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K is for Kong & L is for Lizard!

Again with another multiple letter post!  (oops…)

K is for Kong!

You know, the popular brand of dog toys!  Here at our house we love Kong!  There is the classic kong, you know the thing that you can stuff full of goodies for your dog to play with, and then there are other things like the Flyer (frisbees), the Wobbler (fill them with small treats and the dog works it to wobble out treats), the Wubba (I love saying that!), the Squeezz stick, ball, and ring toys, there are the Jels.  We’ve had a bunch of these toys and we are quite happy with their durability.  Not to say that they haven’t been destroyed.  There aren’t any toys that are totally indestructible, that would be an absolute miracle if there were!  (Some people do need to try and realize that…)

Kong also makes dog beds and crate pads.  We have one of these that we bought (Petsmart) and I love it!  It’s easy to keep clean and it is made of the tougher material that isn’t as easily damaged.  We’ve had it for about a month I think and it’s done well.  It’s water resistant which makes it easy to clean up any spills.  The reviews on the Petsmart website were a bit left or right, not much middle ground.  A lot of people were not happy with the fact that they weren’t totally indestructible and they blamed the Kong company for the fact that their dogs just destroy things.  The other half really liked the beds but maybe had one little gripe or something (e.g. not water proof, but water resistant) but were otherwise satisfied.  Overall we really like the Kong Crate Pad but we still put a towel in over it just to deter some little yellow tasmanian devil (evil corgi) from taking a liking to shredding this crate pad too.

The following are some examples of some of the toys that Gwen enjoys and we have no problem buying for her!

Kong Wubba

Kong Squeezz

Kong Squeezz Jels

Here is the link to the crate pad that we bought for Gwen (if y’all are interested).  I really like this and it took me awhile to find it.  Some may not be as satisfied as we are but I guess that means it all boils down to personal opinions.

Oh yeah!  And Kong makes toys for CATS now too!!!

L is for Lizard!  

This is totally unrelated to dogs.  I think lizards are cool and it just so happens to be a nickname that my family calls me and I’ve had it ever since I can remember!


C is for Catching up and moving out!

WordPress, oh how I hate you!  You deleted my post that took me over an hour to write, edit, put in the proper links, and proof read it once more!  Now I don’t want to even write it again!  It was about catching up with why I haven’t written for almost three whole weeks!  Also about the challenge that I have already failed since I did not start on the 1st with the letter A.  My theme for today was Catching up.  Over all the stress of moving very soon and dealing with the idiocracy of the Navy while also working longer hours has given me reason to not write.  I’ve been drowning in housework since I haven’t had the motivation to do any of it since all I want to do is sleep when I come home.  I’m always hungry.  All I want to do is read — I read two books that I’d been waiting for to come out in the last week.  Both well over 500 pages!  Gwen has been going for long walks to keep her happy and to atone for us having to leave her in her kennel or in the kitchen while we are both at work.  She got a new Chuckit frisbee for Easter!

Super summarized version of what I’d written earlier:

  • My last day at work is the 10th.
  • Movers are coming on the 10th.
  • Andrew may or may not be there when the movers are here. Of course, right?  So I’ve asked a friend to come for moral support for a couple hours at least — I’ve never done one of these moves before.
  • Can you see the growing conflict with time and dates there involving April 10th?!?!?!
    • Tried to move my last day to the 9th, they said “we’ll see what we can do” after I’d said that I couldn’t work that morning but I might be able to work that evening but it would be better if I could just change the day.  There wasn’t even the possibility of being able to give them a 2 week heads up since we’d found out about it within two weeks of even moving.
  • Put in our moving out notice but had to rescind it at one point and then put it in again and this time they weren’t going to let us pro-rate it.
  • Moving out on the 12th.

So much stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

99 cent Bully Stick Review:

  • Shipping:  Great price, very speedy!  We ordered on a Friday night (late) and they shipped Monday morning.  We had the bully sticks by Thursday!
  • Quality:  Very good quality, just like the 6” ones you can get at the stores like Petco only they are much cheaper!
  • Cons:  Stiiiiinky.  All bully sticks stink, that is a given.  Don’t expect them to not be stinky.  I kind of forgot how stinky they can be and I opened the package with my head over it and got a big whiff of gross!
  • Gwen’s Review:  Loved them!  She kept begging for them when they were sitting on the table after I brought them inside!  She didn’t want to wait until after dinner to munch on one of them!  The stinkier they are the better.
  • Click the section title if you want to go to the page with the bully sticks.

