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PNW Corgi Picnic 2014: The Waterlogged Corgi

Last year we missed the corgi picnic but we made it this year! There were over 150+ people who RSVP’d and brought their corgis.  Can you even imagine what it is like to have 150+ corgis in one spot at one time?!  Corgi chaos and it is amazing!  Think of all the little low rider, herding critters bark-a-larking (that’s what we call it in our house) around a huge fenced area while their humans mull about trying to capture photos and converse over the loud barking of their little beloved Corgis.  That is what it was like in a nutshell. 🙂


The picnic is held every year at a private home in Woodinville, WA.  It is a get-together for Corgis and their corgi-fanatic uprights (humans) as well as a fundraiser for CorgiAid, Inc., a financial organization that raises money to help out corgis in need.  Over $2000 was raised in donations alone! This year was the first year of the event being catered by the Dogfather Catering out of Woodinville.  What a perfect name!

This beauty is Dagmar and belongs to the hosts. I suppose this would be one of the hosting corgis! ;)

This beauty is Dagmar and belongs to the hosts. I suppose this would be one of the hosting corgis! 😉

This was Fitz’s first official corgi outing and he had a blast!  Gwen mingled and made friends but Fitz, he gathered a following!  Fitzy is OBSESSED with water.  I can’t water the flowers, let alone turn on a hose, with him around.  He goes nuts and barks and bites at the water.  When the pool is full he goes in and won’t jump out til you make him.  It was no different at the picnic since there were two little kiddie pools set up for corgi enjoyment.

Gwen in the pool before "little brudder" took over...

Gwen in the pool before “little brudder” took over…


Photo by Elizabeth Roth. Fitz in the pool.  I love this shot!

Photo by Elizabeth Roth. Fitz in the pool. I love this shot!

Fitzy and his water buddy

Fitzy and his water buddy

The "ferocious" water corgi-beast!

The “ferocious” water corgi-beast!

Every bit the gentleman!

Every bit the gentleman!


Fitz likes to try to steal the show.  While he was being a goof in the pool Gwen was schmoozing the humans with her Pink Lady friends.  I tried to pick a fabric that was bright and pretty so I could find her in the pack and it turned out some others had similar ideas!  I thought the fluffy to Gwen’s right was one of the prettiest there.  Look at that fluff!

The Pink Ladies

The Pink Ladies



Fluffy corgi pants!

Fluffy corgi pants!

And lest we forget the Corgi Jail!  Yes, there were a couple of pens set up in case any corgis were naughty or needed a time out.  At one point there were over 10 corgs in jail!  A few were youngsters that were in there just taking a nap, but it did offer them a nice little refuge from all the mayhem.  Though there were some who refused to stay in the pokey…I witnessed a Cardi hop out of jail!




Gwen and Fitz made a bunch of friends!  We even met some of the local celebreties, Sherlock for example!


We also met Devyn but did not realize it was her until afterwards!  Devyn, if you recall, is the Corgi that I think looks like Gwen’s twin!

Gwen, Bella, and Cappy

Gwen, Bella, and Cappy



The event was so big that it even received coverage from the local news station!  Here is the link to that! Try to find Gwen and Fitz, they’re there! 🙂

I also recommend checking out the write up on Devyn the Corgi’s blog page about the Picnic!  She did an awesome write up with some awesome pictures.  Of course there is an absolutely adorable one of Fitzy in there that you should check out. 🙂  Here is the link to that one.

And last but not least is the “Official” page detailing the picnic and how you can get on the email list to be reminded of next year’s picnic if you are looking to attend!  Here is the link for the 2014 Picnic aftermath (photos, etc.).  I am also including the link to the Corgwyn website as I believe you should check out that for the full low-down (pun indended!) on the picnics, past and future. 🙂

If you are in the Seattle area or Western Washington and are looking for a great way to meet up with other corgi owners or looking for other fun events like this one, you may want to checkout and join the Corgis-R-Us meet up group on meetup.com.  There may even be meet up groups in your area, who knows!



Best of all, we made new friends!  We are looking forward to next year and are so very grateful to Leo and Kathy and their Corgis to opening up their home for such a great event!


All photos are property of Elizabeth Roth.  You may share these but please give credit to the photographer.

AKC Canine Good Citizen CERTIFIED!!!

One might think that since I have had a husband-free summer that I would have been blogging more so he could read all the fun things that Gwen, Owen, and I did while he was away but of course that would just make too much sense.

Back at the end of August there was a Corgi meet up in Renton, WA (about an hour and a half from where we live) that Gwen and I went to.  The plan had been that Andrew would be able to go with us but this last deployment having received so many unexpected changes he was unable to go, let alone come home!  Gwen and I packed up the car and headed to the Corgi event!

We had so much fun there!  They had some raffles (two of which we won!), I bought a bunch of corgi paraphernalia (obviously!), we ate hot dogs and cookies, there were games to play, a costume contest (I wasn’t paying attention so I missed entering Gwen), an agility course demonstration, a rally demonstration, and a tent where you could to the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test!  We watched the demonstrations, got to run through the agility course (she went thru the tunnel!!), played some games (hot dog toss was Gwen’s favorite), talked to other Corgi owners, and best of all:  Gwen took her CGC test and PASSED!!!! 😀

This is definitely old news since it is now October and we have since received Gwen’s certificate — she is now titled! — and the little dog tag that I ordered after sending in the paperwork, but since I had yet to post it to the blog, here it is! 🙂

Before I go any farther, here are some links explaining what the Canine Good Citizen test is and also what it means to be a Canine Good Citizen.

There is also a program for dogs under 1 year old called the STARR Puppy Program.  Check out the link for more info on that.

Enough educational info!  Time for pictures! 😉


Gwen’s certificate and the CGC ID Tag.

We won that awesome Corgi cookie jar! Also the three items on the left. I bought the magnets and corgi print.

Some people and corgis. There were so many and they were everywhere!!!


Sitting pretty!

A couple of Cardis.


Cuties in costume!

Concentration. The hot dog toss game is intense! These two were the finalists!

Bang! Corgi dead. Corgi had too much fun!


One more thing that I almost forgot!  Cascade Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club was responsible for putting on this fun and educational event for Corgis and Corgi owners/lovers in the area.  Cardigans, Pembrokes, and corgi-mixes were all welcome to come and participate.  The Corgi meet up page where I find different events to go to said there were over 100 people and their dogs that RSVP’d to the event! 


W is for Welcome to Washington!

We made it!!!!

Today’s post will be quite short.  W is for Welcome to Washington!  Washington State is where both of us humans are from originally so it is nice to be back home.  We got our keys to our new house, checked out the barn where my horse will be moving to, and then took the ferry over to the Island where my parents live.  We are staying with family for a couple days before we get all of our household goods (furniture, etc.) which come on Tuesday.  Here are a some pictures of Gwen enjoying the grass at our new house…we will be getting a lawn mower for that beast of a yard real quick!

She found something smelly to roll in!

Gotta rub that smell in good!

This is my favorite! I was trying to take a picture of her in the tall grass standing there and then she started to do an all-body shake! Sometimes the funny looking pictures are the best. 🙂

The grass is taller than her in places!