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Frappy Friday — Burrito Corgi


This picture was taken after Gwen went swimming…this is how I feel right now. Exhausted!

It’s finally Friday!  What a long, but enjoyable week, we’ve had!  We had a very enjoyable time with Andrew’s grandparents and Gwen certainly did too!  She figured out who would save her (Gma) and who would join in the teasing (Gpa).  Gwen realized that if she sat under Gma chair then no one would bother her.

Gwen got a couple bully sticks in her stocking.  These are totally new to her and of course she loved them!  When I tried to take it away from her she gave me the cold shoulder and snarled at me!  (Similar reaction with rawhides.)  Antlers she is fine with you taking them but not these disgusting tasty things!  (Side note:  do you know what bully sticks are made out of?!)  But try and take a rawhide or a bullystick and you best have a squirt bottle in your hand!  I have found that is the most effective way of dealing with it.  She nipped my finger once and got in trouble for that.  Though, the water squirt in the face seems to piss her off even more…  Either way we are now working on “drop it” with these super-duper-high-value chewy things!

Puppy was SUPER well behaved (minus said snarling incident) and I was so proud of her!  She showed off all her tricks and even made friends!  B&B (A’s grandparents) even said that they were very impressed at how well Gwen behaved!  They compared her to other dogs in the family and only had glowing remarks for Gwen.  😀  They loved how she goes in her crate nicely and is not a whiney pest.  They also liked the idea of the crate and how it keeps the dog contained when not around so that she can’t destroy things — we also had success with Dayzee, our lab, and I wouldn’t do it any other way!  When we would eat she would go in her crate, when we opened human presents and stockings she went in her crate, and when we would leave she would go in her crate.  Of course she’d get a cookie each time so she didn’t think it was a bad deal.  Gwen even put herself in her crate a couple times during the day when she would get tired.  She’d just walk in and go to sleep and come back out when she was ready (door remained open).

After all that excitement Gwen will get plenty of time to rest.  Yesterday, I flew out west to go home for my Grandpa’s funeral so Gwen got to stay the afternoon in her box.  Our friend Alicia is going to take care of her today.  Gwen loves her.  Yesterday she came over and Gwen was all waggles and kisses!  I felt bad leaving Gwen but I know that Andrew will keep her well entertained this weekend!

I am going to need to find a new toy box for Gwen!  She got so many toys this year!  What with being the new grand-dog and all…plus I felt the need to spoil my puppy!  🙂  Gwen received a plethora of new balls, an Angry Birds Frisbee, the toys from her Secret Santa (frisbee and balls), a new Kong from my parents, her own pair of socks from my parents, some cuddleys from B&B, a pully toy and a bandana from Andrew’s parents, a couple antlers and bully sticks from us, two new blingy collars from Santa (Santa found them on clearance at $3 each, can you imagine?!), a Kong Wubba, a Kong Squeezz stick, and a box of Christmas doggie cookies!  Gwen isn’t spoiled at all, can you tell?!  At least with all of these things to destroy play with she won’t be destroying the house!

We hope everyone had a very enjoyable Christmas!  🙂 — Gwen and her Hoomans


The Devil Went Down to Georgia

We all had a great time this Thanksgiving weekend!  Andrew had a 4 day weekend and we were able to spend it with family.  We left early on Thursday morning since it was over a 5 hour drive to get to Atlanta.  We (mostly Andrew) wrestled Gwen’s crate into the backseat of the Challenger, put our bags and cooler containing pies in the back of the car, loaded up the dog and off we went!  We showed up about an hour earlier than we were told to be there since Andrew had counted on there being traffic, but surprisingly there was none!  I think everyone was home cooking turkeys already.

Gwen got car sick in her crate about an hour and a half into the car ride.  She would not do good on roller coasters since it was through an exit/on ramp curve that was much too sharp and taken a wee bit fast for her taste.  So we had to pull over at a gas station to clean it up.  It made me sick.

We got to my cousins’ house and they brought out their Corgi so that the dogs could meet.  They hit it off right away!  Rio is a 9 year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi and a retired show dog.  They romped and played and then we took them into the house and Gwen got to investigate the backyard and deck!  Neither of those things has she seen before.  After awhile we took Gwen on a walk around the neighborhood.  The houses there are so pretty!  It makes me hate living in apartment-land so much!

Gwen got relegated to the backyard during dinner since I did not want her to beg or learn the art of begging.  Normally she is good when we eat and will not bother us but I did not know how well she would be with so many people eating (eleven!).  We had not brought her crate inside yet at that point.  We had so much good food over the weekend that coming back home makes eating miserable.

