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U is for Upside-down Corgi [A&B also included]

Here is my catch up post for letters A and B!  Today’s letter, U, will be at the end after A & B.

A is for Antlers!

Antlers are one of Gwen’s FAVORITE things to gnaw on!  We have heard of the horror stories where dogs break teeth on them but they seem to be a better option than rawhides which can get all gunked up and cause obstructions in their innards.  When an antler gets too small and nubby it goes in the trash — don’t want any little doggies choking on anything too small!

There are different kinds of antlers; deer, elk, moose, and split elk.  Gwen’s favorite is the elk.  She will still chew on the deer but she just goes to town on elk!  We don’t give her split anymore since she likes to get all the marrow out of the middle and I’m afraid she’ll hurt her teeth by the way she does it.  We never tried moose so I don’t know how well those hold up.  Deer are pretty durable and seem to last the longest, at least in our household.

Gwen’s Sabertooth Look at Christmas — Deer Antler

B is for Bully Sticks!

I have written about bully sticks before and I have also shared some deals that I found on bully stick buying.  Bully sticks are awesome.  The down side to them is that they are super stinky!  I know there are some out there that are “odorless” or “low-odor” but I don’t know how they do that.  Bully sticks are all natural, 100 % beef, made from North and South American raised cattle.  We don’t give Gwen bullies everyday — I don’t think that would be very healthy — but she gets them every once in awhile and absolutely loves them!  I prefer to give her the braided ones since they last a little longer than the plain sticks but we do have a huge hoard of 6” sticks!

U is for Upside-down Corgi!

After 2.5 days at the grandpawrents’ house playing with the cousin doggies Gwen was so tired!  I took her on a short walk before we started out this morning and she probably didn’t even need to go on that except to go potty before heading out.  She curled up in her crate and slept the whole day!  She never got up to look out the window; never protested having to ride in the car or in the backseat the whole day.  It was such a nice day driving with her!  I wish we had tried to push on to Bozeman but we decided to just go with our original plans and stay in Billings, MT.  We even tried to go to Little Big Horn but we got there about 10 minutes after they closed.  We were really looking forward to it even though we (both humans) have been there before.

Gwen spent her entire day laying upside down in her crate in the car while we drove!

Corgis have a strange habit of sleeping on their backs and in the oddest positions.  If you are not familiar with them, take a moment and Google “Corgi Sleeping” or “Corgi Sleeping on Back” and you will get a little taste of their funny sleeping habits. 🙂

I tried to get a picture of Gwen sleeping today but it was difficult considering she was inside her giant crate.

This pic is a little older but shows an excellent example of Corgi sleeping positions…

We have two days left in our journey to our new home — we ended up spitting the last leg in half so we didn’t have to drive so long or hard.  Both of us are getting excited about moving into our new home and also being able to see family and friends back home!



Pneumonia and A-to-Z Challenge

Little hammy sleeping in the corner.  So cute!

Gwen is sitting here chewing on an antler on the couch.  When I gave her the first antler back in the fall I wouldn’t let her chew on it on the couch.  Now I have relented/given up.  She can chew on the antler anywhere.  Bully sticks and rawhides are on the floor though!  Those both stink and have yucky residual stuff that comes off them.  I guess this is like human parents giving up on their human children.  This whole thing reminds me of this thing I once saw on Pinterest…

This sounds about right, don’t you agree?

This just in:  medical update on the husband is that he has pneumonia.  Lovely.  Absolutely lovely.  We all called it, he just finally got diagnosed it.  We tried to go in to the ER this morning but to get the Navy to still pay for it he had to call the Corpsman at the hospital and say that he needed to go to the ER, they transfered him to the Nurse’s station who was supposed to “decide if you need to go to the ER or not” but they put us on hold for like 5 min, hung up and tried again and the same thing happened.  So he was like screw it I will just go to sick call again and demand to see a doctor if they try to dismiss me again.  So the Corpsman that looked at him today said that his lungs did NOT sound fine and got him in for a chest X-Ray before the doctor came to see him.  Now he has a whole bunch of medicine to take.  He is coming home today to be a slug and is on light duty for awhile after that while he gets better.

Andrew being sick puts a kink in our weekend plans. 😦  We were going to go to this Corgi event on Saturday but I guess now it will just be Gwen and I.

Today, I signed up to do the Blogging from A-to-Z Challenge in April!  Basically it is posting everyday (except Sundays) using the letter of the day to determine what your theme is for the post.  The sign ups for it are open right now, go ahead and click on the link to find out more information about it and maybe even sign up!  Any kind of blog/blogger can do it!  Check out some of the other blogs that are already signed up!  Since it is a pretty open topic (just gotta incorporate “the letter of the day” in the theme) I think this will be pretty fun!  Though I am wondering how it will work when I want to tell about some of Gwen’s ridiculousness of the day…guess we will find out in April!

(Apparently I like exclamation marks today!)

Happy Christmas Eve!

In case we don’t get a chance to say it later, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Before I get into anything else I just wanted to say that GWEN WAS ON THE DAILY CORGI TODAY!!!! 😀  Here is the link to that. 

We have had a busy weekend getting ready for guests and Christmas dinner.  Gwen got to open her Corgi Secret Santa present this afternoon!  We will definitely be posting what she got later this week — expect that post after Christmas sometime. 🙂  I will say that Gwen’s present came from Sawyer, a Corgi in Canada!  I will say that she loves her presents that she got!  And her stocking which is now hanging on the outside of her bedroom aka crate.

I’ve made 2 of our 3 pies so far!  Chocolate and Pumpkin.  Mincemeat will be later today.  I love pie!

Gwen went swimming on Saturday and I got a bunch of good pictures this time (again)!  I will do a short one on that later this week too.  After swimming we got to take her raffle winnings home too.

This antler looks like a fang to me and being the Harry Potter fan that I am, I decided that it was a Basilisk Fang!  It could also be a Saber Tooth Tiger’s tooth or a Walrus/Elephant Tusk.  You take your pick!


Just looking cute holding my antler, no big deal!


Earlier this week, Gwen got her first antler!  I got her one of the split elk antlers.  She loves it!  That being said, on the same day that I gave it to her, I saw on Puppy on a Roomba‘s facebook page that he, Ty, had cracked a couple of teeth from chewing on his antler!  I didn’t know what to think since some of her nylabones are kind of hard too and she is only going at the marrow in the middle right now, not really chewing on the outside.  So I let her chew on her antler and then decided to contact my cousin who is a vet and see what she had to say on the matter.

My cousin said that rawhide bones (not flats) are best since antlers and nylabones can splinter and cause issues with teeth and intestines, and pigs ears are just gross.  The flat rawhides can cause problems too, like getting stuck in their throats.

Now I know everyone has different opinions and everything, but sometimes it is nice to get one from a professional!

Either way, Gwen looked cute chewing on her antler and was so excited when I got the box.  I think she knew that what was inside it was for her.  She sat so patiently in the kitchen while I dug it out of the box too (it was buried in styrofoam peanuts!)


P.S. I still don’t know what to do about the antler…risk it and let her chew on it or take it away completely.  She only gets it with supervision and then not for too long.  I gave it to her after dinner last night for about an hour and a half before I put it away. (This was before hearing back from my cousin.)  Right now she is playing with a plastic water bottle.  Cheapest and easiest toy ever!