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Conked out Corgi!

Gwen and I were fortunate enough to be able to go visit my parents for the long weekend.  I slept on an air mattress and Gwen slept wherever she felt like it — mainly in or under my parents’ bed.  She also likes getting into the house plants…meaning pulling leaves off, dragging dirt out, and in one instance getting on top of the coffee table and dragged the moss and dirt out of the pot…  She is such a little pest!

Dayzee & Gwen in their patriotic “scarves”

Gwen played with her Auntie Dayzee all weekend and also went for walks on the beach every morning, needless to say she was one tired Corgi when we headed home earlier today!  While we were riding on the ferry I snapped a couple pictures of my conked out corgi.  🙂

Someone was so tired that they curled up into a ball…I didn’t know that Corgis could scrunch up that small!  After a little while she ended up sprawled out on the floor where she rode the whole way home.  She really makes a good travel buddy. 🙂



Happy Turkey Day

We are riding in the car to visit cousins for thanksgiving! The hoomans are making me ride in the backseat in my crate. I don’t like it. They say the drive is like five hours and they don’t want to hold me for that long. Silly hoomans don’t know what they are talking about! I stole the hoomans telly phone to make this bloggy post. The hoomans say that the GPS and the phone GPS don’t agree…I wonder if they are going to get lost. I am a corgi so I never get lost. Today is momma hooman’s birthday too! Frappy Birthday! 🙂 and frappy thanksgiving!
The hoomans told me I get to meet another corgi today too!


Nervous puppy