Yucky things like my dog…

A quick trip to the vet?  That should be quick, easy and painless!  <– These were my thoughts before I took Gwen in on Friday afternoon…


While we were in Charleston we’d had Gwen on Trifexis for her flea and heartworm medication.  Before we moved me made sure to get her next month’s dose so we would have time to located a vet up here to continue her monthly flea/heartworm regimen.  The first vet we went to did not sell Trifexis but they did recommend another vet that did so I called them up and made an inquired about what would need to be done to get her new flea medications.  I was told I needed to make an appointment to see the Vet before we could actually be given a new prescription.  At $55 for just a visit I was reluctant so I put it off for another week or so.  Finally I decided that I was being a bad pet owner and made an appointment to get the dog in.  In the long run I am glad I went with the second vet since the office was much nicer, in my opinion, and the vet we saw was pretty nice and all the staff liked Gwen (who wouldn’t?!).

Gwen saw the lady vet and she got her ears swabbed.  Later on they asked me if they wanted me to run a test on the gunk from her ears (I hadn’t cleaned the dogs ears yet but it was on the list of things to do!) and I gave the okay for that ($29 just to look under a microscope!).  I also opted to get Gwen’s shots at this visit since she was due for them next month anyways.  Might as well kill all the birds with one stone.  When they brought out the invoice agreement thing for me to sign, I read through the list and ended up telling them no I would not approve half of the things on it.  They wanted to run a heartworm test on her since she’d been off the medicine for almost a month after they had informed me that we are in an area where heartworm is extremely rare due to the fact that it does not get or stay warm enough at night for the hearworm larve to be picked up and transmitted by the mosquitoes.  They also wanted to charge me $33 to clean Gwen’s earsTHIRTY-THREE DOLLARS!!!  I clean her ears myself normally and as much of a pain she is about it I do not believe it is worth $33 to have someone else do it.  They don’t even charge that much at the groomers…  The also had invoiced some medicines that were not discussed.  There was an ear-cleaner and a prescription for antihistamines since the vet said she “may” have allergies when we have not seen signs of allergies other than yeasty ears.  They really wanted all my nickels and dimes…

So a vet visit that I figured would come out around $70 with an exam and her Trifexis Rx ended up being more like $177.03.  She ended up with her shots that last 3 years, her exam, Trifexis, a bottle of super-special medicated ear cleaning solution, and the test on the ear gunk.  The vet said that Gwen had the beginnings of a yeast infection in her ears.  So now we have to clean her ears with the super special medicated cleaning solution twice a day for two weeks and then once or twice a week after that.  After hearing the doc’s instructions I was thinking are you kidding me?!  Because Gwen is a royal stinker about ear cleaning…she squirms and shakes her head, shaking the cleaning stuff into my face and on my clothes.  I feel like I need goggles and a hazmat suit just to handle her!  Good thing is she no longer snarls and snaps at me like she used to when I tried to convince her to let me clean those giant satellite dishes.

I did some googling and found a couple articles that pertain to yeast infections in dogs.  I learned that if it is in one ear it is most certainly bound to be in both, and that the “frito feet” smell that a lot of people describe their corgis having is really yeasty feet! (Thank God she does not have frito feet!)  I had heard before that Corgis can be prone to allergies, as well as other dogs that are mainly indoor dogs.  In these articles there were also some ways to help keep the yeasties at bay.

Here are the articles I found:


Apart from our recent wallet draining vet visit, Gwen had a tick on her!  Andrew and I have been playing soccer in the back yard with Gwen at night; the other night we took her to the park down the road and then when we came home we played soccer.  We are not entirely sure where she picked it up but we guess in the wooded part of our yard. 😦  I discovered it in the morning right before my parents came to visit.  I had picked Gwen up in the garage and felt a weird bump right in front of her right foreleg.  I dug through the hair to look at it and then showed Andrew, we both agreed our poor little doggie had a nasty tick sucking out her blood!  I of course doing the most logical thing panicked and called my mom.  I knew the gist of how to get rid of it but had never done it since Dayzee had never had one and I was too young to take care of our dog Zack when he had a tick.  I ended up holding Gwen while my mom doused the offending arachnid in rubbing alcohol and then when that didn’t work she took a smoldering match to it, but of course the tick was reluctant to give up its meal so Andrew pulled it off with tweezers and then we put more alcohol on it to sanitize the bite.  The whole time I had my eyes shut.

On trying to find an image to put here for the ticks I did not want to put an actual tick because I find them gross yet when I found a tick identification chart I figured it was a good resource…so here is the link for the chart.  On it you will find you can search different areas of the country (my apologies if you are outside of the US, hopefully you don’t have ticks!).  I found the chart/site both gross and fascinating.  They also had good tips for the battle against ticks!  Another informative link from NY.

It seems that the past couple of weeks have been a time of yucky things trying to attach themselves to my dog!  I really need to take her to the groomers to get washed!  She has grass stains and mud stains and smells like a rotting log…yucky things like rotting logs!  (No she is not rotting.) 😦

On a happier note, I start work tomorrow!  After the month+ run around I got with my transfer, it will be nice to be bringing in a paycheck again to pay for my menagerie.  I only work for a few hours then I have the rest of the week off since I am going to the Sister-in-law’s wedding.  First time meeting the other half of Andrew’s family and of course I’m going it alone.  I have the Navy to thank for that…  Here’s to hoping I make it home all in one piece!


7 thoughts on “Yucky things like my dog…

  1. OMG, that “Frito” feet thing is so gross!! Norma doesn’t have Frito feet either, but other corgi people always talk excitedly about their dog’s Frito feet. GAG! Good luck at work tomorrow 😀

  2. We went through 5 vets when we moved back from Europe, finally we found one that isn’t into maximizing their profit when we walk in the door, we can’t stand that. You may want to find a different vet next time as they sound like they were looking for ways to cash in on you. That ear thing is something so many vets tried with me and my long floppys but now we have it in our control and our vet only suggests something if we ask about it.

    • I really liked the vet we had in Charleston! We asked them about her stinky ears and they looked at them and gave us some cleaner and she was fine, just a little dirty. I figure we will get them cleaned up with this stuff and then play it by ear (no pun intended haha!) on how it goes after that. I wonder if they tried to do that because we were new there? I stood my ground on it though, made sure to ask lots of questions! I even told them that I had other animals that I have to pay vet bills on so I can’t do all those extra tests. (Which is true! The horse just saw the vet that day too!)

      • Oh my, a horse vet bill has to be big as a horse!!! I just know that the vet we had now told us about all the stuff we had done previously that was not needed and they always try to help us spare costs but they are good at what they do and know their stuff too.

  3. Ticks are the nastiest things, aren’t they? I found one on my Beagle one day and I’m sure he picked it up on the nature trail by our house. he’s got gunky ears, too. But he’s good when I clean them, he just stares at me with the most pitiful expression until I’m done.

  4. Yeast has been the source of all our problems with our labrador abroozi. He would get these pustules on his skin – scratch, break the pustule, pustule gets infected, scab forms, he’d scratch it and the whole viscious cycle would start. MOnths of antibiotics (our vet costs are much much cheaper here in India) and still no result. Finally i realised he had an yeast allergy from food. So no rice, no flour, no wheat, no veges like carrots of pumkins. Meat, eggs, gourds, lentils, yoghurt and home made beef jerky treats, is what he gets now. And voila! he has been pustule free for almost 3 months – that’s the longest he’s gone in 2 years! So an yeast infection can be caused by diet too.

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