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Guard Dog Gwen

Some very exciting things have happened lately!  One of which made me so glad to be a dog owner and also quite proud of my little Gwen.

A couple nights ago Gwen and I were sitting in the living room minding our own business, I on the couch she on the rug by the door, when there was a noise on my front porch.  I heard a creak about the same time Gwen reacted to it.  At 11:30 at night, a creaking sound on your front porch step is not a sound you want to be hearing…  Guard Dog Gwen sounded the alarm!

I got up off my comfy perch on the sofa to assess the situation.  I flipped on the lights and saw that there was a shirtless, white male on my front porch and he was backing down the stairs.  He was probably in his twenties and judging by his state of undress in the cold he was most likely under the influence of something.  He backed off my porch and then went around the front of my house in my yard.  At that point I lost sight of him and had already started dialing 911.  I think it took me maybe 2 seconds to decide what to do, and now that I think back on the incident I don’t know when or where I got the phone from since I used our landline phone (thank God for those!) and I don’t remember bringing it to the living room…

The 911 dispatcher sent a police officer out to my house and she stayed on the line with me until he got here.  She asked if I was armed (yes), what kind of weapon I had, if there was anyone else in the house (Gwen), and where I was in the house.  She also asked me what my phone number was which I was unable to say since in the moment I totally forgot our home phone since we rarely use it and never give out that number anyways.  Lucky enough that caller ID was invented ages ago so she had my number on her screen. 🙂

Once the officer was in the area, the dispatcher told me to secure my weapon — don’t need any itchy trigger fingers around the Boys in Blue, now do we? (not that I have an itchy trigger finger!) — and the officer would make contact once he had a look around.  Though I am pretty sure the officer’s uniform was brown but if it were “the boys in brown” that would be referring to UPS.  Anyways.  The officer asked me what happened after letting me put Gwen in her crate as I had opened the door holding a dog in my arms.  I told him what we heard and saw and that Gwen had barked her head off until she got the sign for quiet, and he said he would have a look around the house to make sure no one was around.  At which point I asked if it was safe if I took my dog out to go potty while the officer was still there.  As odd of a request I am sure he has probably heard worse.  At least that is what I keep telling myself.

I was quite shaken by the whole experience.  Of course once Gwen had pottied and the officer left — he assured me that there would be a cop in the area patrolling a couple more times tonight — I was left to deal with the after affects of the adrenaline that was still coursing through my body.  Meaning, calling my parents and not being able to sleep.  My dad goes to bed before 9:00 every night, so it is best not to call really late, and by this time it was well after midnight…  I had no choice but to call and recap everything that had happened.

I am just really glad that I have a dog and a gun.  They help me sleep better at night, though after something like this getting to sleep is a little more difficult.  And for the record, in case you are new to  GwendolynRose, I do have my Concealed Carry Permit, I do shoot very well, and I won’t be a victim.  Calling the cops is always going to be the right thing to do, but in that time between calling them and them actually arriving on scene it is always nice to have a backup plan (weapon) so as to not become victim and another statistic.

I just want to make a quick reference to a website/facebook page that I follow, it’s called The Well Armed Woman.  They also have a blog.  Some of the following pictures I’ve borrowed from their facebook page as well as just plain ol’ google images.  This page, or rather group of women, advocates the education of women and girls in the use and safety of firearms for personal defense as well as just recreational shooting.  I don’t remember how I came across this page but have found it very interesting.

The following are some dog and gun related images I found that I couldn’t figure out how to use in this post but still wished to include them. 🙂


Just a little look at what kind of damage the different caliber bullets make without any blood or gore.



1 year with WordPress! Wow!

WordPress just told me “Happy Anniversary!” (22 hrs ago.)  

A year ago yesterday, August 13th, I signed up for WordPress and started this blog!

We’ve come far in a year, though I have to admit I have fallen off with my writing just a bit…but hey, I suppose that happens.  I have a couple ideas for some upcoming posts so stay tuned! 🙂


My Lovely Lady Stumps!


Gwen would like to sing you a song today…

My stumps, my stumps, my stumps!  My lovely lady stumps!

[Song lyric is a parody of the Black Eyed Peas’ song My Humps.]

Look at those stumps!

Rockstar or beach going Gwen! Sparkly bikini and “skirt.” This Corga is very fashionable!

Gwen was so patient here while the hooman put people clothes on her.  Da momma hoomin was very lonely that day and for some reason wondered what a Corgi would look like wearing pants.  Needless to say the pants she chose were not near small enough to find out what a Corgi wearing pants looks like…


A Corgi-tude of Events and some Craftiness!

This is Gwen’s excited face.

This summer seems to have been packed full with things to go, do, and see!  Yet sadly some of us have to work during all those fun times.  😦  I missed out on a lot of fun things in July because I always seemed to be working the longest hours during the days of the Lavender Festival, the 4th of July, the Sailboat Race Week back home, and a few other things.  I also missed out on a lot of quality time with Gwen and Owen (my horse).  Now that won’t be too much of a problem anymore since I will have more free time since I am leaving my current job to pursue other opportunities.

