Whoa! 99 cent Bully Sticks?! Awesome!

Everyone likes getting a good deal, right?  If you are somebody who does not like a good deal every now and then, well, I’m not sure what to tell you.  I am not one of those extreme coupon people but I do love being able to use a coupon here and there.  Last night while I was waiting for laundry to finish, I was browsing Facebook and saw an interesting ad in the sidebar.  It was one of those ones that you just have to click on, you don’t have a choice.

The ad I clicked on was from a website called PetFlow and man does it have some serious deals!!  I have also seen things advertised with this site on Giant George’s Facebook Page.  Side note, I am currently reading Giant George’s book!  So far I’m really liking it!  GG is the Guinness World Record holder for biggest dog; he’s a Great Dane.  The latest and greatest thing I saw on GG’s FB page was an LED light for your dog’s collar that is only $1.39 instead of 3something.  A portion of the proceeds of whatever items he is promoting at the time goes to different animal charities.  He is a very big humanitarian dogitarian! 😉

Click these bully sticks and it will take you to the page with the 99c bullies!!

The PetFlow ad I saw last night was for bully sticks and it said they were 75% off, so naturally I had to go check it out.  Instead of the usual 4 or 5 dollars for one 6 in. bully, their price is $0.99!  99 cents for a bully stick?!?!?!  That’s crazy!  So obviously I jumped on this deal.  You can buy them in packs of 5, 20, or 100 but we decided to just go with individual bullies (limit was 35) so that’s what we did!  We got Gwen 35 bully sticks at 99 c. a pop!  This is way better than any discount or coupon!

We have never ordered from this website before so we will see how quick they ship, etc.  I guess this is a pre-review?  I will let you know if we have a good experience with this place or not — but if your dog likes bully sticks as much as our dog, you might benefit from this deal!  At least go check out what they have to offer.  They also had braided bullies for a pretty good price too.

Animals are expensive!  No doubt about that.  Every time I hear someone complain about how expensive their dog food or dog toys are I really want to just tell them not to complain, I have a horse.  When you stop to think about how much you actually spend on your animals it is mind boggling but also rewarding.  I say rewarding assuming that these people are animal lovers and like to see their animals happy and healthy.

We buy toys for Gwen to rip up destroy play with so that she stays entertained.  We buy her antlers, bully sticks, and sometimes rawhide bones (though those are gunky) so she can gnaw on things.  We play fetch with her (only inside since she can’t figure out how to do it outside), tug of war, and we let her indulge in her frappy side by jumping over things and tearing around the house like a crazed tasmanian devil.  Why?  So she stays happy, duh!

Of the things I may have forgotten to mention:  she lays on the sofa, goes on long walks, plays with the soccer ball, chases squirrels, barks in our ears (can’t figure out why she started this one), plays hop on pop, licks the Italian Ice cups clean, steals our socks (not something we really let her do), and lays on top of us when we nap on the couch.  Now tell me this dog isn’t spoiled.


NOTE:  I am in no way being compensated for promoting this deal.  It just so happens that I felt like being nice and sharing my find with other fellow dog owners.

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