Where Did November Go?

November was a rough month.  It also happened to be my birthday month!  In my family we tend to “celebrate” the whole month…”we” being my dad and I since my mom does not believe in this tradition.  I apparently did not post a single thing on the blog in November!  Nor did I read/finish a single book! *gasp!*  This year I have been keeping track of the books I’ve read (title, author, page amount) for each month in different colors of course.

Gwen reminded me the other day that she would like to update her bloggy.  I said okay.  Especially since it is Christmas time (Read:  Time to take lots of Christmasy pictures of Gwen!)


Happy Belated Bday to da momma hoomin!
-Love Gwennie (the not amused balloon bringing Corga)


Okay, please get these balloonies off my collar now!


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