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Our First Corgi Outing

I think this has to be THE CUTEST picture I have taken of Gwen in a while! Even though her butt isn’t in the picture.

We had a blast at the Corgi event on Saturday!  I am so glad that we were able to go!  There had to be at least 20 Corgis there, but of course it is almost impossible to count them since they were all running around!  The only time they would sit still was when someone would break out a bag of treats!

Corgis begging for snacks.

Andrew ended up going with us, he said he felt well enough and I know he was really looking forward to going.  Don’t worry, he took it easy, he found a place to sit in the sun and the Corgis came over to him to say hi and get scratches and treats.  Gwen wandered around and didn’t stray too far from us initially but after a few minutes she started to check out the other humans there.  Of course the other Corgis had to make sure that she was good so they all came over to say hi.  At first she was like Whoa! but she didn’t get all snarly like she sometimes does at our normal dog park when she first gets there and all the other dogs come to “greet” her.  She did show some teeth and puff up her hair for a minute but that soon passed.  I’m not sure if she knew they were all like her or not, but she fit right in.

Gwen didn’t really stay with the main part of the pack, she was more on the fringes, exploring and sometimes playing with another dog.  She played with a Yorkie for awhile and a Scottie.  She and the Scottie explored the edge of the woods.  At some point later on in the day she gave in to peer pressure and ended up in the water on the edge of the park.  Her humans were not happy about that…we had driven the Challenger instead of my truck…muddy dogs do not ride in the Challenger!  She ended up riding on the floor on the way home and I don’t think she minded one bit since she fell asleep pretty quickly.

The whole event was put on as a benefit for Corgis & Friends of Walmarsh, a Corgi rescue.  There was a silent auction with a whole lot of interesting things, most of which were Corgi themed (duh!).  So of course we walked away with probably about half of the items.

The first and main thing that I wanted was this Corgi figurine/”trinket” box and the matching Corgi necklace.  I put the starting bid down of $20 and left it and came back later to find that some woman had put down $60!  Who does that?!  I figured that she was not going to be present at the end since she just left her phone number so I waited and watched it and bid it up two bucks and got it for 62 in the end.  It is very pretty and I wore the necklace to work today. 🙂  Andrew said it is my early Valentines present.

I now have some Corgi jewelry to wear! And you can see Gwennie’s new collar. I don’t like the color of the snap but I thought it was the prettiest collar they had.

The other things that we won were, a Corgi key chain, a collar, Corgi earrings w/ matching necklace (I just wanted the earrings), a box of Corgi goodies, and a super nice dog bed!  Andrew’s main thing was the box of Corgi goodies which had a bunch of stuff in it and it was only 12 or 15 which was pretty much a steal for what was in it, I think.  There was a magnet, figurine w/ picture frame that hung around its neck, Christmas ornament, keychain (now we have matching Corgi keychains!), and a handmade Corgi leash!  I think more people would have bid on it if they had known all the things that were in there!  The collar was 2 bucks and I am very surprised that I was the only one who bid on it.  It’s very pretty and was a spur of the moment one since Gwen doesn’t exactly need anymore collars…she has it on right now, I just have to move her tags over or get a new ID tag.

Enjoying her new bed after such a long, exciting day!

The biggest thing that we got was definitely the dog bed and I am actually a little surprised that I got that.  I kind of sniped it at the end and once we got home I felt extremely guilty about winning it.  I got it for $55 which was my limit on that I think, since we had gotten the necklace at an outrageous price of $62!  This dog bed is a “couch bed,” and it is made by Serta.  Serta!  It’s memory foam and feels way nicer than our couch!  I sat on it to try it out.  You could fit three corgis on it, too!  I read the tag after we got it home and it said that it is good for older dogs, dogs with hip problems, and dogs with arthritis.  When I saw that I felt guilty like I took it away from some Senior dog that could use it more than my puppy who already has a cushy dog bed.  😦  When I told my parents about our trip they said that other people could have bid on it too if they really wanted it, and Andrew justified the whole thing as the money went to a good cause.  I still am stuck on this fancy dog bed guilt….

Among the things that were up for auction that we did NOT bid on were a few other pretty handmade dog collars, a couple small Corgi paintings, 3 Corgi watercolors, a Corgi necklace, some Corgi coffee mugs, Corgi salt and pepper shakers, dish towels, dog walking gift certificate, 2 night stay at some lodge, there were a couple other gift certificates for things, and my most favorite of all:  the CRYSTAL Dog Dish.  It said “spoiled” on it and it would have been absolutely perfect for Dayzee!  If I could have gotten it I would have sent it to my parents!  It went for $15 and I was surprised that no one else bid on it.  I knew we wouldn’t have enough cash if I bid on anything else — Andrew had to run into town to the ATM so we could pay since I’d forgotten my checkbook when I KNEW I would need it!

Before they closed the auction, they announced that they had two prizes:  one for the Youngest Corgi and one for the Oldest.  They asked if anyone had a Corgi under a year old and we were the only ones to raise our hands.  I was surprised!  There were a couple dogs there that looked like they could have been younger than Gwen but they weren’t.  Gwen won the Youngest Corgi Award!

There were a lot of nice people there with their Corgis and a lot of neat dogs!  There was one old dog who was in a doggie wheel chair and he went around barking at all the other dogs, not caring that he only had use of his front legs.  He was sweet too. 🙂  Everyone loved Gwen and she got a bunch of compliments on her scarf!  I put it on her so I could pick her out in the crowd…I am a freaking genius!

I wish the camera (we forgot the good one) hadn’t taken a blurry picture! This guy was an adorable old guy!

Notice the expression of the dog on the right…

There were only 2 Cardis there! All the rest were Pems! I really like that fluffy merle there in the corner. He was a sweetie!

Where’s Waldo (Gwen)?

See, she’d just go chill with some other humans for awhile. She made her rounds.

I really like this picture. She’s just so goofy some days!

She posed for some pictures there too.



[NOTE:] This is another post that has taken me ages to write.  Started during my lazy block and finishing it now. 🙂

Gwen must be my lucky charm!  Since we’ve had her, we have won 2 doggie related things!  One was a free visit to one of the local doggie day cares in the area.  The other was our most recent, the TropiClean Fresh Breath giveaway that the Lowcountry Dog Magazine was doing.  Remember, Gwen got her picture in the magazine just recently, too.  So we got all these goodies, but I have one problem:  Gwen doesn’t have stinky breath!

Either way, we won first prize which was pretty much a sampling of all their products.  We got The Fresh Mint Foam, Water Additive, Clean Teeth Gel, Liquid Floss, and a Tri Floss Ball!  Lots of things!


Anyways, I plan on using the flossy spray.  It says if you spray it on their rope toys then it helps them to floss and have good breath.  Worth a try at least.  That and the Tri Floss Ball.  If she doesn’t like it then maybe I’ll just have to give the stuff to my parents for Dayzee who DOES have stinky breath!

Also, Gwen has figured out how to tear open her stuffed animals to get at the stuffing.  She opened up her bat and alligator today.  Sad day. 😦


The black lab is Dayzee Mae and the yellow lab is Bella.  Bella belongs to my cousins.  When this picture was taken, Dayzee was over at my cousins’ place for a play day.  What lovely labs!