When we moved up here I was looking to see if there might be any Corgi clubs or any Corgi events planned and I did find one in Renton (south of Seattle) which of course was written on the calender right away!  Just this last week I found out about another Corgi play day through one of the Corgi pages I follow on Facebook, The Daily Corgi.  They had shared a link to the 2013 Pacific Northwest Corgi Picnic to be held in Woodinville (also close to Seattle).  The picnic is this weekend on the 10th, but alas, work thwarts another afternoon of Corgi fun…  😦  I was really hoping to meet some new Corgi owners in the area too.  If you visit the PNW Corgi Picnic link that I posted you can find out how you can join in some of the other events in the area!

I joined a Corgi Event mailing list and also RSVP’d to the Corgi Fun Day happening at the end of August (31st).  If you are a Seattle-area Corgi owner, you should really come!  (Info in the previous linky.)

Gwendolyn and I are certainly looking forward to going to some Corgi Events and meet some more Corgi people.  Mainly I just love seeing a bunch of Corgis all together!  It’s just so adorable!!!!

The Non-Corgi/Navy Wife Life Section:

As you know, husband is at sea.  Before he left I made up and sent along with him a half-way package to open on their half-way night (pretty self explanatory:  celebrating half way through their patrol).  I told my friend Corgi Mum, also a Navy wife and Corgi fanatic, about the way I packaged his halfway package (ages and ages ago it seems).  I’m including it here because 1. I’m proud of my craftiness and 2. because I told Corgi Mum that I’d show her pictures and just have never done it.  (shame on me, I know.)

At one of the FRG (Family Readiness Group.  Basically it’s the PC way of saying “wives’ club”) meetings another wife from the boat told me some good ideas and about the size of what to send since space is obviously limited for the guys on a submarine.  Since we weren’t supposed to be able to send them anything we were encouraged to send their half-way package along with them before they left.  I took this as an opportunity to Corgi-ify mine, of course!

I used a gallon ziplock bag, decorated using a couple pages from last year’s Corgi calender, and filled it with some goodies.  I put in a couple goofy cards, one of which was a Hoops & Yoyo SINGING card, a cross-words book, and some candies.  Here’s a couple of them…they’re ransom note style! 😛


I also sent along some cards that I made (some I did buy) with dog pictures and goofy sayings in them.  Those I put “open when…” on the envelopes.  The one that says to open on June 29th was for Gwen’s Gotcha Day.  We have received a couple rounds of email (we get a bunch when we do get emails) and Andrew said that he is really enjoying opening the cards and he especially liked the one with baby Gwen on it. 🙂

Recently, some things have changed so now we are having a mail drop and are able to send things to the boat.  So of course all the wives are frantically putting things together and sending them to get them by the due date!  We have certain limitations as to what we can send.  A large, non-padded manilla envelope or a gallon sized ziplock bag; that is the size that we are working with.  There is not a limit on the amount we can send, we just have to keep in mind that a sailor is going to have to carry ALL of the packages, cards, and mail down a ladder on his back.  In other words, you cannot send a million things but you are not limited to one thing.  I was shooting for 2 packages and ended up with 3…I wasn’t the only one who sent three, a couple of my friends did too!  I Corgi-ified one of them too. 🙂  Below is a picture of both sides of Corgi-awesomeness:

side 1

I covered the addressee info since I didn’t really want that plastered all over the interwebz.  It almost looks cuter with the stamps/stickers from the collage maker app!  I really hope husband likes what I sent him…  I sent him the History Channel old school style:  history magazines!!, a car and a shooting magazine, some more cards/notes, and some candies.  I sent Nerds, Gobstoppers, Sour Patch Kids, some little granola bar thingies, and I saved the best for last:  Princess fruit snacks!  It’s amazing what you can fit into a couple envelope/baggies!  I told him to share with his friends if they were not as well off in the mail department.  Sharing is caring!  I also sent him another stick of deodorant so he wouldn’t offend anyone  by being smelly.  Officers need to smell good.

For those of you that know my husband, did you notice a theme in the candies?  Nerds…Gobstoppers…he’s a nerd and he likes to talk a lot…I doubt he’ll get it but that’s okay, I did that mostly for myself. 🙂

I found this when I was looking for some clipart to end with. Thought it was cool. I don’t know what “America’s White Spot” means. If you do, please enlighten me!

[EDIT:]  I did some googling and came across a webpage that said, “In 1938, as the nation struggled to emerge from the Great Depression, a series of advertisements in Time magazine promoted Nebraska’s business climate to attract more commerce to the Cornhusker State. The ads, paid for by the predecessor of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry, proclaimed that Nebraska was “America’s white spot” thanks to its unique and positive qualities — low tax rates, a strong manufacturing base and top-notch labor force, and a balanced budget.”   Source:   So it all comes down to taxes.  Good to know.