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Puppy Class

Yesterday, Gwen had puppy class!  Puppy class for her is like private tutoring but she is learning lots and it has definitely been worth it!  We go every Wednesday evening for an hour.  Gwen never eats dinner afterwards because she is too full of squishy, meaty treats.  Last night she actually ate the half-rations we put in front of her (yes, we always offer her at least half of her normal dinner amount after class)!

So at the start of class we go over her “homework” with our trainer, and I will admit, I don’t practice with her as much as I should every day (for shame, I know…) but she still picks things up incredibly quick.  We do use her commands (e.g. sit, down, heel) everyday, so she at least uses them daily.  We always do a quick and complete review of everything earlier in the day before heading to class.  The one problem Gwen has is when she comes to class she is SO full of energy!  No matter if we’ve played and played before we head over, she is like the Energizer Bunny!   So we do the name game (basically running all over PetCo hiding & calling “GWEN!” and clapping, she and the trainer come find me), and yesterday we practiced “come” a lot across the training room.  Corgis running has to be THE CUTEST thing EVER!  Especially with her derpy tongue lolling out her mouth!

I digress, our trainer reviewed her homework and she did superb!  I was so proud of my little yellow monster!  She even did “Stay” nicely which we have been working on!  Still am proud of her, hence a whole post about puppy class!  🙂

Going to take Gwen to the puppy socialization thing at PetCo this weekend.  It’s basically supervised play time with other puppies (small dogs up to 1 yr, big dogs up to 6 mo).  We have yet to go to one, but we figured it was time to at least sign up, the worst that can happen is it can be cancelled and we won’t go.  I am hoping that more people sign up so she has others to play with (we were first to put our names down).

When we were leaving we saw a guy come in with the cutest little puppy!  Guess what breed it was!  A Pembroke Welsh Corgi!!!!!!  It was a little tri-colored male and he was 8 or 9 weeks (forgot what the guy said).  As adorable as the little guy was, I would not have brought my baby puppy into the pet store and risk him getting sick!  We waited to take Gwen to the pet store til she had all her shots!  Either way, the pup was so stinking adorable and all wiggly and he wagged his nub!   I miss how small Gwen was when we got her!  One day we will get another Corgi (Pem. of course!) and I think it will be a Tri that we will look for.  I really wanted a red female this time, and that’s what we got!  🙂  I also wish Gwen had more of a nub.  Her nub is so short that people ask me if she has a tail, or where is her tail?!  They usually say it with an interrobang (?!) sound to their voices which makes me feel bad or embarrassed cause my little dog doesn’t have a tail. 😦


ALSO, I bought Gwen a Halloween costume the other day!!!  Pictures will come of that around Halloween time of course! 😉


Worms, Subs, Nugget and Blog Bits

Gwen’s Weekend

Gwen has been asleep all afternoon.  I put her in her bed so I could make a run to the store and she barely woke up.  I came home and she walked out and crawled up onto her favorite sleeping space (on the shelf under the coffee table).  I don’t think she feels very well still.  She hasn’t felt very well this weekend since we realized she was a little wormy…when I say wormy I mean the poor thing had worms!  [*Sidenote:  She is moaning/closed mouth howling in her sleep.  It is both cute and pathetic at the same time.  Poor baby!]  I called the vet and they said to describe them and I did.  The lady said it sounded like tapeworms.  I thought, “great just what our growing pup needs!”  The lady said to bring her by and they would have some wormer ready for her.

I told Andrew to look up how she could have picked up a tapeworm.  The result of his research was an infected flea.  (Fleas are problematic here and Gwen hasn’t taken kindly to them…I have done what I can to keep them away and her comfortable.)  The other ways to pick up a tapeworm were highly unlikely for her.  We picked up her wormer and gave it to her when we got home.  She kind of just slept it all off — we don’t think she felt very good for a couple days since it takes like 24-36 hrs for it to kill them wormies.  I think we were lucky enough to catch her little worm infestation before it actually did become that:  an infestation.

This was all on Saturday.  After we took her to the park, an adventure in itself….

We got up early, fed puppy early and headed to the park after she’d had time to digest a little.  Well that also coincided with normal post breakfast nappy time.  But Gwen loves the park!  So we headed downtown to take her to the Battery park.  As we were heading towards Charleston traffic slowed. Apparently a car had caught fire on the freeway.  I had never seen a car on fire before!  I have seen RVs and a Semi but never a car!  It was some SUV that was turned the wrong direction (must have crashed) and ablaze.  We were redirected to Mount Pleasant (nearest exit).  We decided to go see if we could find a park to take Gwen to anyways.