I have been a very bad blogger.  *hangs head in shame*   I have not written anything in weeks nor have I even taken any pictures of my dog, the main topic of this whole thing!  Shame on me!  I promise to do better in the future.  I am going to try to catch back up and keep up with the challenge but I can’t promise anything definite since we are in the process of getting ready to move and will be moving in about a week.  We have NOTHING packed up yet!  The movers will technically pack all our stuff for us but we haven’t even gotten through throwing stuff out.  I am in the pre-stages of hoarding so it is difficult…Andrew (or my mom) have to tell me THROW THINGS OUT!  for me to actually be able to do this successfully….  I was, however, able to go through the dog’s toys and throw out all the mangled and dead toys.  I reasoned that I was making room for new toys.  Andrew also had to make sure I followed through on throwing things out, especially if it had been cute or a baby toy or still had eyes.

Kitchen Jail Guilt

Gwen has been stuck in kitchen jail for the past few days since both Andrew and I were working.  When he was working during the night and sleeping during the day it was easier but after one day of her staying in her crate the whole time I was gone (someone never woke up) we decided to rig kitchen jail for her so she would at least be able to move around a little.  To make up for having to put the Princess in jail I brought home some goodies for her. 🙂

After my shift I bought a braided bully, a Red Barn Fetchers Bully Stick Treat, and a bag of puppy cookies!  The bag of cookies were “oops” cookies, meaning that they are discounted for a quick sale either because they have damaged packaging but are otherwise fine OR they are nearing some sell by date or the store just wants to get rid of them (also think seasonal products).  In this case it was the sell by date.  I got an employee discount on the first two items (yay!) and then the bag of cookies was already discounted so I bought them separately.

Now, the whole reason I bought this stick chew thing was because of where it was made:  Paraguay!  I saw them when I was stocking shelves on Sunday and told myself I would have to buy one for Gwen.  You may be wondering why I would care about something made in Paraguay.  The reason behind that is, I was born there and you don’t ever really hear much about the tiny, landlocked country in South America let alone things that were made there.  I will tell you how Gwen likes it once I give it to her.

Gwen and her Bully Braid with creepy eyes

Gwen got her bully braid!  She didn’t want to share it and kept crawling away to different places to hide and chew on it.  It was hard to get a picture of her!  She likes bully sticks and this was her first braid.  I think the braid held up remarkably well compared to the plain stick variety!

I am enjoying working at Petco very  much!  It has given me the opportunity to learn something new, get out of the house, earn some moola to pay for my animal addiction habit lifestyle.  I also get to see many different people and their animals.  I am getting better at the different kinds of transactions and things that people ask for.  I think my favorite things to ring up are the fish, the second are the animal toys.  My least favorites are returns without receipts, and things that are oops/match price that need a manager.  Those just take a long time since you have to call a manager and they have to walk over and then punch in their override codes.  Oh, and don’t forget receiving big bills.  Gotta have a manager make sure they are real, ya know.

Yesterday, we had a Darius Rucker sighting, though I am not sure it was real.  I do know that he is from this area and often returns home but I have never seen him.  I did not see him yesterday but the lady that I was ringing up swore that he just walked out the door!  I was the only one at the registers at the time and I didn’t recall ringing up anyone looking like him.  I don’t know.  I will just chaulk it up to almost seeing someone famous! 🙂  The conversation between the lady and I went something like this:  She was like “That was Darius Rucker!” I said “where?” she said “He just walked out the door!”

Have you ever met anyone famous?  I know my parents have, being in the airline industry they have told me stories of different people flying on their planes when they were working.  The only famous person I have met was Clinton Anderson.  He is a world famous horse trainer and clinician from Australia that does Natural Horsemanship.  Oh, now that I think about it I suppose I have met Ken McNabb too, another famous horse trainer and clinician.  Now they may not mean much to you, but in the horse world they do. 🙂

At some point in there I got off topic.  I was trying to tell about the animals…anyways, I think ferrets are cool, I wanted one before until I found out they are stinky.  I always said that if I got a ferret I would name him Ferris, as in Ferris Buller.  Ferris the Ferret, has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?  Well, yesterday I sold a little ball pit for ferrets and then one of the other associates sold some other nifty ferret toy and I started talking to her about ferrets.  Turns out she has one!  So this morning I started reading about ferrets.  They are nifty little creatures!

Did you know they sell leashes for Iguanas?!

Gwen is not thrilled about the Roomba today and is hiding behind me.  Occasionally she comes out and licks my computer screen.

Doggy Wisdom:

Random Bits:

I found this on facebook and I really wanted to share it.  You may have to have Facebook or be logged in to see it but you do not have to be my friend since it came from a news page.  I just thought it was funny.  It IS dog related, you’ll see. 🙂

My last little piece of random is this:  Glaucus atlanticus.  I saw this on Pinterest first,  then looked it up and started to find pictures of it.  This has to be one of the prettiest creatures I have ever seen!  I know it isn’t dog related but some things are just too good or neat not to share!  Aren’t they pretty?  This creature is a type of sea slug that eats the poisonous Portuguese Man O’War jellyfish and stores the venom in its body to use as its on protection.  It is only about 3 cm big.  Some common names for this creature are sea swallow and blue dragon.

Glaucus atlanticus