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Letters to Santa!


DSCN7323Gwen wrote a letter to Santa Clawz this year. ūüôā

Letters to Santa 2013



Gwen even convinced her “fire-breathing dragon” brother, Owen (my horse), to write one too. ¬†Though his is definitely not quite as good as these ones! ¬†(read them, they are hilarious!)

Letters to Santa 2013-1

Owen just wants to live a very easy life…bigger stall, more food, less work…he needs to win the lottery for me then!

Owen antler




Living the Single-Wife Life

**Not entirely a dog blog post. You have been warned.** ūüôāsub disapear

Lately I just have not felt like writing much. When I do write, I am penning emails to my husband who is at sea. More specifically, he is under water and out of touch with the real world. The sailors can receive emails and they can write them back but they cannot send them until they are no longer on patrol — you can’t be sending emails and be stealthy at the same time… This deployment we have heard from them a couple of times, which was more than we had expected. I felt like actually sitting down and writing tonight because I miss him. It’s not the same writing an email to him even if I know he is going to read it, it still feels like I am talking to a brick wall. I even told him that in an email and he thought it was funny. His response was, “even if I am a brick wall that you are talking to, I still look better than a brick wall so that has to mean something.” I’m glad someone has a sense of humor.

If he’s a brick wall, I’m a retaining wall. Those left at home have to hold down the fort and make sure to keep everything in working order while the other half is away. The retaining wall may get a couple cracks from the pressure it holds up daily but as long as that wall does not crumble from the strain, it will continue to stand there as long as it is needed. Living the Single-Wife Life makes me create these goofy analogies all day long…

Gwen is not amused. (She was really hot and miserable that day…Corgis don’t really like the hot weather and it was nicer outside than inside! ugh!)

I also talk to my dog. I don’t find anything wrong with this except for today I informed the dog that I was going to take a shower and then looked at her like she was going to say something to me. I seriously need to get out more!

Some of the things that I have done to keep myself busy have been work, work, and more work. I feel guilty not having enough time for either Gwen or Owen (or even myself!). I did take Owen to a horse show where we did pretty well for our first real show together in about 4 years! More on that later though. When I am home with Gwen she gets spoiled (of course!) and she now goes out to the barn with me every day except when it is too hot for her to sit in the car. I’ve been having to go and medicate my horse daily since he has a case of gastric ulcers but those seem to be heeling nicely.

Owen. At the horse show!

One day I went into a little thrift shop near where I work and I found the neatest thing! It’s a bread box! Like one of the old-fashioned roll top ones, so of course I bought it, intending to put my bread in it. I brought it home and cleaned it up and it sat on my counter for a few days until my mom came to visit at which point she put all of Gwen’s doggie treats in it. So now my bread box is a dog treat box but it is a great way to keep all those different kinds of treats hidden! ūüôā

I have also started running again. I am not entirely sure why I quit in the first place (got lazy) but I did and now I have to work myself back up to the distances and pace that I previously enjoyed. It’s not easy but in the end it will be rewarding. The past few days I’ve been gimping around on sore feet and legs. I can’t wait for my legs to get stronger and no longer have to look and feel three times as old as I really am! Staying positive and working towards goals — looking at doing a 5K in August! — that’s what will get me through the rest of this stinking deployment!

One last parting word before I sign off: I ask that if you know me or my husband, please do not put any personal info in the comments ESPECIALLY if it pertains to the boat he is on. The submarine in the above picture is not his, it is just an image that I got from another wife who found it somewhere else. Any info regarding the coming or going of his boat is pretty much on a need to know basis so I do not put anything on this blog, facebook, or anywhere. After a certain period of time has elapsed, I am able to say “he’s gone!” but that is basically it. OPSEC (Operations Security) is a real thing and as subs are meant to be weapons of stealth, the only way to keep them and the loved ones on board safe is to keep it hush-hush. I have not had any problems with this to date but I don’t want it to become one. The following is a great little way to remember OPSEC…(click on the image to make it bigger if you cannot read it.) Enjoy! ūüôā


Spoiled Rotten

It is strange to think that I have not posted anything in about a week since I had been posting almost everyday during the month of April for the A-to-Z Challenge.  Honestly, I needed to take a break even though there were so many things that I could have been writing about!  Though the Challenge was fun it was also somewhat stressful trying to get things written and posted during the proper day, it was like having to submit homework assignments again!

