The purpose here for this new blog is to share with family and friends our experiences as first time Corgi puppy owners.  Andrew and I (Elizabeth) are new to the Corgi world and puppy world.  I have had a puppy before but she was 6 months old when we got her, not 8 weeks!  Our puppy is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Gwyndolyn Rose or “Gwen” for short.

The motivation behind starting this project was a suggestion from my dad to record all of the little things that Gwen does that either are funny or annoying and anywhere in between.  I started to copy things down with paper and pen but then thought “how can I share these with my parents still?”  Then it hit me one day while on Facebook when I saw link to a friend’s blog that she is keeping to chronicle her pregnancy.  I thought, “what a great idea!” and the idea of the gwendolynrose project was born!


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  1. Hi. We also got our corgi from ther same place in 2010. Do you have new contact info for fairwyn because their website no longer works and we would really like to contact her.

    • Hi, I do not know if she has any new contact information. I tried to email her awhile back to send her some pictures and give an update on Gwen but I never heard back. My husband also noticed that her webpage was longer up. We figured maybe she was just getting out of the breeding business or something. I have her email address that I could pass along if you’re looking to contact Connie.

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