My Glorified Penpal

A penpal.  That is what my husband has turned into.  A glorified penpal.  You don’t know when they will get your message or when you will get one back…sailor mail is akin snail mail…  Most of my emails are filled with Gwen’s antics or stories about my horse.  We are supposed to keep all bad news out of our emails — to keep morale up — so I find the best way to do this is to talk about the animals!

What I really wish I could send are photos since a picture says a thousand words…

Sleepy head all curled up on my nice new pillows!

Or better yet…getting comfy, Corgi style:


3 thoughts on “My Glorified Penpal

  1. The pictures made me LOL!!! Norma sez hai!!! Also, I feel you on the PenPal bit. I’m writing letters to my husband, but I can’t send them! I’m even using silly Hello Kitty stationary and decorating the letters with stickers. I’m such a nerd.

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