We got up here to WA on about the 26th, got our keys and then headed to my parents house where we spent a couple days. ¬†Before we headed to our new house, we left Gwen with my parents where she got to spend a whole week being spoiled! ¬†She got to go to the beach everyday, sleep in the human bed with my parents, sleep in their room, stick her head into coffee cups, lick plates (I am assuming since Dayzee does it), get a “cookie ball” every night, ride in the truck, and bark at things that went by their big windows. ¬†Undoubtably she got spoiled!

Gwen at the beach with my dad on his morning walk.

Gwen was left with my parents since we figured it would be less stressful for her there and it would also keep her from being underfoot while we unpacked all of our stuff and got the house cleaned up. ¬†By the time we got Gwen back we had¬†most of the house unpacked and cleaned, but not quite all of it. ¬†We did end up buying some new furniture for our living room which we had to haul and get it inside and set up on our own…Gwen was forced to stay in her crate for that whole ordeal. ¬†She did take quite nicely to the new furniture, though.

Gwen has taken a liking to this arm chair. Even has her own blankie on it — just don’t tell her that it is really to keep the new stuff clean, she just thinks it’s to make her feel special.

We received all of our household goods (furniture, clothes, etc.) on the 30th and have been working pretty hard at turning this house into our home. ¬†Andrew even mowed the lawn for the first time yesterday. ¬†It looks so much better too! ¬†The back yard still needs to be done…It’s like a jungle out there! ¬†We are trying to do the dog blanket on the couch thing (again), you know where if there is a blanket then you, the dog, can sit on the couch if not then you, the dog, get thrown off. ¬†Gwen hates this but is being a little more cooperative than she was in Charleston. ¬†It might be because there are so many places to sit now! ¬†She also has her nice big doggie bed by the window which she likes. ¬†She also likes sitting on the back of the chair to look out the window.

Owen’s Cinco de Mayo picture…

This past Saturday Andrew and I went back to the Island to go with my parents to bring Owen, my horse, out here. ¬†We went over early, walked onto the ferry, and my dad picked us up on the¬†other side. ¬†We went to our storage locker, picked some stuff up, stopped by my parents house to see the dogs and then went to start getting Owen ready to travel. ¬†I started off by lunging him (basically letting him run around for a few min) to get some excess energy out. ¬†Then we went for a walk to the mailbox and back to cool off, when we got back he got a good brushing before I was to wrap up his little leggies for the trip in the trailer. ¬†Owen is normally a good boy, nothing fazes him, he rarely acts up. ¬†Not sure what got his knickers in a knot but he was beyond obnoxious! ¬†The lady that has been taking care of him said “he knows something is up!” ¬†That may have been true but I have never known him to act so stupid before I moved him or took him to a show, and especially not when I tried to put him in cross-ties (a way to tie the horse up in the middle of the aisle so you can still move around them). ¬†He threw a fit, wouldn’t stand still, and wouldn’t let me wrap his legs. ¬†It took F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get his leg wraps on because he kept fidgeting and picking up his feet. ¬†He even stepped on Andrew! ¬†Once we got everything packed into the trailer and Owen secured in his spot in the trailer, he was perfectly fine. ¬†Figures,right?

My mom, dad, Dayzee, Gwen, Andrew and I were all packed into the truck on the ferry when my mom decided it was lunch time. ¬†I got my¬†sandwich¬†and ate it while Dayzee drooled all over me, so being the good “sister” that I am, she got to eat my crusts. ¬†My mom handed a sandwich to Andrew, who just so happened to have the Corgi on his lap…Gwen jumped up and latched onto that “ham samich” so quick and held on, refusing to let go!!! ¬†Andrew had to pry her mouth open to rescue his lunch! ¬†He handed it back to my mom until I was done so I could hold the sandwich thief so he could eat in peace! ¬†I wish I could’ve gotten a picture or a video of that because it was priceless!

