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U is for Upside-down Corgi [A&B also included]

Here is my catch up post for letters A and B!  Today’s letter, U, will be at the end after A & B.

A is for Antlers!

Antlers are one of Gwen’s FAVORITE things to gnaw on!  We have heard of the horror stories where dogs break teeth on them but they seem to be a better option than rawhides which can get all gunked up and cause obstructions in their innards.  When an antler gets too small and nubby it goes in the trash — don’t want any little doggies choking on anything too small!

There are different kinds of antlers; deer, elk, moose, and split elk.  Gwen’s favorite is the elk.  She will still chew on the deer but she just goes to town on elk!  We don’t give her split anymore since she likes to get all the marrow out of the middle and I’m afraid she’ll hurt her teeth by the way she does it.  We never tried moose so I don’t know how well those hold up.  Deer are pretty durable and seem to last the longest, at least in our household.

Gwen’s Sabertooth Look at Christmas — Deer Antler

B is for Bully Sticks!

I have written about bully sticks before and I have also shared some deals that I found on bully stick buying.  Bully sticks are awesome.  The down side to them is that they are super stinky!  I know there are some out there that are “odorless” or “low-odor” but I don’t know how they do that.  Bully sticks are all natural, 100 % beef, made from North and South American raised cattle.  We don’t give Gwen bullies everyday — I don’t think that would be very healthy — but she gets them every once in awhile and absolutely loves them!  I prefer to give her the braided ones since they last a little longer than the plain sticks but we do have a huge hoard of 6” sticks!

U is for Upside-down Corgi!

After 2.5 days at the grandpawrents’ house playing with the cousin doggies Gwen was so tired!  I took her on a short walk before we started out this morning and she probably didn’t even need to go on that except to go potty before heading out.  She curled up in her crate and slept the whole day!  She never got up to look out the window; never protested having to ride in the car or in the backseat the whole day.  It was such a nice day driving with her!  I wish we had tried to push on to Bozeman but we decided to just go with our original plans and stay in Billings, MT.  We even tried to go to Little Big Horn but we got there about 10 minutes after they closed.  We were really looking forward to it even though we (both humans) have been there before.

Gwen spent her entire day laying upside down in her crate in the car while we drove!

Corgis have a strange habit of sleeping on their backs and in the oddest positions.  If you are not familiar with them, take a moment and Google “Corgi Sleeping” or “Corgi Sleeping on Back” and you will get a little taste of their funny sleeping habits. 🙂

I tried to get a picture of Gwen sleeping today but it was difficult considering she was inside her giant crate.

This pic is a little older but shows an excellent example of Corgi sleeping positions…

We have two days left in our journey to our new home — we ended up spitting the last leg in half so we didn’t have to drive so long or hard.  Both of us are getting excited about moving into our new home and also being able to see family and friends back home!



J.R.R. Tolkein and a Sleeping Corgi

Today is J.R.R. Tolkein‘s birthday!  (Author of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit books in case you didn’t know.)  It would be his 121st birthday today.  Kind of ironic since I just finished reading The Hobbit last night!  I had read it in 6th grade but when I read it again it was like reading a whole new book since I had forgotten some of the details.  It only took me three days total to read it (two on the airplane and then finished it at home) as opposed to the week plus that we spent reading it in class in 6th grade.  Either way it is still a great book!

Gwen laid on my legs while I finished the book yesterday.  She has become a more affectionate dog since we’ve had her and since she has started to get a little older, and I use “older” lightly since she is still a puppy.  Gwen is now more prone to cuddling and laying next to you and occasionally on you when you are on the couch.  She used to squirm until you let her go, now she will stay still for a bit.  Though, if you take one of her favorite spots on the couch she will get mad at you.

Corgis have the weirdest sleeping positions!  You would think that it would not be comfortable laying all twisted or with your feet in the air but corgis do it.  They also have their signature style of “drummies out” as we call it (we picked it up along the way while following other corgi pages).  I have seen other dogs lay all sprawled out like a corgi but it just is not the same; it must be the short, stubby legs.  Today I was watching Gwen sleep, no not in a creepy way but rather looking over while I was reading things and every time I would look at her she would be laying differently!  I got a couple pictures but after the second she caught on and went elsewhere to continue her napping.

Drummies Out

Oh, and Gwen likes our “new” furniture arrangement…she likes the big open space where there is no table and no Christmas tree — we have not yet moved the furniture back to their normal locations.  She was running suicides in our living room earlier, running back and forth with a ball in her mouth growling and squeaking!  She is such a hoot!