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Four-hundred Dollars Later…


Yesterday marked the first visit to the vet (for us) with Fitz!  Both Gwen and Fitz needed to head to the vet for various things and one thing we didn’t really think of was how much TWO dogs will cost at the vet:  over $400!  But what the vet talked to us about Gwen is really the reason that I wanted to share this in a post.

Let’s start with the easy one:  Mr. Fitzwilliam.  Fitzy had to get his rabies shot and get an exam so we could get him Trifexis — the flea/heatworm/internal parasite prevention & treatment that Gwen has been on since she was a puppy.  We went back to the vet that Gwen had seen when we first moved here. Initially I wasn’t too impressed as I didn’t really like the lady vet.  I’m not entirely sure what it was but I didn’t really like the way she talked to me or answered or rather didn’t answer my questions.  Either way, this time around we were scheduled to see the man vet.  He was a lot more easy to talk to, liked both dogs, and answered all of our questions!

They took Fitz back to get his rabies shot, bordetella vaccine, and to microchip him.  We could hear his little puppy screeches and it was so pitiful!  We tried to guess which was which…we knew from prior experience with Gwen that the microchip was painful (but over in a second!) so that, we figured, was the biggest screech.  The poor little guy was so happy to be brought back to us and given a cookie that his big sister tried to steal.

When it came to Miss Gwendolyn she was only supposed to get an exam and her bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine.  Then the vet asked us if we had any other concerns and at this point we brought up her paw which she keeps licking and itching at.  One paw, one toe.  Back in January or February, I had a friend of mine that is a small animal vet take a look at Gwen’s paw when we were at the barn.  She prescribed her an antibiotic, some bendaryl, and told me how to clean it and recommended keeping her from itching it.  She also recommended that I put Gwen on fish oil.  Gwen’s paw cleared up pretty well but then after awhile she started up again.  I have some spray stuff to put on it which seemed to make her feel temporarily better.  Only problem was, it would never go away completely.

So Mr. Vet took a look at her and said he would like to shave the toe and get a better look at what was going on there. Gwen was taken into the back to have her toe shaved.  When they came back he said it looked like she, again, had an infection in that one toe/claw and that it needed to be treated and cleaned.  The infection, he told us, could have either come from her having had a little fracture in the nail or a cut in the skin.  Either way he strongly advised that we get this taken care of ASAP or she could lose that claw in the long run!  Neither of us realized how serious her obsessive toe licking had become! 😦  He talked to us about the different options with the strengths of anti-inflammatory medicines and he recommended the stronger steroidal one that way she would not be itchy and it might speed up the healing.

Gwen went home with a baggie full of special paw soak cleaner, long-term antibiotics (21 days worth!), and some Prednisolone (the steroid).  (Plus they both got flea medication.)  Gwennie also has to go back in for a recheck in 2 weeks to see how her itchy toe is fairing.

All in all, these little twerps cost over $400 to go in for their routine visits.  I should have known it would be more expensive than we had planned.  Oh well, got to keep the Corgis happy and healthy!


Drinking water out of the same water dish at the same time! We are making progress!

Dog Food:

One of the things we talked to the vet about was the food the dogs are eating.  Fitz is eating Puppy Wellness Complete while Gwen is continuing to eat Purina Pro Plan.  When we broached the subject of Gwen’s itchy paw we brought up the question of “do you think it might be a food allergy?” and the vet said,  “honestly, I highly doubt it.”  She is at the age where it would become apparent if she did but the itchiness is only manifesting in one paw, she does not have the chronic yeasty ears, hot spots, raw spots on her face from itching, and her hair is not falling out.  Her skin isn’t dry and itchy everywhere, only in that paw.  We talked to him about the current trend of total grain free dog foods and he told us he thinks of the grain-free foods as being more of an off-shoot of the human dietary fad of gluten-free everything.  Yes, there are some people that cannot handle gluten in their diets. Yes, there are some dogs that cannot handle grains or wheat or corn, etc. BUT not all dogs/humans are like that. What he told us was that the food we are feeding Gwen is not a bad food and that her weight is not bad and we have no reason to change her diet unless it is really bothering us that she isn’t on something fancier.

Fitz came to us eating a really nice food called “Go!” which is a grain-free and overall really good food.  The reason we did not stick with that food was that it was going to be hard to find.  Only one store in the area carries it, unless we were to go over to Seattle (a ferry ride away) just to buy dog food.   That was when we decided Puppy Wellness would be the way to go with him.  If our Natural Dog store was closed for the day then we would still be able to swing by Petsmart or Petco and get puppy some more food.  I suppose that would make it about convenience (and a little of cost effectiveness too) more than anything.  Either way, the vet was happy with our choice in puppy food.

Both dogs are a healthy weight and have good looking coats and are nice and active!  Gwen weighed in at 30.8 lbs and Fitz weighed in at 18.4 lbs!


Define Princess…

Surveying the Halloween goodies.

I have been thinking on what character Gwen would be if she were in a Disney/Animated movie and have come to the conclusion that Gwen would be Princess Fiona from Shrek.  It is quite fitting, I think.  She acts like a princess sometimes but the majority of the time she is a tough little dog that is not “afraid” of much.