Gwen and Dayzee sat in the house while my parents helped us for a few hours set up our new house and clean. ¬†At one point I tied Gwen’s leash to Dayzee to keep her from wandering out the door when we were going in and out. ¬†That worked for awhile until Dayzee (she weighs around 90 lbs.) got up and walked away…Gwen had been sitting down and she ended up being slid dragged across the floor on her rear. ¬†Dayzee didn’t care at all of course but poor Gwen looked so confused! ¬†(Not to worry, we rescued her.)

My parents took Gwen home with them for a few more days of spoiling before she was returned to us.  When we did get her back she stunk to high heaven so I took her to PetCo to get a bath.  Now she smells better.  The downside to having legs that are only 6 inches long is that you pick up all those nasty smells on the beach and outside.

On the ferry ride back to the Island, Gwen was zonked out in the front seat with my mom holding her…




Rain, rain, go away!

My new pink raincoat!

Hi Everypawdy!  

My momma has been a bad hooman and hasn’t been updating my bloggy like she should very often lately! ¬†So I decided to take matters into my own paws today. ¬†

It is raining. ¬†I don’t like the rain too much, it’s all wet and puddley. ¬†I like playing in puddles but I don’t like the rain falling on my ears. ¬†Momma got this thing called an “ummm-brella” out today. ¬†I’ve never seen it before. ¬†I barked at it and ran away. ¬†It followed us out into the yard! ¬†I did my business and ran back inside where that umbrella couldn’t get me. ¬†Oh! My momma did get me my very own raincoat! ¬†It’s a little short and my ears make it so the hood doesn’t fit right. ¬†Nothing¬†ever fits a corgi properly! ¬†Maybe I should go into fashion designs and design some proper corgi clothes! ¬†I’d need to hire a bunch of human minions slaves workers to make all my clothes since I don’t have thumbs and my hoomans would fail me I am sure.

My stoopid Romba “friend” ate my favorite leash the other day. ¬†That is NOT what friends do!!! ¬†Luckily da hoomans were able to rescue my leash. ¬†The thingie that held my leashes fell and that’s how the roomba got my leash. ¬†I was in my box at the time otherwise I’m sure I would have rescued it! ¬†See, here is a picture:

Oh, today is Nicky’s 17th birthday! ¬†Nick was my momma’s last gigantic¬†beast horse. ¬†She sold him a few years ago and bought Owen. ¬†I don’t know what horses are yet but I guess my momma has one? ¬†She says I will get to see him very soon. ¬†Nicky was a handful but taught the momma a lot of things and made her a better rider.

This was at Fair in ’06 when they won the Showmanship Belt Buckle!!!

Nicky eating tall grass in the ditch.

2012 to 2013 — A Whirlwind Year

Awhile back I said that I was working on a mini-project of sorts.  It was in the spirit of New Years and the idea of Resolutions and Reflecting on the past year.  Well here it is.  Starting off, I want to say that 2012 had to be THE BIGGEST year for me by far.  So here goes!

In 2012 I was living alone and finishing up at school in WA while Andrew was in Naval Nuclear Power School in Charelston, SC.  He commissioned in May 2011 and moved out to SC shortly afterwards.  This just gives you an idea of where we were for at least the first half of the year.

In February Andrew graduated from Power School and we (me & my parents) made the trip out for his graduation. ¬†His parents and grandparents were also there. ¬†Honestly, it was too many people for me. ¬†I’m not a big crowds kind of person since crowds or other large groups just¬†frustrate¬†the hell out of me.

Us with Toni (I named his car Toni, as in Toni the Tigress).

Us with my parents.

