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Whoa! 99 cent Bully Sticks?! Awesome!

Everyone likes getting a good deal, right?  If you are somebody who does not like a good deal every now and then, well, I’m not sure what to tell you.  I am not one of those extreme coupon people but I do love being able to use a coupon here and there.  Last night while I was waiting for laundry to finish, I was browsing Facebook and saw an interesting ad in the sidebar.  It was one of those ones that you just have to click on, you don’t have a choice.

The ad I clicked on was from a website called PetFlow and man does it have some serious deals!!  I have also seen things advertised with this site on Giant George’s Facebook Page.  Side note, I am currently reading Giant George’s book!  So far I’m really liking it!  GG is the Guinness World Record holder for biggest dog; he’s a Great Dane.  The latest and greatest thing I saw on GG’s FB page was an LED light for your dog’s collar that is only $1.39 instead of 3something.  A portion of the proceeds of whatever items he is promoting at the time goes to different animal charities.  He is a very big humanitarian dogitarian! 😉

Click these bully sticks and it will take you to the page with the 99c bullies!!

The PetFlow ad I saw last night was for bully sticks and it said they were 75% off, so naturally I had to go check it out.  Instead of the usual 4 or 5 dollars for one 6 in. bully, their price is $0.99!  99 cents for a bully stick?!?!?!  That’s crazy!  So obviously I jumped on this deal.  You can buy them in packs of 5, 20, or 100 but we decided to just go with individual bullies (limit was 35) so that’s what we did!  We got Gwen 35 bully sticks at 99 c. a pop!  This is way better than any discount or coupon!

We have never ordered from this website before so we will see how quick they ship, etc.  I guess this is a pre-review?  I will let you know if we have a good experience with this place or not — but if your dog likes bully sticks as much as our dog, you might benefit from this deal!  At least go check out what they have to offer.  They also had braided bullies for a pretty good price too.

Animals are expensive!  No doubt about that.  Every time I hear someone complain about how expensive their dog food or dog toys are I really want to just tell them not to complain, I have a horse.  When you stop to think about how much you actually spend on your animals it is mind boggling but also rewarding.  I say rewarding assuming that these people are animal lovers and like to see their animals happy and healthy.

We buy toys for Gwen to rip up destroy play with so that she stays entertained.  We buy her antlers, bully sticks, and sometimes rawhide bones (though those are gunky) so she can gnaw on things.  We play fetch with her (only inside since she can’t figure out how to do it outside), tug of war, and we let her indulge in her frappy side by jumping over things and tearing around the house like a crazed tasmanian devil.  Why?  So she stays happy, duh!

Of the things I may have forgotten to mention:  she lays on the sofa, goes on long walks, plays with the soccer ball, chases squirrels, barks in our ears (can’t figure out why she started this one), plays hop on pop, licks the Italian Ice cups clean, steals our socks (not something we really let her do), and lays on top of us when we nap on the couch.  Now tell me this dog isn’t spoiled.


NOTE:  I am in no way being compensated for promoting this deal.  It just so happens that I felt like being nice and sharing my find with other fellow dog owners.

Pi Day!

Today is Pi Day!


Do you know what else today is?

It’s Andrew’s Birthday!!!!

Of the famous people born on this day, Albert Einstein has to be the most iconic and ironic.  Quite fitting since he was a Physicist

Einstein’s birthday is also today, so it is fitting that the genius kid was born on Pi day.  I know it is super nerdy, but he is definitely a huge nerd!  Chemistry major…minored in Math before switching to History (easier)…Now he is a Nuke in the Navy  (think Nuclear Engineer.)  If you knew him you would definitely agree!

When I was looking up famous people born on this day, I found Aamir Khan.  He is one of our favorite Bollywood actors!  He was in 3 Idiots which is both of our favorite Bollywood movies!


I baked him a mincemeat pie last night for today and even put the Pi symbol in the top of it. *pats self on back* 🙂

Stitch is his favorite. 🙂

Catching up on the Mini-Adventures

There are times when I feel like this at work!

Gwen has had a bunch of mini-adventures in the past week or so!  I’ll try to get through as many as possible in as short amount of space.  It would be so much easier if I just kept up on her stories but alas I have been very busy lately.  I hope to keep up better in the future and have tons more photos to share!

The Bank — I took Gwen to the bank to deposit a check I had.  We pulled up and I was going to go in but then I found a deposit slip in my bag so I wrote it out with the dog jumping all over the place and whining since she thought she was getting out.  We drove up to the window and I rolled mine down and guess who decided she needed to try to crawl out the window.  Yup, you guessed it.  I held onto her collar and the lady didn’t even have any dog cookies to give her!  She said they’d run out…liiiikely story….