Right after we crossed the Ravenel Bridge (Google it, it looks cool) and entered Mount Pleasant we turned off onto Patriots Point.  There is a bunch of stuff there that we decided we would go check out someday without puppy (museumy type things).  We got out and went to see this big submarine memorial.  It was pretty neat.  There is a submarine made out of black cinder-blocks and metal and around it is a walkway.  The whole thing is a memorial to the Cold War era submarines.  I am having a difficult time trying to describe the memorial, so if you are interested, check out the following link and at least look at the pictures.

After walking around the memorial at Patriots Point park, we decided we would head to the Battery.  Gwen had not gotten to really play since we only walked on a path.  By the time we parked and walked to the park she was starting to slow down.  So we kept our trip short and walked across the park before heading back to the truck.  We got home and Gwen drank water and went to sleep. She got the rest of the afternoon to sleep while the humans had the afternoon to themselves.  We (the humans) went out and got the cars (both!) washed! (exciting I know.)

Sunday evening we took Gwenie out for her long walk and she met 3 new dogs!  They were all off leash and I wish that I could trust her off leash because there was a young pup named Roxy that was playing with Gwen and I would have loved to see them run in the field together!  The dogs’ owner came up and we talked to them while the puppies played.  Oh! While I am on this subject, Gwen had a run in with Nugget the doxy that lives a couple doors down from us.  Nugget and Gwen have met before but this Nugget decided to instill some wisdom upon Gwen.  Nugget (she is about 4 I think the guy said?) asserted her dominance and Gwen was like whoa!  It was funny to watch since they are both about the same size.  Gwen hasn’t really come across any dogs that really pay attention to her.  The first was Nugget.

I can’t wait until Gwen meets Auntie Dayzee and Cousin Bella. 🙂  They are both labs.  Not sure how Great-Uncle Nemo (poodle) will put up with crazy corgi.

Blog Bits

So as I am doing this blog, I have started to find that there are a lot of blogs out there that people have dedicated to their Corgis or at least post about their Corgis a lot!  I have 3 Favorites!  They are as follows (click on the names to be directed to the other blogs!):

These are my top 3 favorites.  Check them out and you can meet Gimli, Gibson, and Ty & Eve.  Ty and Eve (Puppy on a Roomba) also have their own Facebook pages where they post their own thoughts!  …I have considered making Gwen a Facebook page.  I mean I have, after all, made a page for my horse!  There is also of course The Daily Corgi which you must also check out!


ONE LAST THING!!! Today Gwen is exactly 4 months old!!!  — check out our new PitaPata Widget on the left side of the screen.  It tells Gwen’s exact age!  You can figure out your pet (or even your own) exact age if you go to the PitaPata webpage (Google it).  Pretty neat, I say! 😉

My week wit da hoomans

My momma says I can heps wif dis post.  She says she translates my baby puppy speaks so yoos can reads its!  Luv, Gwenie

*Sigh* I think I am glad this week is almost over.  Today was sooooper exciting but I’ll try to start earlier this week.

Momma says that I have sharp teeth and wants to know when they will fall out and my big girl teeth will come in!  I’ve already lost almost all of the teefs in the front and my big girl teefs are growing in now!  I won’t let her take pictures of my teef.

I kept trying to get into the kitchen before the floor was all cleaned up of all the interesting smells and crumbs.  Momma put the scary vacuum monster in the doorway and I barked and barked but it didn’t move.  That thing is really scary!!

On Wednesday I brought momma my leash!  We were headed out the door for puppy class!  I was full of sooooo much energies that I couldn’t focus this week.  We worked on “Bang!” (playing dead) and the name game.  Oh and started “stay” but I don’t like that command.  My puppy ADD gets in the way and I start licking the floor.

Thursday I slept all day while momma read most of the day.  That was fun.

Friday was NOT fun!  Momma decided I needed a BATH! Ugh!  That was like torture! And then after I smelled “good” momma used the hooman hairs dryer on me to get me dry.  I hate that thing!  It is like a vacuum monster except small!  I hid my face and did not scratch up my hooman!  The vacuum monster came out to eat all the dirt in the living room and I couldn’t go under the bed to hide since I just got clean.  Once I got dry then the brush torture started.  My coat got brushed and I tried to bite it and roll over and squirm away so momma couldn’t brush me but she just kept brushing my hairs til they looked “pretty.”  Thank goodness THAT is over!

Momma made me a NEW bandana and let me on the big hooman bed!  I even let her take some pictures of me!

