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Gwen is 2 years old!

I can’t believe how time has flown by!  Little miss Gwendolyn is 2 years old! (On Sunday the 27th.)  Yes, I missed making a birthday post BUT now I have pictures from her birthday to post. 🙂

We spent the entire day with Gwen!  We took her to the dog park where she played with her fluffy Malamute puppy friend, Zodiak, (he’s 3 months old!), she met a giant Wolfhound, and we even went on a walk on the trails around the dog park.  Afterwards we went to the local pet boutique shop where she got two fancy birthday cookies and a ropey crab toy.  Gwen was quite pleased with the outcome of her day!  The humans did everything she wanted to for once!


Pictures from Gwen's birthday!

Pictures from Gwen’s birthday!

CLICK HERE to check out the bloggy post from Gwen’s 1st Birthday!!

I also cannot believe we have been back up in Washington for an entire year already!  Last year we celebrated Gwen’s birthday at my parents’ house and then received our keys to our house on May 1st.  A lot sure has happened in one year!



Where Did November Go?

November was a rough month.  It also happened to be my birthday month!  In my family we tend to “celebrate” the whole month…”we” being my dad and I since my mom does not believe in this tradition.  I apparently did not post a single thing on the blog in November!  Nor did I read/finish a single book! *gasp!*  This year I have been keeping track of the books I’ve read (title, author, page amount) for each month in different colors of course.

Gwen reminded me the other day that she would like to update her bloggy.  I said okay.  Especially since it is Christmas time (Read:  Time to take lots of Christmasy pictures of Gwen!)


Happy Belated Bday to da momma hoomin!
-Love Gwennie (the not amused balloon bringing Corga)


Okay, please get these balloonies off my collar now!

X is for X-cellent Day — Y is for Yappy

Today we will start backwards and do the Letter Y first!

Y is for Yappy.

No, Corgis are not to be considered “yappy dogs” but Gwen sure has been yappy lately!  Just as I type this, someone dropped something on the other side of the house and Gwen tore off in that direction barking an alarm.  Gwen has decided that since she is currently homeless she is going to bark whenever and wherever she feels like it…whether it be in a hotel room, inside, outside, in the car, or in whatever house we are currently standing inside…ugh!  It seems to be getting a little better now except for the fact that she keeps seeing things (mainly people and birds) out the window and feels the need to bark at them.  She never had that opportunity when we were in Charleston since we didn’t have windows low enough for her.

My grandparents and my parents both have sliding doors which provide prime guard-dog views.  She loves sitting there and watching outside!  She follows everyone around and has been a very good girl (minus the barking) at all the places we have been.  Today will be our (the humans) first night in our new house while Gwen stays with my parents for a couple of days.

X is for X-cellent Day

The day for the letter X just so happened to fall on Gwen’s birthday!  Which also happened to be my hometown’s heritage day parade.  My hometown has some big Dutch roots so the last weekend of April is Holland Happening, where they have a big parade, carnival, and street fair.  We all went to the parade (without the dogs).  We had a fun time, got some lunch and saw friends and family.

After all the festivities, we had dinner at home with my mom and dad and my “sister,” Dayzee.  Gwen got to meet her Aunty Dayzee and they got along just fine.  Last night they even played!  Well, as much as a young Corgi and an older Lab with a bum leg can.  Dayzee would bark at Gwen when Gwen would run by her, it was the most we’d heard Dayzee bark in such a long time!  It was really kind of cute. 🙂

Since it was Gwen’s Barkday Pawty (Birthday Party) we got some hats to put on the dogs and a “Happy 1st Birthday” banner that we hung up in the kitchen.  Dayzee was a good sport about wearing the hat and the beads that we got at the parade.  Gwen…well let’s just say that one hat just was not enough…

Aunty Dayzee Mae

Gwyndolyn Rose — 1st Birthday

One hat would slide over to one ear so we put two on her.  I mean, she already had 2 party hats (ears)!  She had one stuck on her rear at one point too, actually looked like she had a tail for once!

The humans got pie for dessert, Dayzee licked all the bowls clean and Gwen got a tiny piece of pie crust (she’s not allowed to have human food) as her “spercial treat.”

Frappy 1st Barkday, Gwen!  Hope you liked your Barkday Pawty!

Wow!  Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of the A-to-Z Challenge!  I can’t believe it!

Pi Day!

Today is Pi Day!


Do you know what else today is?

It’s Andrew’s Birthday!!!!

Of the famous people born on this day, Albert Einstein has to be the most iconic and ironic.  Quite fitting since he was a Physicist

Einstein’s birthday is also today, so it is fitting that the genius kid was born on Pi day.  I know it is super nerdy, but he is definitely a huge nerd!  Chemistry major…minored in Math before switching to History (easier)…Now he is a Nuke in the Navy  (think Nuclear Engineer.)  If you knew him you would definitely agree!

When I was looking up famous people born on this day, I found Aamir Khan.  He is one of our favorite Bollywood actors!  He was in 3 Idiots which is both of our favorite Bollywood movies!


I baked him a mincemeat pie last night for today and even put the Pi symbol in the top of it. *pats self on back* 🙂

Stitch is his favorite. 🙂

Rain, rain, go away!

