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The Reasons I Wish to Remain in the South

The Reasons I want to remain in the South:

They don’t have these in Washington.

I would make a great fat kid.

The Reasons I do not like the South:

  • BUGS.  Mainly the Cockroaches. Mosquitoes (yes, those are everywhere but they are worse when you live in a giant swamp…) are a close second.  Here even the bugs have bugs!


Almost half my life I lived in the South, living south of Atlanta.  When we moved to Washington I had to leave behind my beloved Chick-fil-a and Dunkin Donuts.  When Andrew got sent to South Carolina and I helped him move out here, I made him stop at the first Chick-fil-a that we found!  It was all I would eat for lunch while I was here to visit and when I came to visit on my Thanksgiving break, it was all I wanted to eat.  Sundays I ate normal food since they aren’t open on Sundays.  That held me over until I moved out here.  We haven’t had it in awhile, mainly because we’ve been trying to save money and eat a little healthier.

With Andrew looking forward to getting Orders again, I am suddenly not looking forward to it anymore.  I don’t want to have to pack up and leave.  Part of me is secretly hoping that he will get the staff position that he does not want.  (You didn’t hear that from me though.)  He has expressed his wishes over and over to be sent to the fleet as soon as possible, even when they were trying to volun-tell him to take the staff position.  The detailers know where he wants to go, let’s just see if they send him where he wants.  I do not know when he is going to get Orders nor do I know when they will make us leave.  I applied and got a job thinking we were going to be here for the long haul, now he’s getting excited about Orders again and I’m not.  I’ve just made new friends, got myself a job that I am enjoying, and got a new pets (hammies).  Yes, Dad, I know that I have a job while he has a career, and career trumps job.


Random:  I saw this somewhere (I think it must’ve been Pinterest?) and had to share it.  It’s a doggy fountain but I could see some dogs having a good time just playing with this.  They just have to stand on it to get some water to fountain out of it.  Genius.



O Crickets, why did I not think of you?!

This is all I feel like doing today:  watching cat videos.  (Watch the video!) 🙂

Be advised, this is NOT a dog post.  If you are only interested in my Corgi then please ignore today’s post.  Minus this following paragraph in blue which I found floating around Facebook and have heard it a few times on other forums.  I figure I should do my part and let others know, even if it only reaches one or two people then that is more than previously knew, right?

FOOD RECALL ALERT! Nestle Purina Petcare Company announced it will recall their Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch dog treat brands and Delmonte announced it will recall its Milo’s Chicken Jerky Treats and Chicken Grillers because of residues of an undisclosed antibiotic. Please click LIKE, SHARE and email to your network to spread the word.

My first day of work consisted of training (of course) on the computer.  Five hours of training modules.  My neck and eyes hurt so bad by the time I was done with it.  They were all things about how to treat the customer, how to handle the animals, procedures, etc.  At first it was totally overwhelming since I came to the belated conclusion of “I’m going to have to talk to people and HELP them! AND be nice about it at the same time!!!”  But once I got to the part about the animals I was a bit more relaxed.  I have a lot to learn about the different animals and the different kinds of nutrition and things like that but I’ll get it eventually, I hope.

On my way home it dawned on me:  I am probably going to have to handle the reptiles!  After my initial shock I realized I could do that since I want bearded dragons one day and I have touched snakes before.  The part that I can’t get over is the feeding them part.  Do you know what they eat?  This is something that I didn’t think of when I applied…they eat CRICKETS!  Do you know what I hate?  BUGS & SPIDERS!  So I will most likely have to give these critters crickets to eat and then there is the little issue of the cricket box, you know the big one where they keep full of crickets so people can buy them to feed to their pets.  That one.  I dread the day when I will be the one scooping out the crickets!  Ugh!

Don’t even get me started about the tarantulas!  Yes, they sell tarantulas.  Or hissing cockroaches, though I’m not sure if this place sells them, some places do!

Andrew wants frogs but I said no since they eat crickets and I will NOT have BUGS in my house!  I told Andrew’s mother about the crickets and she said they weren’t that bad since Andrew had frogs as a kid and that only a few crickets ever escaped.  Andrew has admitted that he set them free in the house.  My response was that that is a few too many!

Since I am already off topic, I want a turtle or a hedgehog next!  I have wanted a hedgehog for a VERY long time but my parents always told me no.  Andrew is okay with both of these creatures and agrees that one day in the semi-near future I can get one of these!  As long as we are in a state that allows for hedgehogs — they are illegal in some states/cities since they are considered “exotic pets.”

Apart from the dark realization I came to on my drive home, the training things were interesting.  Talked about the proper way to handle tame and untame birds, all the small animals, what to look for in a healthy animal (so as to be able to recognize an unhealthy or injured animal easier) and also the procedures for some things animal related.  What I didn’t get very well were the parts about the 3 types of questions:  open-ended, close-ended, and leading questions.  It was like Psychology 105 (Intro to Psychology) all over again.  Supposed to be an easy-A class yet it was one of my most confusing and hardest ones I took.  Geology, that was more my speed for the sciences!  Something concrete and tangible and not an airy idea.