Princess Fiona is tough because she is an ogre.  Well, in the first movie she is only an ogre part of the time.  Apart from being big and green, Gwen could be an ogre.  She has big teeth, a short-man-syndrome attitude, and a tough exterior.

I have let Gwen onto the bed a couple times in the past couple of days and have sat there with her to make sure she does not jump off on her own.  Earlier today I saw her jump at the bed like she wanted up on it but since her legs are so short and the bed is high she more or less body checked the bed and then ran away.  She will do this to the couch too sometimes when she does not coordinate her feet with her flight path when she is frapping.  I have even witnessed her running head first into the wall.  But she does not care, she just keeps on going.

Though I liken Gwendolyn to Princess Fiona, I still stand by our earlier “dubbing” of the Taz likeness.  She is still a little whirlwind, devilish creature!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Gwen and I went for a ride to the vet today to pick up her Trifexis (flea/heartworm med.).  It is official, she has learned “go for a ride.”  I said those magic words and she was jumping up and down and spinning in circles and barking at the door!  She was ready to get in but that soon wore off when I had to stop by the mailbox and up at the office to pick up a package.  Someone did not like being left in the car even for two minutes!  I even cracked the windows for her!  Today was the first time she has ever offered to jump out of the car!  (not a good thing)  Since I take her in my truck…it is a little ways off the ground for such a small dog.  I always pick her up!  She tried it twice.

Fall means cooler weather which means different clothes.  We got Gwen during the summer so we were in shorts and rarely wore socks.  Now that we are in jeans, sweatshirts, and wearing socks all the time, Gwen has taken to biting at my clothes.  Working hard at stopping this!  She got put in her box for biting my feet while I was typing this.  She will not (for the most part) bite white socks but anything fun and colorful apparently is fair game to her…which is a problem since I like to wear fun and brightly colored socks!  I just don’t get it.

Also, Gwen has figured out how to pull socks out of the side holes of our laundry hamper!  The dirty laundry is no longer safe from the little yellow beast!

Monday Moaning: Fleas

Gwen would like to moan to you all about her most recent “water torture” and other gripes that SHE has.   I wanted to post this on Monday since it is a gripe but that just did not happen.  Gwen has been having some trouble with fleas lately and she would like to tell you a little bit about it.  We are finally getting the flea problem under control, I hope (fingers crossed!!).

~    ~    ~

On Fwiday I went to puppy class since we couldn’t on Windsday.  I was very naughty.  I didn’t want to listen to the hoomans.  Momma was mad at me all day cause I was naughty and went potty in the house on some furnitures…but in my defense it was cause the scary vacuum monster came out to my living room.  It was an “accident.”  So momma just watched while daddy and I worked with the trainer.  I didn’t want to listen at all.  Just scratch.  itch itch itch! scratch scratch scratch!  I even made the trainer mad and frustrated with me!

Blah, blah, blah… The hoomans talked about my fleas and what I should get for them. Blaaaah, blah, blah.

When we got home, the hoomans tricked me.  They put me in the bathtub and gave me THE WORSTEST water torture EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I got scrubbed from ear to nub TWICE!!  They used the kong scrubby thingy to get the flea shampoo down deep in my long hairs and then they picked out as many fleas as they could find on me.  There were some that were dead and some that were still alive.  There were a bunch of floating dots in the bathtub.  I whined the whole time.  It was no fun!  Then they wrapped me up in a big fluffy towel and dried me with the loud purple thing that momma calls a “hair dryer.”  They found more fleas when they did that and drowned them in the sink with bubbles!  Those stupid fleas were hiding in my butt fluff!  I have a fluffy corgi butt and the fleas found good hiding places there!  Momma ended up getting out the tweezies and picking off more fleas that she found hiding when I was drying on the couch.  That water torture took a really long time!  But they gave me a new toy when they came back from the store on Satday!  –Gwen

~    ~    ~

On Saturday we went to the vet to pick up Gwen’s monthly heartworm/flea medicine.  This time we asked for the oral kind since the stuff that you put on their backs hasn’t been working well for us.  My cousin is a vet and she recommended that we see if we could get some Trifexis from our vet.  We talked to the dog trainer and he said the same thing.  We went to the vet and they gave us Trifexis!  This stuff is for fleas, heartworms, and intestinal parasites.  We gave it to Gwen with her dinner and waited.  The next day it was like the fleas that were left on her or she picked up were trying to abandon ship!  We were able to catch quite a few that were on the outside of her coat.  We drowned all of those!  In the past few days since the Great Flea Bath of the Year 12, Gwen’s itchiness and scratching has gone down quite a bit!  AND I have not seen any fleas on her (knock on wood!).  We still need to get the house de-bugged but I have been vacuuming it like mad, sucking up flea eggs and larvae.  I’ve gone the baking soda route, sprinkling it on the carpets and letting it sit (with Gwen locked in the kitchen) and then vacuuming it.  I’m a little afraid to use the chemical stuff….

I bought a cheap doggy shirt to put on Gwen so that she can get used to wearing “clothes” so I can put her Halloween costume on her at Halloween time…she hated it of course.  But it did make for some great pictures!

It says “Treat Eating Champ” on it.

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