My new pink raincoat!

Hi Everypawdy!  

My momma has been a bad hooman and hasn’t been updating my bloggy like she should very often lately!  So I decided to take matters into my own paws today.  

It is raining.  I don’t like the rain too much, it’s all wet and puddley.  I like playing in puddles but I don’t like the rain falling on my ears.  Momma got this thing called an “ummm-brella” out today.  I’ve never seen it before.  I barked at it and ran away.  It followed us out into the yard!  I did my business and ran back inside where that umbrella couldn’t get me.  Oh! My momma did get me my very own raincoat!  It’s a little short and my ears make it so the hood doesn’t fit right.  Nothing ever fits a corgi properly!  Maybe I should go into fashion designs and design some proper corgi clothes!  I’d need to hire a bunch of human minions slaves workers to make all my clothes since I don’t have thumbs and my hoomans would fail me I am sure.

My stoopid Romba “friend” ate my favorite leash the other day.  That is NOT what friends do!!!  Luckily da hoomans were able to rescue my leash.  The thingie that held my leashes fell and that’s how the roomba got my leash.  I was in my box at the time otherwise I’m sure I would have rescued it!  See, here is a picture:

Oh, today is Nicky’s 17th birthday!  Nick was my momma’s last gigantic beast horse.  She sold him a few years ago and bought Owen.  I don’t know what horses are yet but I guess my momma has one?  She says I will get to see him very soon.  Nicky was a handful but taught the momma a lot of things and made her a better rider.

This was at Fair in ’06 when they won the Showmanship Belt Buckle!!!

Nicky eating tall grass in the ditch.

Happy Turkey Day

We are riding in the car to visit cousins for thanksgiving! The hoomans are making me ride in the backseat in my crate. I don’t like it. They say the drive is like five hours and they don’t want to hold me for that long. Silly hoomans don’t know what they are talking about! I stole the hoomans telly phone to make this bloggy post. The hoomans say that the GPS and the phone GPS don’t agree…I wonder if they are going to get lost. I am a corgi so I never get lost. Today is momma hooman’s birthday too! Frappy Birthday! 🙂 and frappy thanksgiving!
The hoomans told me I get to meet another corgi today too!


Nervous puppy

Visiting Home – Part 2

I have had a happy visit back home.  It has been extremely busy but also enjoyable.  I got to see my parents, my horse, my dog (Dayzee), friends and family.  I sure am going to miss this house once my parents officially move out.  I know I moved out “officially” during the summer but to me I don’t think it was quite official since I still have furniture set up in my bedroom and stuff tucked away in all the drawers.  Now my room looks like a tornado went through it and deposited some boxes here and there and dumped everything else on every other available surface.  It will all be over with (for me at least) tonight [Saturday] when I pack my bags and go to sleep in my bedroom one last time in this house.  It is a sad thought to say the least.  I really like this house.

*    *    *    *   *

Next week is my birthday but since I will not be here for it, we celebrated it a week early!  We had a nice dinner [on Thursday] with my grandparents of ham, homemade apple sauce (sans cinnamon — apparently this is a big deal?), cheesy hashbrowns, and cupcakes!  That was the best cupcake I have had in a long time!  It was the perfect size (big) with not too much or not too little frosting.  I had a good time and I showed my grandparents tons of pictures of Gwen!

I got to pick out my presents Thursday too.  We went to Coastal (huge farm & ranch store) where I got to pick out a new blanket for my horse (he was needing one…) and then we headed over to Petsmart to get some new decorations for my fish tank.  My tank is 40 gallons and I have 3 catfish (and a bunch of little schooling fish too).  A Plecostomus (Brutus), a Golden Chinese Algae Eater (Mushu), and a Striped Raphael Catfish (Ralph).  These 3 fish have gotten huge and they all share the same castle since the other hiding spots are kind of small for them now.  So I got a new hiding rock for them!  I had intended on taking a before picture but forgot so there is only an after shot…it looks like I went crazy with plants now, I think….

“Does this blanket make my butt look fat?”

The NEW blanket! Such masculine colors!

Looks like I went a little crazy with the plants.

I got to hang out with a couple of my best friends while I was back home.  One has been my best friend since 4th grade and the other is my god-sister!  (My parents are her godparents.)  It was great catching up with these two.  🙂  One thing I miss about home is that I don’t have any real friends in SC.

Today (Saturday), I did my good-bye rounds.  I find those are always very difficult.  I hate saying good-bye and I hate having to do it on a time schedule.  I started with Owen and the people taking care of him.  Next I went and saw a family friend who has been sick lately and gave his horses treats.  He and his wife have been like family to me and have done so much for me with the horses.  (They offered me one of their horses to ride and show when my own injured himself in my last year of 4-H.)  And last but not least I went and had dinner with my grandparents.  I hate saying good-bye but I know that I have to go back.  SC is my home (for now at least) and I must return to it, my dog, and my husband.

Good-bye bedroom.  Good-bye large yard, awesome view, and quiet neighborhood.  Good-bye Kitties buried in the yard. Good-bye house.  I will miss you.  You will always be the house I grew up in.

**Yes, I know the days of the week.  I just did not get around to getting this posted until quite late.  Shame on me, I know.