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The Downside of “Southern Hospitality”

I have a feeling that this post will turn into a rant about my neighbor which I have already mentioned once before.  I do try not to talk about people as much as possible since I never know who may be reading this, but in certain instances I cannot help it.  I apologize in advance.  (Plus I know she does not have a computer, nor have I told her that we have a blog about our dog.)

The past couple days have been so hectic around here!  You would think it was because I was trying to get ready for Christmas or something.  But alas it was because of water problems stemming from our upstairs neighbor.  (I told you it wouldn’t take long to get to the neighbors…)  We came home from the Thanksgiving weekend and there was water coming out from under our washing machine in puddles. (I swear I will get to the dog parts soon!!!)  So I asked if a maintenance guy could come out and help me figure out if it is coming from the wall (which I thought) or if it was my washer and if I needed to call someone else.  Our washing machine is only a little over a year old!

Fast forward to the next day.  Maintenance comes out and long story short figures out that when the upstairs neighbors flushes their hall bathroom (they have 2 b.rooms whereas we only have 1 + a laundry room) that it makes the water come up from the washer’s drain pipe and occasionally overflow onto my floor.  Yes, we had potty water on our floor!  Our laundry room just happens to connect to our bedroom.  So yes, our bedroom reeks!  I had thought something had died back there at one point…

3 hours of work today by two maintenance guys and they even had to call in the professionals at Roto Router to come in.  They found out that there was a rag stuffed down in the pipe which had been causing the problems.  They also told me that it was not the first time they had to remove things from the toilet/pipes upstairs…so there is a history of problems and it is seriously getting old!  That lady needs to either watch her kids better or lock them out of the bathrooms!  Needless to say I no longer have any pity for ANY of her piddley problems.  I am now waiting for the carpet cleaner guy to show up to clean my carpet in the bedroom since potty water seeped into the carpet.  Free of charge, thanks to it not being any of my own fault!

Okay, NOW we get to the dog part!  With all that going on yesterday with the maintenance guy coming in and the neighbor basically inviting herself (“can I borrow a dog leash?” and then her kids come in and so she and her dog come in without asking if the dog can come in), her two young children, and their big, old, smelly dog  (who looked like he also had some nasty skin problem!!)  into my home, Gwen escaped!  She ran out the door and I ran after her.  I got outside shouted her name and then thought “no, this is not how we do this.”  So I stopped, knelt down and started clapping my hands and calling Gwen in a more happy tone, just like we worked on in Puppy class.  And low and behold it worked!!!  She turned around (she had gotten all the way to the end of the sidewalk and was about to go into the parking lot) and came right to me!  I was so proud of her!  Puppy class has paid off  in more ways than one and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a little puppy or is getting one.  Working on “the name game” is also a most necessary activity to do with any dog!  Perfect recall is something that everyone should strive for — even with stubborn little Corgis!  I have often thought that we should have done some obedience training with Dayzee (black lab) when she was younger, but she turned out pretty good, though Gwen has already surpassed her.

It is like the bad part of “Southern Hospitality”…you even have to let in the people you would much rather not.  But I think on the flip side of that, the guests are supposed to at least behave in such a manner as to not offend or be obnoxiously rude to their host, as willing or unwilling as said host may be.  Annoying or bad neighbors/people are like vampires.  If you do not want them in your house, then you must not invite them in even once.  Because once you do, you no longer have any control.

Gwen also did pretty well with the neighbor’s children.  The youngest ,who is 2 or 3, was terrorizing my puppy and Gwen did pretty well with her.  She snapped at her once when the kid was really sticking her hands in Gwen’s face.  I corrected Gwen for that and we got the kid to throw the ball after that.  The other part was when the kid was trying to pick up or hug (not sure exactly) my dog and she squeezed her belly and Gwen yelped and tried to get away.  I had to rescue the poor pup!  When I told Andrew he had some choice words but they were along the lines of “can’t that woman watch her kids?!”  I almost got saddled with watching these kids.  This woman also asked to borrow my phone at one point yesterday, to which I let her use the landline to call her phone to find it (and thereby giving her my other number which we never use which she called me on this AM quite early) because there was no way I was giving her my cellphone!  Before she left she wanted to borrow my iPad.  Uhm, let me think…..NO!  I don’t even have to explain that one, I am sure!  Don’t get me wrong, blonde-neighbor-lady is nice BUT she is also kind of ditzy and lets her children run the show and then complains about all her piddley problems to anyone that will listen.

