W is for Welcome to Washington!

We made it!!!!

Today’s post will be quite short.  W is for Welcome to Washington!  Washington State is where both of us humans are from originally so it is nice to be back home.  We got our keys to our new house, checked out the barn where my horse will be moving to, and then took the ferry over to the Island where my parents live.  We are staying with family for a couple days before we get all of our household goods (furniture, etc.) which come on Tuesday.  Here are a some pictures of Gwen enjoying the grass at our new house…we will be getting a lawn mower for that beast of a yard real quick!

She found something smelly to roll in!

Gotta rub that smell in good!

This is my favorite! I was trying to take a picture of her in the tall grass standing there and then she started to do an all-body shake! Sometimes the funny looking pictures are the best. 🙂

The grass is taller than her in places!




7 thoughts on “W is for Welcome to Washington!

  1. I’m glad you’re back home in Washington (good word). The map is a nice touch, btw. And you’ve certainly got some happy grass. And cootchy coo to Gwen!

  2. I’m making up for lost blogs from the A to Z Challenge…I spent too much time posting and not enough time reading/commenting. Gwen is a cutie…corgis are on my short list of possible dogs when my husband and I get done with our own moving and finally settle in one place. I did not know about the barking thing, though, so I’m glad I’m reading your A to Z posts!

    • Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 I feel like I did the same thing!
      Corgis certainly are great little dogs! Gwen’s barking has gotten better since she has settled back in in our new house. I did hear somewhere that they will tell you when a leaf falls outside, haha. They make excellent little watch dogs because of this, as annoying as that can be. Big dogs in little dog bodies! 🙂 They are quite loyal, very active and spunky, and of course have big attitudes but what’s not to love about that?! 😉

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