The Groomers — I scheduled an appointment for Gwen but it happened to be during when I worked but Andrew had the day off so he brought her.  Luckily he got there when we weren’t too busy so I was able to pet Gwen and talk to him for a few minutes and then get the dog checked in.  We got her the shedless treatment (@Petco) and I highly recommend it for anyone with a Corgi!  I know I raved about the last spa treatment that she had (I loved the smell) but this definitely beats it.  Plus I didn’t like this month’s special spa shampoo smell.  When they got done with her you could definitely see a difference!  They brush them out with the Furminator and get out a lot of the undercoat (what is perpetually shedding) and they use a special shampoo that helps with it too.  When I asked one of my groomer friends about the shedless treatments, she said that they recommend it and do a lot of the shedless treatments with the Corgis.  Also, it is currently 20% off with your Petco PalsRewards card right now, just sayin. 😉  This deal is running March 3-23, book an appointment today!

Anywho, I got a little distracted there.  Gwen was in the kennels waiting her turn to be bathed and I went back there to get the broom so I could sweep after cleaning the small animal cages and Gwen saw/smelled me.  When I went out to sweep up the remainder of the mess I’d made cleaning I heard her start to bark, yip, whine, and howl.  I felt so bad!  I knew right away it was her, she has a pretty distinctive sound, or maybe that is just that I recognize it since we are in the same “pack?”  Either way I felt horrible so when I went back to put the broom back I went to say hi to her.  She had airplane ears and looked at me so pathetically that it made me sad! 😦  I tried to avoid having to go back into grooming as much as possible after that.  The only times I have to go back there are when I have to let the groomers know someone is there to drop-off/pick-up an animal when they are in the back by the tubs.

Gwennie did very well and was very happy to see us when we came to get her.  They let me go back and get her when I got there (since I am an employee after all) and she didn’t want to get out of her cage!  She ended up scratching my neck and chest cause she was too scared to come out nicely.  What a little dodo brain.  She also had to go to the bathroom reeeeeally bad when we left and didn’t even make it to the grass/dirt but she did make it right outside and past the sidewalk!  I was so glad she didn’t pee somewhere where I had to clean it up!  We went home and gave her a Frosty Paw for being a good pup for the groomers! 🙂

EDIT:  I forgot to mention, she got a little brain freeze from her Frosty Paw!  She kept rubbing her face and making funny noises when she was eating it!

Being “that” customer — I always try to not be “that” customer.  I think we all know which one “that” one is.  I rarely ever complain at a store or restaurant.  I never ask for extra discounts (asking for a military discount doesn’t count in this case) or ho-hum about my coupons.  If I have a coupon then I have it in hand when I’m waiting in line!  There is a crate pad that I’d seen before that I really liked, the only problem was that Petco did not sell it.  I’d seen it at a store that was a bit of a hike to get to so I started to look at other places.  Turns out Petsmart sold it.  So on one of Andrew’s days off we went to Petsmart.  I also had a gift card that I’d found in my gift card hoard that I’d found in my desk when I cleaned all my stuff out of my parents’ house.  I though I’d checked the card online but it turned out there wasn’t any money on it at all.  Of course I thought it had money on it so I tried to use it and the poor cashier had to call their manager over while I insisted it did actually have money on it!  I tried to use one of those Visa Gift Cards that I also had but it only had a dollar on it so I had to pay the rest of it. The sad part of my story is, I know how that cashier felt trying to be nice to me while thinking I was stupid for insisting I had money when I didn’t.  Good thing they didn’t know me there!

If only Petco had sold it!  This is the Kong Durable Crate Pad that we bought.  They didn’t have the exact size of Gwen’s crate but we got the 30” one and it fits remarkably well for being “too big” for her crate.  I have seen good reviews and bad reviews.  Most of the bad ones I think come from people who want to blame others for their dogs’ destructo nature.  Nothing is indestructible!  I so want to tell that to people who ask me “will this hold up against my dog?” or “is this really as indestructible as they say?”  So far so good with little destructo Corgi. *knock on wood!*

I also had a “that” customer moment at Michael’s the other day.  I tried to use a coupon on my phone and my phone failed me.  After like two minutes of trying to get it to come up I just gave up and paid full price.  I didn’t want to hold up the line, unlike so many unprepared people in this world.  But you didn’t hear that from me!