Andrew “officially” started his new shift schedule for work.  Right now it is basically a graveyard shift.  Sucks.  Not because he’s gone at night but because he has to sleep during the day!  How am I supposed to keep Gwen and myself quiet for at least 7 hours?!  I don’t do hardly anything quietly or without turning on lights everywhere!  Gwen is tearing something up right now and that is keeping her quiet.  I have considered going to the gym but that would require finding gym clothes — not really a quiet activity.  What am I supposed to do all day?!  I think I will go shopping for another pair of pants for work but then that leaves Gwen home (basically alone) to make noise and be a pain.

I don’t have a schedule yet for when I will be working, but since I am a part-time employee I hope it won’t be too horrible!  Oh well, I am glad to at least have a purpose again.  Being purposeless is a horrible state to be in!  Being a housewife was not purpose enough for me and it was horrible.  I don’t see how some people do it!  Though to be sure, those people probably enjoy it, I just found it entirely too wearisome (boring and lonely).

Pumpkins and Bugs

2 Days ago, on Saturday, Gwen turned 6 months old!!!  Yay!  My little puppy is getting big!  We were just talking about her the other day, reminising on when she was tiny and could fit underneath the shelf on the coffee table and she was shorter than my arm.  Now she gets stuck at her shoulders and she is about 3 times longer than when we got her!

Every time we take Gwen outside she chases leaves.  It is so  windy here right now!  Well, I guess it could be worse.  We didn’t get hit with that hurricane, Sandy, but it did send a little rain and wind our way.  From what I’ve heard, Charleston is pretty lucky when it comes to the paths of these hurricanes.  This area is kind of tucked back a little and not really in the normal path of the hurricanes, as I understand it, so it usually doesn’t get hit bad.

Gwyndolyn was chasing a fly that was inside here earlier.  She was hopping all over the couch trying to catch that thing!  She watched it go back and forth and all around for awhile.  Then she decided that I was in her way and started to jump on me trying to get it.  She never caught Mr. Fly but she did catch a moth last night inside and the other day she caught another moth when we went outside for our pre-dinner potty break.

We carved pumpkins last night!  We started a bit late so we didn’t finish them until it was past 9 pm then we ran out and bought some candles before the stores closed.  We’d bought 3 pumpkins (1 for Gwen of course!) but only had time to carve 2.  So hers is just sitting outside our door with the carved ones.

After cleaning up all the pumpkin guts and scouring the kitchen, we headed to bed.  It was almost midnight by then.  I went into the bathroom and closed the door.  Guess what was behind the door.  A palmetto bug!  Also known as a cockroach!!! Ugh!  It was so nasty!  I jumped up on the tub and started screaming for TK, who has THE  slowest reaction time e-v-e-r!!  He really needs to work on that.  The roach scuttled down the wall and out under the door.  I couldn’t get out of the bathroom fast enough!  TK said it went under one of the bookcases in the office.  He said he couldn’t get it out so I said vacuum it out!  So he did and then he claimed that he sucked it up and it was dead.  I was scared to sleep.  I didn’t believe him.  So I called my mom.  She of course yelled at me for calling so late over a bug.  The first time I saw a cockroach I called her and since it was 7am here it was 4am there.  She did not like being woken up.  At least she was awake this time.

Before we went to sleep I told TK to empty the vacuum in the morning because there was no way in hell that I was going to do it.  This morning he took care of it while Gwen and I sat on the couch.  The cockroach was indeed in the vacuum container BUT it was still alive!  Andrew took it outside and smashed it with a shoe.  I am so glad he was home to kill that nasty bug!

In the aftermath of the most recent cockroach incident I have found something that I am even more terrified of than spiders:  cockroaches!

Back to the pumpkins.  We did Angry Bird pumpkins!  Andrew’s is the yellow bird and mine was supposed to be 2 of the 3 little blue birdies.  Mine got messed up when I was trying to cut it out so it I made it look more like a face by adding a “mouth” beneath the birds.  The “mouth” was supposed to be the things that the birds were flying over.  Andrew’s turned out really good.  Mine…eh…

Andrew complains and whines more when he’s doing pumpkins, but I guess he did a better job than me, the one who didn’t say anything except “I can’t get the tape to stick!”

As for other autumnal activities, I roasted the pumpkin seeds today.  I think I did a pretty good job too. 🙂

TK let a pen go through the wash in his uniforms.  Yeah…  I know my mother always say “you’ve got to check the pockets before you stick it in the wash” but you know…  So this pen went into the wash and ended up in the dryer and pretty much exploded.  There was ink everywhere!  I googled how to get rid of the ink and the one that showed up the most was to use nail polish remover.  So I did.  Got the majority of it out and so now the inside of the dryer is just a shade of light blue.  Better than it was.  Now the dryer is airing out.  I’m just afraid to use the dryer again right now.  Waiting til Andrew gets home to see about it.  He was a Chemistry major after all.  I don’t want an exploding dryer…good reason to NOT do laundry today!