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Gotcha, Gwennie!


Saturday was Gwen’s 2nd Gotcha Day! We celebrated by giving Gwennie cuddles (she didn’t really want them) and a new collar with some new bows to put on said collar (she would have preferred cookies and toys over accessories).  I can’t believe we have had Gwen for two whole years!!!  Though it has certainly been an enjoyable two years! 🙂

Also: Fitz is now officially 5 months old! (On saturday, he was.)

It was so difficult to get a picture of the two of them together where they were both looking in the same direction (sorta) with eyes open, ears upright, and not wiggling!  Anyone that owns a corgi and likes to take pictures of them knows how difficult it is to photograph one Corgi, but make it 2 Corgis and the level of difficulty is exponentially worse!



Happy Belated Gotcha Day, Gwen!

Once again I have been a very bad blogger.  Since my last post many, many things have happened that were blog worthy!  The first of which was Gwen’s very first “Gotcha Day!”  That means a year ago on June 29th is when we got our little Fairwyn Gwyndolyn Rose from her breeder and took her home to live with us!  Let’s rewind the clocks a couple weeks and give this little doggie the attention she deserves. 😉

Gwennie on the way home from the breeders for the very first time.



She rode the last half hour of our 4.5 hr trip home on the floor boards under the AC vent. She was so cute and fluffy! And ORANGE!

Since the last post, Andrew has gone back out to sea but before he left I sent some cards with him that I’d made, giving him specific dates to open some of them others telling him to open when he needed a smile, etc.  I made him a Gwennie’s Gotcha Day card and on it I put one of the pictures of Gwen when we went to pick her up.  Recently I got an email (the first in a very long, long time) and he said he really enjoyed the cards and especially the one with Gwen.

We picked Gwen up when she was 10 weeks old — I had finally gotten to see her at 9 wks — and we knew instantly that she was the perfect little puppy for us.  She was (still is) so full of character and was quite adorable!  She rode very well in the car, only puking on me twice before going to sleep the rest of the way home.  We stopped a couple times for puppy potty breaks and also to get lunch for the humans and water for the puppy.  It was a 4.5 hour drive from one side of the state (SC) to the other sine we had to take so many breaks in between driving.  I have tons of pictures of Gwen from those first few days, I just wanted to share a few today.

On the 29th I wasn’t actually with Gwen, she was staying with my parents while I was attending my sister-in-law’s wedding in Pennsylvania.  It was a very lovely wedding, I just wish my husband would’ve been able to attend his only sister’s wedding…such is the navy life I guess.

Proof that I was at the wedding!

Many things to catch up on but I’m going to leave it here for now.  I have since gone back to work (finally!) and have been quite busy trying to keep up with the house (read:  mow the lawn regularly so it doesn’t turn into a jungle), and giving the dog and my horse the attention that they deserve.  Little time has been left for regular blog writing let alone reading!  I have some grand plans, but we will just have to wait and see if those seed are able to sprout with such limited time.