The last two semesters I had a WSU were my best! ¬†I had full course loads (18 cr.) and I was riding my horse almost everyday and I also did a boxing class (Pink Gloves Boxing) at the Rec my last¬†semester¬†in the mornings. ¬†As well as Swing and Tennis. ¬†I got in shape for the wedding the fun way — by playing instead of actually working out! ¬†Well, boxing was a work out but I loved it! ¬†So in my last semester at WSU I accomplished the following things:

РApril:  I got my pink wraps in PGB.  (Big accomplishment.)

– April: ¬†My friend, Nat, and I got our horses into the pond! ¬†Neither had been in water like that before! ¬†We also got them into puddles! ¬†One thing you must know is that there are quite a lot of horses that will avoid having to walk thru puddles at all costs…horses are really just big chickens…

Blowing bubbles…he is a big dork.

– April: ¬†I did my first jumping show with Owen! ¬†Nat competed on Ika (the grey horse), it was their first jumping show together too. ¬†Both of us have prior experience jumping but our 11 y.o. horses had not. ¬†We had our issues but nothing that didn’t make me proud of Owen. ūüôā

April 27:  Gwen was born!

– May: ¬†I graduated college! ¬†Got my BA in History with a double major in Spanish. ¬†Don’t ask me what I want to do with them, I don’t know. ¬†I just know that I do not want to be a teacher.

Pictures downtown with one of the mascot statues.

With my parents at my Graduation.

After Graduation is was busy, busy, busy getting ready for the wedding!

June 2:  Andrew & I got married!   We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon.

After we returned we packed my truck up and headed cross country.  We moved me to SC in about 6 days.  I got to see Gwen for the first time on the way and a week later she officially joined our family!

Gwen at 8 wks. First time I got to see her!

8 wks

A bunch of Gwennie milestones and things were reached as she grew so I won’t put those here, just know that they also made this year a big one watching her play, grow, and learn.

– August 4: ¬†My God-Sister got married! ¬†I flew back home for her wedding. ūüôā

Yes, I wore my wedding colors to her wedding. ūüôā

РAugust:  Gwen started puppy classes!  Andrew also started the next stage in his schooling for the Navy.

– October: ¬†Puppy’s First Howl-o-ween! ¬†She wasn’t too thrilled about being dressed up, I don’t think.

– November: ¬†Trip to Atlanta to visit cousins and their Cardi for Thanksgiving. ¬†Such a fun trip! ¬†I am glad we were able to go! ūüôā

– December: ¬†Puppy’s First Christmas! ¬†And our first Christmas as a married couple and on the opposite side of the country from our family.

Our year was a very busy, active, and happy one but it should also be noted that we had our own share of heartbreak this year. ¬†My Grandpa (mom’s dad) passed away before Christmas and my Grandma Fluffy (dad’s mom) passed away after Christmas. ¬†Moving away from everyone and everything I know and leaving my horse back at home was also quite hard for me. ¬†With all of this we got through and I will always remember 2012 as the year the world did not end¬†of milestones and memories.


A random picture from our wedding! ¬†I posted this for our Corgi blogger friend and fellow Navy wife, Corgi Mom,¬†since I mentioned my shoes in a comment to her. ¬†ūüôā

I love orange! ¬† Surprisingly enough my favorite color remains blue, as it has for many years. ¬†Our wedding colors were blue and orange. ¬†We got teased about this since they are Boise State colors and the husband went to the University of Idaho. ¬†I love blue and orange together! ¬†My best friend’s sister got married a year or so ago and she had these colors and I loved them! ¬†I wasn’t copying her even though I also borrowed some flowers from her. ¬†Blue & orange¬†are my horse’s colors. ¬†It was my way of making sure that Owen, my horse, could be a part of the wedding even when he could not actually be there.

You may think it is silly to want my horse to be a part of my wedding, but if you think about it, would you want your dog to be a part of your wedding? ¬†I say this assuming you’re dog is like your baby. ¬†Some people want them to be while others don’t. ¬†All personal preference. ¬†A horse at the wedding would have been a nightmare! ¬†No pun intended. ¬†Also, my mom vetoed allowing Dayzee (my “sister”) to be in the wedding….

