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Pictures with Santa Pawz!

This year Gwen and I went to see Santa Pawz at our local Petsmart.

Picture with Santa-1

Andrew had to work that day so we went with a friend and her Chocolate Lab, Hershey.  Hershey’s mom got the picture where both dogs looked good.  I got the picture where Gwen looked goofy. 🙂

Hershey and Gwen

This past weekend Andrew had Saturday off so we were able to get a family picture with Santa!

Santa blinked, I know, but Gwen kept being naughty so we took what we could get… SHE will most likely be getting coal this year in her stocking….

AEG Santa pic

Merry Christmas


Gwyendolyn Rose


her Hoomins!


Christmas Model Pup

I gots my piktshur taken at the Hooowliday Pawty!  These is tew of them.  Mommy hooman doesn’t knows I posting them!  I iz a model!  Maybee I bee on the Kwismus cawd next yeear!      — Gwen