I tried to escape when momma tried to take a before picture.

Looking at the evil water thing!


I has cute corgi butt!

I helped make the bed! It was hard work! Nap time?

I was still mad at momma for making me get in the bath.  And then she did this to my ears and made fun of them. I do not like “wind blown look,” stoopid hooman!

I sit nicely waiting for daddy at the door when I hear his boots go clomp, clomp, clomp outside!  And then I POUNCE on him when he comes in the door!!

*YAWN* I is getting reewy sweepy now.  I tink I gonna go sweeps now.  Momma says we can fill yoous in on our weekend adventures after the weekend is dones. Night night. Puppy kisses, Gwen

Numbah 4!

Last night little miss lost another tooth!  I even found it the morning while vacuuming!  Not sure what happened to the other two, best guess is that they are in the vacuum.  I think I said it before but let me just say it again;  her little puppy teeth are so tiny!!!

Dramatic and Toothless

Gwen lost ANOTHER tooth last night!  So she has now lost 3 teeth. I even found one of them last night in the carpet, it was so tiny!!!


Miss Toothless is as mouthy as ever.  We went to puppy class last night and she was a ball of fire.  She had so much energy that she didn’t know how to contain herself to focus!  This was after we had played for awhile before I asked her if she wanted to go for a ride. (The new magic words).  Once she ran around PetCo, trainer in tow, trying to find me while I clapped and shouted Gwen!, she was ready to work on new things and review her old lessons.  Yesterday’s exercise was in the store was in case she was lost then theoretically she’d be able to follow her owners’ voices and sounds.  It does work when we treat every time she comes to use and play the “name game” regularly.  The name game is basically saying her name and when she comes and sits then she is rewarded with a treat.


Gwen is getting better about riding in the car.  This morning we went to the vet to get the last round of puppy shots so she will not have to go back until next year for more shots, or until she gets spayed (in the next month or two).  She was excited to go for the ride in the car and she even rode relatively nicely.  Everyone absolutely loves Gwen and all the ladies at the vet’s office know her by name and give her treats and pets when she comes in.  Needless to say, Gwen likes going to the vet, it’s the being seen by the vet that she does not like one bit.

Long story short she does not like to be examined by the vet.  You can look in her mouth and rub her tummy but as soon as you get something you intend to stick her with or stick in her she wants nothing of it.  She makes the most horribly, ridiculous yet hilarious sounds.  I wish I could record them.  The vet (a female who has never seen her before – usually it’s a male doc who has seen her every time) asked if she was “like this at home” and I asked what she meant and she said “dramatic.”  My answer, “yeah, that sounds like Gwen.  Dramatic.”

Gwen now ways 14.6#, that is a 1# increase since we were there last week picking up flea/heartworm meds.  She is growing about a pound a week.  Not sure what that equates in length since Corgis grow longer rather than taller.

The visit to the vet interrupted her regularly scheduled morning nap time.  This did not please Miss Gwen.  She started getting tired in the car and tried to crawl over into my lap and once she figured out that was not happening she curled up in the seat (a first!).  We got home and she got a drink of water and then curled up in her spot under the coffee table.  As I write this, she is laying corgi-style in her bed.  Corgi-style, if you are not aware, is flopped over on their backs with the legs stuck up in the air and head flopped to the side.  Not too long ago we had to move the divider in her crate back so she could have more room to stretch out; she has grown so much!!!


Can’t forget this!  The little gremlin likes hiding under the bed now when she goes in the bedroom.  It’s like a cave with things to crawl around and over and to chew on!

Random Bits of Puppy-ship

My biggest fear with getting a puppy was not the biting or the training but the housebreaking.  It turned out that this pup has been pretty easy!  She has only had a few accidents in the house, most of which come from miscommunication between puppy-humans or human-human (didn’t tell the other when she was out last).  She tries her very best to communicate the need to go outside.

*    *    *    *    *

Gwen’s antics from the past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy.  I went away for a week to go back home to visit family and attend a friend’s wedding.  In that time Andrew was left alone with Gwen.  Since he was only working for a couple hours each day it seemed perfect since that meant she did not have to stay in her crate for very long at all.  She was fine in her crate while Andrew was at work but she apparently missed me.  She chewed on the coffee table and the TV stand when Andrew was in the other room for just a minute.  She chewed on some books and papers when they were both in his office together.  She was pretty crazy was the general word I got from him.  We decided that Gwen missed me since I was gone because I am able to leave her alone for awhile in the living room while I’m in another room and not worry about her so long as I know she’s been out recently.

