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The Definition of Insanity

Just recently I bought this ball for Gwen that lights up.  The ball itself is clear with another ball on the inside that when it shakes, bounces, or otherwise gets jostled, it lights up!  I bought the blue one after work one day and then a few days later I decided I’d get the green one too!  The were on clearance at our store for $4, originally priced for 9 or 10 bucks I think, but with my employee discount it was only a couple bucks, hence the second purchase.  At first I wasn’t sure if Gwen would like this toy or not but I figured it would keep me entertained for awhile anyways.  I was excited to show it to Andrew and so we threw it around for a little while and that, of course, made Gwen want it for herself.  So we started to throw it for her and she loved it!  I don’t know why she did, but she did!  It was hilarious to watch her standing there with blue and red lights blinking/shining out of her mouth.  I wish I could get a picture but sadly I couldn’t get a good one, she just wanted to play!

I also bought her another toy that was also on clearance for $4, great deal considering it had originally been twenty-something dollars!  It was a little dog house with little squeaker doggies inside it that she was supposed to pull out and play with.  She shook it to death until the doggies were flung out of the holes.  All week she has been killing those little doggies, slowly ripping of ears, noses and what minimal stuffing they had inside them.  I don’t like to encourage the destruction of her soft toys but it is difficult to do.  We take away her toys when she starts mutilating them and give them back to her later, so far it has made them (minus the squeakers) last a little longer.  We have now become a stuffingless house since I/we have gotten so tired of picking up stuffed animal guts.

We have been working on Snapper’s snappiness when taking treats and also her extreme protectiveness of her high-value treats (bully sticks & rawhides).  She has started to get really snappy and growly when you go to take them away.  She got my hand once but didn’t draw any blood.  We’d been doing the spray bottle thing, spraying her when she’d snap or snarl, and all that did was piss her off more.  So I decided to seek professional help.  I asked one of our dog trainers at work what I could do about Gwen, explaining what she did and when (only with bullys or rawhides) and told her how we weren’t getting anywhere.  What she told me was to get some tasty treats and work on drop-it & leave-it with her.  Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?!  Such a simple answer/solution to the problem!  I think I didn’t think of that because it was funny to watch her snarl and watch her get pissed off for getting sprayed in the face.  Oh, and Miss Snarly Gremlin would open her mouth for the water!  She figured out when you trigger, the thing would be shooting out water!  Last night she was PERFECT!  No snarling, no snapping, I could throw the bully stick and tell her to wait, put it in front of her, tell her to leave-it, and drop-it!  Sometimes you just need an outsider’s view or advice to solve a problem.  Please refer to the Einstein quote….

All said and done Gwen is a great little dog and would never hurt anyone on purpose unless that person was trying to hurt her hoomans.  She is very protective of us.  Nobody can hug anyone with her around because she will bark her little head off if you try.  Apparently hugging is seen as aggression and she will not tolerate it.  So long as we have cookies in hand we should not have to deal with the ugly snarl monster for awhile, and hopefully in the future we will be able to tell her to drop it (the bully stick) and not have any back sass or snarls!  I can see it as a real possibility.


Dear Santa Clawz…


Dear Santa Clawz,

My hoomans told me about you. You are big and have a chubby belly. My hoomans say I have a chubby belly. But I am not fat. Just a short corgi puppy with no tail.  My name is Gwen.  I am almost 8 months old!  My hoomas say that they are taking me to see you on Saturday.  Please don’t use your claws on me!!!

The hoomans say that you bring presents if I am a nice corgi and that naughty corgis get yucky things for Christmas.  I don’t quite understand Christmas yet.  Alls I knows is that there is a giant intruder with sparkely lights and boxes under it in my house.  I like to chew on the boxes but mommy and daddy don’t like that.

Here is my list of things I really, really wants!

  • Antlers!  — I will eat magic ones from your reindeers please!
  • some squeaky tennis balls
  • treats, treats, treats!
  • A puzzle toy  — mommy & daddy said this would be good for my brains!
  • Floppy frisbees since I chewed up my other ones. 😦
  • Kong squeaky stick like we gave to our Corgi friend
  • Stuffed animal squeaker toy  — I like to rip out its guts!
  • A new pretty collar.  Maybe a blingy one?  Pleeeease?  I like to be a stylish corgi!

Please bring my mommy and daddy lots of prezzies too!  They’ve been good!  They walk me and feed me and give me lots of tweats  and take me to the park and take me shopping give me water tortures only sometimes!  They iz good hoomans!!!  I promise!

Love,   Gwen

P.S.  The hoomans said to say,  “All I want for Christmas are some Orders, please!”  They said it’s like that song “All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth!”  And that you are supposed to sing it when you reads it.  The silly hoomans want to know where we are going to move to and we are still waiting patiently!  Or they are.  I gave up.  I think we will live in this little box forever.