Rio and Gwen had so much fun!  They played and played until Rio got put in his crate so he would not be too stiff and sore.  Gwen has a limp (had it before we left — more on that to follow later) so them being separated was a good thing every once in awhile.  It gave her a chance to cool off too.  I kept trying to get pictures of them together and it took me FOREVER to get a good one!  They were both tired by the time I got a good picture.

Tired pooches!

We slept in the basement and every time we’d go downstairs they would stand at the top of the stairs and stare. Gwen would also bark. I think she liked hearing her shrill barks echo..

Gwen got to go on so many nice long walks since my cousins live in a very nice, quiet neighborhood and they were also not very far from a park where we went hiking.  It was Gwen’s first hiking trip and she did well.  She only made us stop to rest once.  She just kept trucking along doing her little corgi trot!  There were a bunch of big rocks that she navigated really well.  We met a couple dogs on the trail and only one was not very nice.  The owner and Andrew let the dogs sniff and some snarling and yelping ensued.  I’m not sure which party was to blame.  Some guy said “your little dog will be eaten by a bear” and Andrew told me later that he almost punched the guy.  I didn’t hear the guy right because I thought he just said “watch out for bears” which is what one of our friends always says (not sure why) so I wasn’t offended at the time.  Little corgis can go hiking too!!!

We had so much fun at my cousins’ house this weekend!  We stayed a little extra than we had originally planned.  I learned that I should ALWAYS pack an extra pair of jeans even if I intend/don’t care about wearing jeans for more than one day.  I always pack extras of the essentials but I only packed 1 pair of jeans and 1 sweatshirt and was ready for a change of clothes by the time we got home Sunday.  I am glad that they invited us to Thanksgiving!  It was such a good thing to be able to get out of town and be with family for the holiday!  Andrew was glad to be away from work people and all the stupid people that live around us and I was so glad to be with people!  I live the life of a hermit most days…

While we were there we went to the Garden Lights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  It was very cool to walk around and see all the lights!  I got some pictures with my phone of some of the things.  I’ve got a pretty good phone-camera compared to my old one!!!

I am quite proud of how well Gwen behaved!!  She told us when she wanted to go out, she did not bite anyone, she was not obnoxious with her barking, and she did not destroy anything!!!  She would bark when her humans would leave her at the top of the stairs and if someone would come around the corner from upstairs while she was unawares.   Most of the time she just did her soft “hurf” sound.  She would go outside and bark at the dog next door but then again that dog would bark at her so you can’t fault her too much for that, right?  Gwen also did not get on the furniture which was a major sigh of relief!  There is hope yet for teaching her not to jump onto the couch!! (it will be our next couch most likely since this one is too low to really enforce keeping her off it.)

By the end of the weekend Gwen was pretty well tuckered out.  When Rio would go outside to the yard, she would stay inside and lay sprawled out on the floor.  She even claimed the rug in front of the door as her own little bed. 🙂

Gwyndolyn was very good on the car ride home.  She “slept” most of the way but really I don’t think she slept at all.  She just laid there.  I stepped in dog poop at one of the rest stops because people today apparently are not capable of cleaning up after their dogs! I was so mad.  Luckily we were only about an hour or so away from home by that point.  We got stuck in a little traffic at one point which Gwen did NOT like since the car is a manual (and a muscle car) it would growl when we would move.  Puppy thought it was growling at her…she would whimper every time we would move.  I felt so sorry for her!

Gwen learned how to play frisbee by watching Rio!  He would get excited and hop around and wag his tail (Cardigan) and catch the frisbee.  Something that Gwen has never been interested in unless they were floppy.  Yesterday we received a package with some Christmas ornaments and stuff in it from my parents and there was a frisbee too.  Gwen loves playing with her new toy.  She also likes gnawing on the side of it.

Oh and one last thing!  Gwen finally figured out how to navigate stairs!  Out of necessity of course.  I couldn’t get her to go up the stairs next to our apartment but at the cousins’ house there were stairs everywhere for her to climb.  She ate it coming down the carpeted stairs once but that didn’t seem to bother her.  She refused the basement stairs since they were slippery and steep.  The deck stairs were nice since they were wooden and wider and also had a landing in the middle do halt the corgi slinky-momentum temporarily.

All in all, we had a terrific Thanksgiving weekend!!!

Extra bonus points for figuring out why this post is titled the way it is!! 😉