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Gotcha, Gwennie!


Saturday was Gwen’s 2nd Gotcha Day! We celebrated by giving Gwennie cuddles (she didn’t really want them) and a new collar with some new bows to put on said collar (she would have preferred cookies and toys over accessories).  I can’t believe we have had Gwen for two whole years!!!  Though it has certainly been an enjoyable two years! 🙂

Also: Fitz is now officially 5 months old! (On saturday, he was.)

It was so difficult to get a picture of the two of them together where they were both looking in the same direction (sorta) with eyes open, ears upright, and not wiggling!  Anyone that owns a corgi and likes to take pictures of them knows how difficult it is to photograph one Corgi, but make it 2 Corgis and the level of difficulty is exponentially worse!