough!


Andrew wants her to only be allowed on the couch when there is a designated Gwen blanket on it.  I tried that but she would get on the couch and root around like a pig until she was laying on the couch and not at all on the blanket.  Also, it was a big surprise when she finally figured out how to get on the couch.  I was laying on the couch reading and the next thing I knew there was a corgi sitting on my stomach!


Caught in the Act!

This is Dayzee when she got caught in the act laying on the sofa in my parents’ house…her bed is on the floor right next to the couch as you can see.  Dayzee apparently did not know that there were humans in the house.  (She is not allowed on the couch.)


Puppy Class Update:

Gwen graduated her puppy class last night!  She got a stuffed alligator as her big reward. 🙂  …have yet to upload pictures to my computer.