Needless to say I am SO DONE with living in this apartment!  Andrew’s orders cannot come any faster.  We are still waiting and praying.  I just want out of here!  I do like the area (city/country) around here since there are a lot of historical places in the area.  I would just choose to live in a different place; mainly a HOUSE and maybe in a better neighborhood.  I never, ever, ever, EVER want to live in a house that is in any, way, shape, or form TOUCHING ANOTHER HOUSE!  I don’t care if I am living in a one room, run-down shack on the outside of New Orleans!  Anything but another place where the neighbor’s living arrangements touch our own living arrangements!

Gwen also did splendidly with the maintenance guys going in and out of the house today.  She just slept and watched them from the other side of the fence in the living room.  I put the x-pen back up so she wouldn’t have to live in her crate all day.  She was just terrified of the carpet cleaner guy since he had a huge vacuum that was horribly loud for her big earsies!  She tried to run away.  I had to carry her back into the house! Poor baby!

I have more to tell about Gwen’s most recent vet visit and puppy class but I just had to get all that off my chest.  This here was the abridged version of the story.  I hope that is all the ranting I am going to have to do for awhile!  The next post will be more dog oriented, I promise!!!



The Devil Went Down to Georgia

We all had a great time this Thanksgiving weekend!  Andrew had a 4 day weekend and we were able to spend it with family.  We left early on Thursday morning since it was over a 5 hour drive to get to Atlanta.  We (mostly Andrew) wrestled Gwen’s crate into the backseat of the Challenger, put our bags and cooler containing pies in the back of the car, loaded up the dog and off we went!  We showed up about an hour earlier than we were told to be there since Andrew had counted on there being traffic, but surprisingly there was none!  I think everyone was home cooking turkeys already.

Gwen got car sick in her crate about an hour and a half into the car ride.  She would not do good on roller coasters since it was through an exit/on ramp curve that was much too sharp and taken a wee bit fast for her taste.  So we had to pull over at a gas station to clean it up.  It made me sick.

We got to my cousins’ house and they brought out their Corgi so that the dogs could meet.  They hit it off right away!  Rio is a 9 year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi and a retired show dog.  They romped and played and then we took them into the house and Gwen got to investigate the backyard and deck!  Neither of those things has she seen before.  After awhile we took Gwen on a walk around the neighborhood.  The houses there are so pretty!  It makes me hate living in apartment-land so much!

Gwen got relegated to the backyard during dinner since I did not want her to beg or learn the art of begging.  Normally she is good when we eat and will not bother us but I did not know how well she would be with so many people eating (eleven!).  We had not brought her crate inside yet at that point.  We had so much good food over the weekend that coming back home makes eating miserable.

Rio and Gwen had so much fun!  They played and played until Rio got put in his crate so he would not be too stiff and sore.  Gwen has a limp (had it before we left — more on that to follow later) so them being separated was a good thing every once in awhile.  It gave her a chance to cool off too.  I kept trying to get pictures of them together and it took me FOREVER to get a good one!  They were both tired by the time I got a good picture.

Tired pooches!

We slept in the basement and every time we’d go downstairs they would stand at the top of the stairs and stare. Gwen would also bark. I think she liked hearing her shrill barks echo..