If we had Gwen at the time I would have wanted her to be a part of it somehow.  Or at least there for the pictures!  Having Owen there would have made things difficult and I would have wanted to stay with him rather than mingle with guests.  That shows a bit of my personality, I guess.

As I type this, Gwen is sitting with her head resting on my arm. ¬†She has also been a real pain, putting her head on the keyboard, placing toys and paws on the keyboard, and in general trying to get me to play with her. ¬†When I do give in and play she tries to bite. ¬†She must know what I just said because she just walked away…. ¬†Gwen has been very cuddly lately. ¬†She even let me take her to bed last night. ¬†She stayed with me, biting my toes through the blanket, until Andrew got home. ¬†It gets kinda lonely out here and I’ve been homesick lately. ¬†I think she knows and is trying to make me feel better.

It has rained all day so Miss Corgipants has been stuck inside all day!  I wish we could have gone on a walk.  She has so much energy!

Visiting Home – Part 2

I have had a happy visit back home. ¬†It has been¬†extremely¬†busy but also enjoyable. ¬†I got to see my parents, my horse, my dog (Dayzee), friends and family. ¬†I sure am going to miss this house once my parents officially move out. ¬†I know I moved out “officially” during the summer but to me I don’t think it was quite official since I still have furniture set up in my bedroom and stuff tucked away in all the drawers. ¬†Now my room looks like a tornado went through it and deposited some boxes here and there and dumped everything else on every other¬†available¬†surface. ¬†It will all be over with (for me at least) tonight [Saturday]¬†when I pack my bags and go to sleep in my bedroom one last time in this house. ¬†It is a sad thought to say the least. ¬†I really like this house.

*    *    *    *   *

Next week is my birthday but since I will not be here for it, we celebrated it a week early! ¬†We had a nice dinner [on Thursday] with my grandparents of ham, homemade apple sauce (sans cinnamon — apparently this is a big deal?), cheesy hashbrowns, and cupcakes! ¬†That was the best cupcake I have had in a long time! ¬†It was the perfect size (big) with not too much or not too little frosting. ¬†I had a good time and I showed my grandparents tons of pictures of Gwen!

I got to pick out my presents Thursday too. ¬†We went to Coastal (huge farm & ranch store) where I got to pick out a new blanket for my horse (he was needing one…) and then we headed over to Petsmart to get some new decorations for my fish tank. ¬†My tank is 40 gallons and I have 3 catfish (and a bunch of little schooling fish too). ¬†A Plecostomus (Brutus), a Golden Chinese Algae Eater (Mushu), and a Striped Raphael Catfish (Ralph). ¬†These 3 fish have gotten huge and they all share the same castle since the other hiding spots are kind of small for them now. ¬†So I got a new hiding rock for them! ¬†I had intended on taking a before picture but forgot so there is only an after shot…it looks like I went crazy with plants now, I think….

“Does this blanket make my butt look fat?”

The NEW blanket! Such masculine colors!

Looks like I went a little crazy with the plants.

I got to hang out with a couple of my best friends while I was back home. ¬†One has been my best friend since 4th grade and the other is my god-sister! ¬†(My parents are her godparents.) ¬†It was great catching up with these two. ¬†ūüôā ¬†One thing I miss about home is that I don’t have any real friends in SC.

Today (Saturday), I did my good-bye rounds.  I find those are always very difficult.  I hate saying good-bye and I hate having to do it on a time schedule.  I started with Owen and the people taking care of him.  Next I went and saw a family friend who has been sick lately and gave his horses treats.  He and his wife have been like family to me and have done so much for me with the horses.  (They offered me one of their horses to ride and show when my own injured himself in my last year of 4-H.)  And last but not least I went and had dinner with my grandparents.  I hate saying good-bye but I know that I have to go back.  SC is my home (for now at least) and I must return to it, my dog, and my husband.

Good-bye bedroom.  Good-bye large yard, awesome view, and quiet neighborhood.  Good-bye Kitties buried in the yard. Good-bye house.  I will miss you.  You will always be the house I grew up in.

**Yes, I know the days of the week.  I just did not get around to getting this posted until quite late.  Shame on me, I know.