Dear Santa Clawz…


Dear Santa Clawz,

My hoomans told me about you. You are big and have a chubby belly. My hoomans say I have a chubby belly. But I am not fat. Just a short corgi puppy with no tail.  My name is Gwen.  I am almost 8 months old!  My hoomas say that they are taking me to see you on Saturday.  Please don’t use your claws on me!!!

The hoomans say that you bring presents if I am a nice corgi and that naughty corgis get yucky things for Christmas.  I don’t quite understand Christmas yet.  Alls I knows is that there is a giant intruder with sparkely lights and boxes under it in my house.  I like to chew on the boxes but mommy and daddy don’t like that.

Here is my list of things I really, really wants!

  • Antlers!  — I will eat magic ones from your reindeers please!
  • some squeaky tennis balls
  • treats, treats, treats!
  • A puzzle toy  — mommy & daddy said this would be good for my brains!
  • Floppy frisbees since I chewed up my other ones. 😦
  • Kong squeaky stick like we gave to our Corgi friend
  • Stuffed animal squeaker toy  — I like to rip out its guts!
  • A new pretty collar.  Maybe a blingy one?  Pleeeease?  I like to be a stylish corgi!

Please bring my mommy and daddy lots of prezzies too!  They’ve been good!  They walk me and feed me and give me lots of tweats  and take me to the park and take me shopping give me water tortures only sometimes!  They iz good hoomans!!!  I promise!

Love,   Gwen

P.S.  The hoomans said to say,  “All I want for Christmas are some Orders, please!”  They said it’s like that song “All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth!”  And that you are supposed to sing it when you reads it.  The silly hoomans want to know where we are going to move to and we are still waiting patiently!  Or they are.  I gave up.  I think we will live in this little box forever.



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