Gwen got to go on so many nice long walks since my cousins live in a very nice, quiet neighborhood and they were also not very far from a park where we went hiking.  It was Gwen’s first hiking trip and she did well.  She only made us stop to rest once.  She just kept trucking along doing her little corgi trot!  There were a bunch of big rocks that she navigated really well.  We met a couple dogs on the trail and only one was not very nice.  The owner and Andrew let the dogs sniff and some snarling and yelping ensued.  I’m not sure which party was to blame.  Some guy said “your little dog will be eaten by a bear” and Andrew told me later that he almost punched the guy.  I didn’t hear the guy right because I thought he just said “watch out for bears” which is what one of our friends always says (not sure why) so I wasn’t offended at the time.  Little corgis can go hiking too!!!

We had so much fun at my cousins’ house this weekend!  We stayed a little extra than we had originally planned.  I learned that I should ALWAYS pack an extra pair of jeans even if I intend/don’t care about wearing jeans for more than one day.  I always pack extras of the essentials but I only packed 1 pair of jeans and 1 sweatshirt and was ready for a change of clothes by the time we got home Sunday.  I am glad that they invited us to Thanksgiving!  It was such a good thing to be able to get out of town and be with family for the holiday!  Andrew was glad to be away from work people and all the stupid people that live around us and I was so glad to be with people!  I live the life of a hermit most days…

While we were there we went to the Garden Lights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  It was very cool to walk around and see all the lights!  I got some pictures with my phone of some of the things.  I’ve got a pretty good phone-camera compared to my old one!!!

I am quite proud of how well Gwen behaved!!  She told us when she wanted to go out, she did not bite anyone, she was not obnoxious with her barking, and she did not destroy anything!!!  She would bark when her humans would leave her at the top of the stairs and if someone would come around the corner from upstairs while she was unawares.   Most of the time she just did her soft “hurf” sound.  She would go outside and bark at the dog next door but then again that dog would bark at her so you can’t fault her too much for that, right?  Gwen also did not get on the furniture which was a major sigh of relief!  There is hope yet for teaching her not to jump onto the couch!! (it will be our next couch most likely since this one is too low to really enforce keeping her off it.)

By the end of the weekend Gwen was pretty well tuckered out.  When Rio would go outside to the yard, she would stay inside and lay sprawled out on the floor.  She even claimed the rug in front of the door as her own little bed. 🙂

Gwyndolyn was very good on the car ride home.  She “slept” most of the way but really I don’t think she slept at all.  She just laid there.  I stepped in dog poop at one of the rest stops because people today apparently are not capable of cleaning up after their dogs! I was so mad.  Luckily we were only about an hour or so away from home by that point.  We got stuck in a little traffic at one point which Gwen did NOT like since the car is a manual (and a muscle car) it would growl when we would move.  Puppy thought it was growling at her…she would whimper every time we would move.  I felt so sorry for her!

Gwen learned how to play frisbee by watching Rio!  He would get excited and hop around and wag his tail (Cardigan) and catch the frisbee.  Something that Gwen has never been interested in unless they were floppy.  Yesterday we received a package with some Christmas ornaments and stuff in it from my parents and there was a frisbee too.  Gwen loves playing with her new toy.  She also likes gnawing on the side of it.

Oh and one last thing!  Gwen finally figured out how to navigate stairs!  Out of necessity of course.  I couldn’t get her to go up the stairs next to our apartment but at the cousins’ house there were stairs everywhere for her to climb.  She ate it coming down the carpeted stairs once but that didn’t seem to bother her.  She refused the basement stairs since they were slippery and steep.  The deck stairs were nice since they were wooden and wider and also had a landing in the middle do halt the corgi slinky-momentum temporarily.

All in all, we had a terrific Thanksgiving weekend!!!

Extra bonus points for figuring out why this post is titled the way it is!! 😉

Happy Turkey Day

We are riding in the car to visit cousins for thanksgiving! The hoomans are making me ride in the backseat in my crate. I don’t like it. They say the drive is like five hours and they don’t want to hold me for that long. Silly hoomans don’t know what they are talking about! I stole the hoomans telly phone to make this bloggy post. The hoomans say that the GPS and the phone GPS don’t agree…I wonder if they are going to get lost. I am a corgi so I never get lost. Today is momma hooman’s birthday too! Frappy Birthday! 🙂 and frappy thanksgiving!
The hoomans told me I get to meet another corgi today too!


