C is for Catching up and moving out!

WordPress, oh how I hate you!  You deleted my post that took me over an hour to write, edit, put in the proper links, and proof read it once more!  Now I don’t want to even write it again!  It was about catching up with why I haven’t written for almost three whole weeks!  Also about the challenge that I have already failed since I did not start on the 1st with the letter A.  My theme for today was Catching up.  Over all the stress of moving very soon and dealing with the idiocracy of the Navy while also working longer hours has given me reason to not write.  I’ve been drowning in housework since I haven’t had the motivation to do any of it since all I want to do is sleep when I come home.  I’m always hungry.  All I want to do is read — I read two books that I’d been waiting for to come out in the last week.  Both well over 500 pages!  Gwen has been going for long walks to keep her happy and to atone for us having to leave her in her kennel or in the kitchen while we are both at work.  She got a new Chuckit frisbee for Easter!

Super summarized version of what I’d written earlier:

  • My last day at work is the 10th.
  • Movers are coming on the 10th.
  • Andrew may or may not be there when the movers are here. Of course, right?  So I’ve asked a friend to come for moral support for a couple hours at least — I’ve never done one of these moves before.
  • Can you see the growing conflict with time and dates there involving April 10th?!?!?!
    • Tried to move my last day to the 9th, they said “we’ll see what we can do” after I’d said that I couldn’t work that morning but I might be able to work that evening but it would be better if I could just change the day.  There wasn’t even the possibility of being able to give them a 2 week heads up since we’d found out about it within two weeks of even moving.
  • Put in our moving out notice but had to rescind it at one point and then put it in again and this time they weren’t going to let us pro-rate it.
  • Moving out on the 12th.

So much stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

99 cent Bully Stick Review:

  • Shipping:  Great price, very speedy!  We ordered on a Friday night (late) and they shipped Monday morning.  We had the bully sticks by Thursday!
  • Quality:  Very good quality, just like the 6” ones you can get at the stores like Petco only they are much cheaper!
  • Cons:  Stiiiiinky.  All bully sticks stink, that is a given.  Don’t expect them to not be stinky.  I kind of forgot how stinky they can be and I opened the package with my head over it and got a big whiff of gross!
  • Gwen’s Review:  Loved them!  She kept begging for them when they were sitting on the table after I brought them inside!  She didn’t want to wait until after dinner to munch on one of them!  The stinkier they are the better.
  • Click the section title if you want to go to the page with the bully sticks.

I have been a very bad blogger.  *hangs head in shame*   I have not written anything in weeks nor have I even taken any pictures of my dog, the main topic of this whole thing!  Shame on me!  I promise to do better in the future.  I am going to try to catch back up and keep up with the challenge but I can’t promise anything definite since we are in the process of getting ready to move and will be moving in about a week.  We have NOTHING packed up yet!  The movers will technically pack all our stuff for us but we haven’t even gotten through throwing stuff out.  I am in the pre-stages of hoarding so it is difficult…Andrew (or my mom) have to tell me THROW THINGS OUT!  for me to actually be able to do this successfully….  I was, however, able to go through the dog’s toys and throw out all the mangled and dead toys.  I reasoned that I was making room for new toys.  Andrew also had to make sure I followed through on throwing things out, especially if it had been cute or a baby toy or still had eyes.


5 thoughts on “C is for Catching up and moving out!

  1. Hello! I always write my posts in Pages first then copy and paste it in Blogger. That way if Blogger goes bonkers, I’ll still have my post saved in a document! Good luck with everything you have going on. I hope you find time to relax and recharge soon!!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

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