When I got home Gwen was like a different dog!  She was happy again, especially when both of her humans were home at the same time!  Andrew started his new schedule so he was gone for longer hours which threw off Gwen’s world apparently.  She’d sit and look at the door for awhile every now and then waiting for him to walk in the door.  Once she figured out the new routine she was golden, and will now get excited when she hears the key in the lock!

*    *    *    *    *

We started puppy classes with Gwen at the beginning of August and those have been going very well.  Only two so far but she already knows so much!  Gwen learned “sit” the first day that we had her at home.  “Down” and “roll over” followed just a couple days after.  So she already had some of the commands under her little belt by the time we started with the trainer.  Andrew took her to her first session since I was in WA and they worked on what she already knew as well as getting some homework to work on at home.

Week 2 of puppy class was cool.  Gwen got to learn “on” and “off”, and not just getting off the couch.  She learned how to climb up things like a box and how to jump off of them.  She was afraid of the boxes at first but got over that since the “Treat man” had tasty treats on that box!  He then stacked another box so she had to go up 2 steps.  She ended up going up to table height and back down. Gwen LOVED it!  It was like creating a monster!  She also learned “heel” (2 forms) and we reviewed her last lesson.

Gwen loves climbing and going under, in, and through things!  We had planned on doing agility with her (assuming she liked it) and we can already tell she will love it!  Assuming that is, that she wants to listen to her humans’ direction.  She is a stubborn little toad some days!  I set up a box in the hallway the other day so she has to go through that to get out of the living room (when she is allowed out the gate.  We have half the room cordoned off from her so she cannot just tear through the house all willy nilly like some people think we should let her do as a young puppy….  In having to go through this box she gets to have fun and already wants to go into a dark tunnel.  Andrew really wants to get her a tunnel, like the real agility ones, so she can go through it.  We are on the  look out for one now.

*    *    *    *    *

We took the pup down to Battery Park down by the waterfront as her first outing to the park once she had received all her shots to be able to go into public and be around strange dogs.  She absolutely LOVED it!!!  She met a Bassett Hound pup about the same age as her and a whole bunch of different types of people.  Some she wasn’t as found of as others…like the woman who came up to her and got right in her face and talked all loud and scary…I could have punched the lady, instead I just made sure Gwen didn’t fall off the gazebo wall that she had climbed up.

The Facebook post for that day was:

Took the puppy to the park down by the battery. She loved it! She met tons of people and another puppy, a basset hound. Gwen got so excited she expelled the contents of her stomach as soon as we left all the excitement. She then decided (later) to expel the rest of her stomach contents onto my arm in the car on the way home…gross. She is now asleep in her box…walked in on her own without any coaxing.

We, or should I say I,have had some pretty interesting days with this little dog.  She can be a hoot some days and a terror on others.  (Note:  I do not want kids!  A puppy is bad enough!!!)  I looked back on some other facebook posts and came across one that said, “Dog is very vocal today…please just shoot me.”  Another that said, “Just found out that my puppy got ahold of my laptop charger…bah humbug! This was my new one! How come she couldn’t’ve chewed on Andrew’s?! He has the one that needs replacing!! =/”  Destructo puppy!

Then there are the days when Gwen just doesn’t understand what’s going on… “Gwen doesn’t understand why I wouldn’t let her go play with the 2 big dogs that came out into “her” yard today! She wiggles her nub when she wants to go meet new people and dogs.”  That lady did NOT have her HUGE dogs under control so there was no way we were getting any closer even though we wanted to go inside and Gwen wanted to go play with them.

*    *    *    *    *

When I returned from my trip I found that Gwen had grown!!!  She also loved attacking my fingers and toes since I had my nails painted and I am pretty sure that is the first time that she had seen painted nails before!  Strange that you can see the change in her in just a week of not seeing her!

*    *    *    *    *

 Gwen’s eating habits are a mystery too.  Corgis are supposed to be known for eating til the cows come home yet this little thing eats like my grandparents’ Toy Poodle, Nemo.  She eats a little and takes it away from the bowl too.  We did not want to leave food out for her to graze on but she wouldn’t eat otherwise.  Maybe she will change her habits later on??

*    *    *    *    *

Some Facebook posts about little Gwyndolyn:

  • Gwen likes putting her toys under neath the TV stand thing…her legs are too short to be able to scoop them out from under it…
  • “I do not like this Sam I am. I do not like this hand held fan.” — Andrew’s rhyme for Gwen’s take on being dried with the blow dryer.
  • Gwen alerted me that the vacuum moved to the hallway…I told her “thank you” and she quit barking.