Nervous puppy

Grouchy Gwen

Got home at midnight last night.  I currently have no concept of time, my internal clock is all messed up.  I feel like I should be doing things but there isn’t much to do.  One thing I could do is to unpack all the bags I brought back (thank goodness Southwest lets you check 2 bags for FREE!!!)  but I don’t really want to do that.  Back in WA I was almost constantly doing something or had some task to be done.  Now I’ve finished my tasks and am at a loss.  Dog doesn’t want to play with me, I don’t want to watch TV, and I need a break from reading.  What to do, what to do?

I’m not sure Gwen was happy to see me…I did wake her up when I got home.  She was asleep and didn’t want to come out of her box.

My parents sent some presents to their grand-dog.  Gwenie got a new Skinneeez toy and a Kong squeaky ball and a new pink leash!  The Skinneeez (yes, that is the brand name 🙂 ) is one of those stuffing-less toys with squeakers in it.  Her leash is hot pink with light pink polka dots.  It’s cute and even matches her collar.

Today she has been sort of indifferent to me.  She hangs around in the same room but doesn’t really want to acknowledge me unless it benefits her.  Much like a cat.  She has been so grouchy today!  I got her to run around for a little bit and then gave her some ice cubes to fish out of her water dish.  Had to put that in the kitchen because she was getting water all over the carpet…needless to say that the ice cubes got all over the floor too since she would bring them out into the living room once she “caught” them.  At least it made Gwen happy.  She was sticking her nose in the water and blowing bubbles!  Gwen likes to splash in her water bowl too (an almost daily occurrence).  It makes me think of a raccoon washing its hand like paws.  So I guess that would make Gwen a cat-dog-tasmanian devil-raccoon.  What a sight THAT would be!

Oh and we had a pillow fight!  I was trying to shoo Gwen out of the way with my pillow so I could sit on the couch and read for a bit but Gwen had other ideas.  She stood up on her hind legs and jumped at the pillow.  So I swung it (nicely, don’t worry!) at her again.  She got more pushy so we did this for about ten minutes before she decided to go play with her toy box.  She even launched herself off the couch at this dang pillow a couple of times.  Corgis are tough little dogs!

I think she must have grown in the week I was gone!  She looks slightly taller and slimmer.  With her lack of activity this week I don’t think she would be getting any slimmer.  She looks good, I think, because when I left she was getting a little chunky.

Well, it is puppy dinner time now and she is laying by the door looking pitiful.  Apparently I am falling behind in my duties as the Corgi’s personal slave….

Visiting Home – Part 2

I have had a happy visit back home.  It has been extremely busy but also enjoyable.  I got to see my parents, my horse, my dog (Dayzee), friends and family.  I sure am going to miss this house once my parents officially move out.  I know I moved out “officially” during the summer but to me I don’t think it was quite official since I still have furniture set up in my bedroom and stuff tucked away in all the drawers.  Now my room looks like a tornado went through it and deposited some boxes here and there and dumped everything else on every other available surface.  It will all be over with (for me at least) tonight [Saturday] when I pack my bags and go to sleep in my bedroom one last time in this house.  It is a sad thought to say the least.  I really like this house.

*    *    *    *   *

Next week is my birthday but since I will not be here for it, we celebrated it a week early!  We had a nice dinner [on Thursday] with my grandparents of ham, homemade apple sauce (sans cinnamon — apparently this is a big deal?), cheesy hashbrowns, and cupcakes!  That was the best cupcake I have had in a long time!  It was the perfect size (big) with not too much or not too little frosting.  I had a good time and I showed my grandparents tons of pictures of Gwen!

