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M is for Monday & Memories

I may not be working now but this is how I felt today.  All I wanted to do was read, so I did!  Gwen curled up at the foot of our “bed” and slept for most of the afternoon.  Such a nice, lazy day.  Found this picture on the Daily Corgi’s Facebook page and had to use it. 🙂

I found this picture when I was looking through my phone.  Gwen was about 4 months old when this picture was taken. 🙂  A nice summer afternoon down at the Battery in the park.  Corgis climb trees, dontcha know! 😉  I love looking at pictures — and taking them too!  Especially when they are of cute little puppies!!!


Monday Moaning: Fleas

Gwen would like to moan to you all about her most recent “water torture” and other gripes that SHE has.   I wanted to post this on Monday since it is a gripe but that just did not happen.  Gwen has been having some trouble with fleas lately and she would like to tell you a little bit about it.  We are finally getting the flea problem under control, I hope (fingers crossed!!).

~    ~    ~

On Fwiday I went to puppy class since we couldn’t on Windsday.  I was very naughty.  I didn’t want to listen to the hoomans.  Momma was mad at me all day cause I was naughty and went potty in the house on some furnitures…but in my defense it was cause the scary vacuum monster came out to my living room.  It was an “accident.”  So momma just watched while daddy and I worked with the trainer.  I didn’t want to listen at all.  Just scratch.  itch itch itch! scratch scratch scratch!  I even made the trainer mad and frustrated with me!

Blah, blah, blah… The hoomans talked about my fleas and what I should get for them. Blaaaah, blah, blah.

When we got home, the hoomans tricked me.  They put me in the bathtub and gave me THE WORSTEST water torture EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I got scrubbed from ear to nub TWICE!!  They used the kong scrubby thingy to get the flea shampoo down deep in my long hairs and then they picked out as many fleas as they could find on me.  There were some that were dead and some that were still alive.  There were a bunch of floating dots in the bathtub.  I whined the whole time.  It was no fun!  Then they wrapped me up in a big fluffy towel and dried me with the loud purple thing that momma calls a “hair dryer.”  They found more fleas when they did that and drowned them in the sink with bubbles!  Those stupid fleas were hiding in my butt fluff!  I have a fluffy corgi butt and the fleas found good hiding places there!  Momma ended up getting out the tweezies and picking off more fleas that she found hiding when I was drying on the couch.  That water torture took a really long time!  But they gave me a new toy when they came back from the store on Satday!  –Gwen

~    ~    ~

On Saturday we went to the vet to pick up Gwen’s monthly heartworm/flea medicine.  This time we asked for the oral kind since the stuff that you put on their backs hasn’t been working well for us.  My cousin is a vet and she recommended that we see if we could get some Trifexis from our vet.  We talked to the dog trainer and he said the same thing.  We went to the vet and they gave us Trifexis!  This stuff is for fleas, heartworms, and intestinal parasites.  We gave it to Gwen with her dinner and waited.  The next day it was like the fleas that were left on her or she picked up were trying to abandon ship!  We were able to catch quite a few that were on the outside of her coat.  We drowned all of those!  In the past few days since the Great Flea Bath of the Year 12, Gwen’s itchiness and scratching has gone down quite a bit!  AND I have not seen any fleas on her (knock on wood!).  We still need to get the house de-bugged but I have been vacuuming it like mad, sucking up flea eggs and larvae.  I’ve gone the baking soda route, sprinkling it on the carpets and letting it sit (with Gwen locked in the kitchen) and then vacuuming it.  I’m a little afraid to use the chemical stuff….

I bought a cheap doggy shirt to put on Gwen so that she can get used to wearing “clothes” so I can put her Halloween costume on her at Halloween time…she hated it of course.  But it did make for some great pictures!

It says “Treat Eating Champ” on it.

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