Navy Life.  Status:  Moving. — Yes, Andrew got Orders (I think I may have mentioned this before?) and we will be moving very soon.  We do NOT know when we are leaving OR where we are living.  Great, huh?  Yeah, it is throwing a wrench in the whole “let’s prepare to move” thing.  We will be moving back to Washington State (we do know which base and to which boat he is assigned).  Another cross country trip! Yay…  I am dreading this drive since we will be moving with a dog and two hamsters.  We were going to try to sell my truck before we left but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen since how do you expect to fit 2 people, 3 animals, a dog crate and hamster cage, all our guns and ammo, and our bags into a Dodge Challenger??  So we have to keep my truck even though it is going to be so uncomfortable to drive and my be another nail in its coffin (it already did the xc trip once this past summer).  We are hoping that since it is Spring and not +100* Summer weather that it will be a little nicer on my poor little baby truck.

Soccer Dog — I’ve got a couple stories from playing soccer with Gwen but I am going to go ahead and save those for another day since I’ve already let this post drone on and on.

Baby Ferrets! — One  last thing before you go!  I heard there were baby ferrets up at a petstore about a half hour away so I begged Andrew to take me to go see them.  They were so dang cute!!!  They were only 7 weeks old!  I got a picture but it was a little blurry, here is what a 7 week old baby ferret looks like:

They are like a third of the size of the adults and their little faces are even cuter!  This is the picture I took:


Welcome, Abbey!

Abbey (L) & Rio (R)

Another Corgi has been added to the family!  You may remember that back at Thanksgiving we went to visit my cousins and their Corgi.  Well, they just added another 4-legged friend to their family!  Her name is Abbey!  We just want to bid her welcome to the family!  We hope we get to meet her before we inevitably head back West.

Congratulations J&A&J!  

We are excited for y’all!

Slightly Wordy Wordless Wednesday — Soccer Herding!

I apologize in advance for the sound…it was very windy (and cold) when we were out playing soccer with Gwen.  Here are a couple of short videos of Gwen herding the soccer ball.  She absolutely loved chasing it around and sinking her teeth into it every now and then.  Definitely a good way to get out her excess energy, indulge her natural herding nature/instincts, and have fun with her.  Though it is more fun with two people so that the human does not have to go back and forth across the field when the dingaling won’t bring the ball back.  She only herds it to a stop and then looks at you.

By the end of our play time she was so tired but she is like  the energizer bunny and won’t stop!  She was a hot pataytuh (potato) when we got home!  She even slept through dinner time!

I am tempted to let her loose in the soccer field when the middle school girls are practicing…she would love to chase them, I bet!

P.S.  [From Gwen:]  My momma hooman is nerding out over the fact that she figured out how to add an image hyperlinky thingy to the sidebar.  Check out the Yellow Dog Project link over there, or you can just click on the link in this sentence, that works too!  Momma saw a guy who had a yellow ribbon on his leash the other day and talked to him.  He said that she was the first person he’d met that actually knew the significance!  Not even the dog trainer he had talked to knew about it!  In the horse world people put red ribbons on horses’ tails if they are kickers to warn others to stay well back.  They also put red ribbons in their forelocks if they are biters.  Dogs now have the same recognition & warning mechanism albeit in a different color!

We’re still alive!

This is not Gwen. Check out all the derpy corgi pictures, I posted the link at the end of the page!  Also, if you click on this picture it will take you to the page.  Enjoy!

Yes, we’re still alive and well.  Andrew is better from his pneumonia and starting to go back to the gym again.  Gwen is just peachy.  Right now she has glued herself to me and won’t let me out of her sight.  I think this comes from being at work all last week and not getting a whole lot of time with the puppy.  Hammies are doing well.  The house on the other hand has been neglected for other things like sleeping and taking care of animals.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, and every Wednesday this month, the water is going to be shut off from 9a-5p so they can put in individual water shut offs to each apartment building.  Sucks.  We’ve had to get some containers to hold water.  Going to try to stay out of the house all afternoon, I think.

I haven’t posted anything in quite awhile.  My head has been full of negativity and Gwen hasn’t done anything really “blog worthy” as of late.

Sorry this is so choppy and really not my style.  I’ve been too exhausted lately to write anything.  Figured I should at least do something with the blog today.  I woke up this morning thinking I’d already missed a bunch of days of the A-to-Z Challenge but when I checked, that is still yet to come in April.  Not sure if I’ll be doing that challenge or not anymore.  We shall see.

I do think you should check out this page here.  It is hilarious!