I got to pick out my presents Thursday too.  We went to Coastal (huge farm & ranch store) where I got to pick out a new blanket for my horse (he was needing one…) and then we headed over to Petsmart to get some new decorations for my fish tank.  My tank is 40 gallons and I have 3 catfish (and a bunch of little schooling fish too).  A Plecostomus (Brutus), a Golden Chinese Algae Eater (Mushu), and a Striped Raphael Catfish (Ralph).  These 3 fish have gotten huge and they all share the same castle since the other hiding spots are kind of small for them now.  So I got a new hiding rock for them!  I had intended on taking a before picture but forgot so there is only an after shot…it looks like I went crazy with plants now, I think….

“Does this blanket make my butt look fat?”

The NEW blanket! Such masculine colors!

Looks like I went a little crazy with the plants.

I got to hang out with a couple of my best friends while I was back home.  One has been my best friend since 4th grade and the other is my god-sister!  (My parents are her godparents.)  It was great catching up with these two.  🙂  One thing I miss about home is that I don’t have any real friends in SC.

Today (Saturday), I did my good-bye rounds.  I find those are always very difficult.  I hate saying good-bye and I hate having to do it on a time schedule.  I started with Owen and the people taking care of him.  Next I went and saw a family friend who has been sick lately and gave his horses treats.  He and his wife have been like family to me and have done so much for me with the horses.  (They offered me one of their horses to ride and show when my own injured himself in my last year of 4-H.)  And last but not least I went and had dinner with my grandparents.  I hate saying good-bye but I know that I have to go back.  SC is my home (for now at least) and I must return to it, my dog, and my husband.

Good-bye bedroom.  Good-bye large yard, awesome view, and quiet neighborhood.  Good-bye Kitties buried in the yard. Good-bye house.  I will miss you.  You will always be the house I grew up in.

**Yes, I know the days of the week.  I just did not get around to getting this posted until quite late.  Shame on me, I know.

Visiting Home

I am back home visiting family for a week, but it sure has been eventful both here in WA and back home in SC!  Gwen did not end up coming with me.  I figured it would be too stressful for her to travel so far/long in a plane twice within a week.  Since I have been here, I have Skyped with Gwen (well, with the husband too) and she did the head tilt thing since she didn’t understand what was going on when she heard my voice (not sure if she realized it was my face on the screen or not) but couldn’t smell me.  It was adorable.  And she barks when I talk to Andrew on the phone. 🙂

Gwen tried to help me pack and chewed on my luggage tags…silly puppy. 🙂

My parents are moving out of their home that I basically grew up in and moving to the other side of town.  They are downsizing and it is time I get all my stuff packed up and moved out of their house.  I left a bunch of stuff here when I moved to SC this summer but now it is time I actually do something about it.  Hence the reason I am back.  Also, visiting since I won’t be with them for the holidays.  Packing things up, getting rid of stuff, and just organizing things is so exhausting!  I have gone to bed so early each night.  I don’t think I’ve gotten on the right time zone but at this point I don’t think it matters.

I arranged for a neighbor to let Gwen out and feed her all week while I am gone since Andrew works long days since he didn’t want the dog to go to the kennel since he’d be home at night/in the AM.  Well it worked out great on Monday but on Tuesday (extra long day too) when A came home it wasn’t as good…apparently Gwen was never let out nor fed!  APPARENTLY our dog sitter thought it was only for Monday that she needed to take care of the dog!  Andrew found out Wednesday morning when she came to return the key….  So now we have to work something else out.   I am NOT happy about this one bit!  There will be no more listening to the neighbor’s drama now.  It will be hello-goodbye-I’m-going-inside-now!  And next time their bathroom overflows into mine and soaks my ceiling, floor, rugs, etc. I am not going to be as understanding/forgiving.  I am pretty sure we have things growing in our ceiling because of our neighbors…I cannot wait for Andrew to get orders so we can find out where we are going next!!!!!!  Either way we are not living in an apartment next, THANK GOD!

