Sitting in Grandpaw’s truck (getting hair everywhere).

Since moving back to the Evergreen State, we have made many trips back home to see my parents and now that my mom’s back is healing from her surgery, they have made a few trips to our new house.  Of course Dayzee (black lab) gets to make the trip too!  Gwen loves playing with her Auntie Dayzee and when those two play you might want to step back and plug your ears…the growling and Gwen’s yipping and the bodies being flung around, knocking into things (i.e. people knees and furniture) really starts to wear on you after awhile.  Thankfully they get tired and have a break or Dayzee will snarl at Gwen saying that she has had enough for now.

Both dogs absolutely love car rides!  Often times Dayzee will just sit in the backseat of my dad’s truck in the afternoon when he is working in the garage or even on their remodeling project inside.  He leaves the door open so she can go in and out but she’ll just sit on the seat and keep an eye on things that happen around her.  (She’s a lazy bum.)

Dayzee sticking her head out the window before I opened the door for her.

Lately, I have been taking Gwen with me in the car when we go to the barn or go run errands and of course when we make the trip home for a couple days.  Gwen is a very good little traveler!  She will curl up on the seat or the floor so she can stretch out.  She even puts her head up on the center hump thing in the floor of my truck.  When she does this she stares at me with her beady little (big) eyes and it gets a little creepy until she finally falls asleep.  But recently she has taken to trying to climb over the floor hump to crawl under my feet which is a big, big no-no!  So far she has tried about 5 times.  One day she tried 3 times before I got to the barn!  Guess who has lost front seat riding privileges and now has to ride in the backseat again.

When Andrew was at sea and a little before he left last time, we let some of Gwen’s “rules” slide a little.  She got to sleep on the bed, stay out of her crate during the day when I’d leave the house for a little while, and got to sleep in the bedroom (on her own purple bed).  We have since seen the error in our ways and have gone back to enforcing our Corgi’s house rules…she may not appreciate it but the structure is doing her well, I think.  We’ve also gone back to bribery reenforcing commands with treats.  She is getting back to where we were before the move and everything.

The next time Andrew goes to sea Gwen will probably end up sleeping in the bedroom again with me, though this time I will probably put her crate in there instead of the kitchen…we shall see I guess.  I just don’t like being woken up at 4:30 in the morning by little claws going click click click click click click as she paces back and forth by the door until I get up to let her outside.  I know she can hold it for another couple hours until I wake up…

Dog Vocab:

Does your dog have a “vocabulary?”  Gwen does.  Last night, we just realized that she understands the word “bully” and what it means…  We were watching cartoons and I laughed at something they had on there (running with the bulls and then right after it was running with the bullies) so I repeated it to Andrew and Gwen, who had been laying down ignoring everything, perked her giant ears up and had the look on her face of ohpleasepleaseplease!!  So I said bully again and she jumped up!  I added her favorite phrase “doyouwanna” and that got her going!  Not to worry, she got to pick a bully out of the treat box for all of our teasing.

If you say “Doyouwanna” you will get her attention and if you use any of her key words then she will let you know what she wants.  Different words invoke different responses too.  For example, doyouwannagoforRIDE or just goforaRIDE she will run and hop around between the front door and the garage door until you pick up a leash and head for the door.  Say wannagoOUTSIDE and she will go to the door and ring the potty bell and let out one or two barks if she really wants to go outside.

Of course Gwen knows her commands and some other words like cookie, treat, dinner, and bed.  All the important ones of course! 😉  On the other hand, she is missing a few important words which we hope she will one day figure out, like “ball.”  Dayzee knows what you want when you tell her to getcherball!  She is supposed to go get one of her toys to be thrown.  She also knows “cookie ball” which is a Kong stuffed with cookies and PB.  How does my food-loving Corgi not know these words?!?!


Today’s cute Corgi video:


3 thoughts on “Wannagoforaride?!

  1. Awww…poor little one living the life under rule again. We don’t have too many rules, no pets on furniture, seatbelts all the time in the car, stuff like that. I guess as we got older, we got trusted more 🙂

  2. haha, hilarious! Some of the words that Gimli knows we use it when we get him to pose for pictures. Certain words will make him tilt his head, so like a weirdo, I repeat the word til I get the shot I want. 🙂
    We have to give Gimli refresher courses too, it’s annoying but these doggies are stubborn!

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