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Corgi Photo Challenge! & da Humans’ Anniversary!


Since I didn’t have my laptop with me this weekend I was unable to start on the 1st of the month.  So I will do numbers 1,2, and 3 today!

1.  Your First Corgi:

The day that we brought Gwen home!

2.  A Famous Corgi:

The Queen’s Corgis from the Olympic opening!

3.  Your Favorite Corgi Related Product:


“You made me get out of my bed for this?!”

If you have a Corgi(s) or just love Corgis feel free to join in the Corgi Photo Challenge or follow along! 🙂

Humanoid Update:

Yesterday was our 1 year Wedding Anniversary!  It is hard to believe that we have been married for a whole year!  Last year was quite the year for changes and big steps in life; a whirlwind year, jumping from one big stepping stone to another.

Before my husband left he arranged to have a couple of bouquets of flowers delivered; one was shortly after he left (100 blooms of Peruvian Lillies!) and the other was for our anniversary (a dozen red roses).  Of course I could not pass up such an opportunity to take a picture of Gwendolyn Rose with some roses!  So here is a picture of the day they arrived and Gwen:

They are just so pretty right now I can’t help but add another picture!


This picture doesn’t do them justice, I think it’s the light, but they are looking good and I just wanted to share. 🙂

A quick note on the “Glorified Penpal.”  In an email I told my husband about the phrase I coined for him.  He thought it was funny because in the next email I received from him he signed it “Love, Your Glorified Penpal.”  🙂



A random picture from our wedding!  I posted this for our Corgi blogger friend and fellow Navy wife, Corgi Mom, since I mentioned my shoes in a comment to her.  🙂

I love orange!   Surprisingly enough my favorite color remains blue, as it has for many years.  Our wedding colors were blue and orange.  We got teased about this since they are Boise State colors and the husband went to the University of Idaho.  I love blue and orange together!  My best friend’s sister got married a year or so ago and she had these colors and I loved them!  I wasn’t copying her even though I also borrowed some flowers from her.  Blue & orange are my horse’s colors.  It was my way of making sure that Owen, my horse, could be a part of the wedding even when he could not actually be there.

You may think it is silly to want my horse to be a part of my wedding, but if you think about it, would you want your dog to be a part of your wedding?  I say this assuming you’re dog is like your baby.  Some people want them to be while others don’t.  All personal preference.  A horse at the wedding would have been a nightmare!  No pun intended.  Also, my mom vetoed allowing Dayzee (my “sister”) to be in the wedding….

If we had Gwen at the time I would have wanted her to be a part of it somehow.  Or at least there for the pictures!  Having Owen there would have made things difficult and I would have wanted to stay with him rather than mingle with guests.  That shows a bit of my personality, I guess.

As I type this, Gwen is sitting with her head resting on my arm.  She has also been a real pain, putting her head on the keyboard, placing toys and paws on the keyboard, and in general trying to get me to play with her.  When I do give in and play she tries to bite.  She must know what I just said because she just walked away….  Gwen has been very cuddly lately.  She even let me take her to bed last night.  She stayed with me, biting my toes through the blanket, until Andrew got home.  It gets kinda lonely out here and I’ve been homesick lately.  I think she knows and is trying to make me feel better.

It has rained all day so Miss Corgipants has been stuck inside all day!  I wish we could have gone on a walk.  She has so much energy!