On a happier note, we’ve got plans for Thanksgiving that involve a trip to Atlanta to see my cousins who also have a Corgi!!!  They have a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, but they were the ones to first introduce me to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  I will have to post the picture of their ol’ dog.  He was so sweet and super smart!  Such a cool little dude! 🙂

Today on the Corgi Butts blog, they posted about this year’s Corgi Secret Santa!  We are looking forward to being a part of this!!! 🙂

This is Frasier.  He visited us when we lived in GA when I was little.





“At the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month”

Armistice Day.  Remembrance Day.  Poppy Day.  Veteran’s Day.

They make us read in school all about the World Wars and their significance, but I believe that you do not fully understand these things until you are an adult. I was a history major in College and my husband was a history minor (his major was Chemistry…how do you like Chemistry and History?  Beats me!).  I say this because I have an interest in history, historical things, war, and remembering.  I am not going to delve into anything historical, you can google and wikipedia your hearts out later if you’re interested, but I am going to say a couple things about today and what I think needs to be said.

While I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook I came across this picture and it got me to thinking…

We often do not remember the animals.  I know the day is not supposed to be all about them but I believe they should be given a moment too.  This last year, the movie War Horse came out and millions saw it.  It started as a book by Michael Morpurgo and was also adapted into a play.  It is the story of a farm horse who is sold and becomes a horse in the war zone during WWI; it is told through his eyes.  I read the book but have still yet to see the movie.  In the book, Joey, the main character-horse, sees his horse and human friends around him being killed or being worked to death.  The sad fact is that millions of animals have given their lives in the line of duty too but they are not given the recognition of a soldier since most humans viewed them as animals which are solely there for their usefulness.   I think the book and I assume movie have at least given a glimpse of how the animals fared during WWI when horses were still being used to haul wounded soldiers, guns and other equipment and supplies.

The caption of this picture that I saw on Facebook said,  “This Nov. 11th, please don’t forget the 4-legged war heroes who had no choice. 1+million horses lost their lives in WWI.”  The page I got this from was one of the horsey ones I follow, so I shared the picture and gave it my own little comment.  I said that this picture makes a good point.  Don’t forget the 4-legged war heroes!  Horses as well as dogs!

In WWI, the use of horses was really in a transition period in warfare.  Horses were still being used but the evolution of fighting tactics, weapons, and machines were all but making the horse become obsolete.  Horses are not as much of a part of the fighting world now a days but dogs are still being used to this day by the military and police forces.  Think about the bomb sniffing dogs.  Here is a good little photo essay that I found when I was looking for a picture to add.

In looking for the sources of the horse picture above, I stumbled upon a great article that was written in 2007 and published in Britain.  I recommend it to you.  In it is a caption to a picture of a poppy field:  “Lest we forget: Generals list the soldiers that were killed in battle. Few have ever troubled to mention the horses which perished in the service of their victories.

I say these things about the horses and dogs but my intentions are not to detract from the original purpose of this day.  It started as “Armistice Day,” a day to remember the signing of the armistice that ended WWI, but has changed over the years to honor all of the veterans that have fought and served, becoming “Veteran’s Day.”

I have many friends and family members who are currently serving and who have served.  My husband is in the Navy, my dad was in the Air Force, my Grandpa retired from the Navy and was in during WWII, the other grandpa in the Army during WWII, my father-in-law just retired from the Navy, Andrew’s grandpa Buddy was in the Coast Guard, my uncle was in the Army, and my cousin is in the Navy.  As I said, my purpose is not to detract from the day celebrating them and all the other veterans of past wars but to also honor the animals who did their own fighting in the wars.

One last parting link.  I found this and could not figure out where to stick this into my post so here it is.  This person put together a wonderful post about Veteran’s Day and the history with pictures.  Please check it out!

I know today was more of an historical musing than about puppy adventures or entertainment, but I think it was quite fitting.  I am sure Gwen will be okay giving up the spot light for a day in honor of others who have fought for our freedom. 😉

EDIT:  Seems like I missed a couple family members when I made this.  That has been corrected now. 🙂