We got da Bluez


Gwen and I have both been a little blue lately.  Andrew left on his first deployment with the “big Navy” not long ago.  I can’t say any specifics but I can say that this is a lot shorter than he would normally be out.  I suppose this is supposed to be a good thing, like being able to dip your toe in the water to test is before you dive on in…not that there is much choice in the matter.  What the Big Navy says, goes.

I took Andrew to the airport since he had to meet his boat elsewhere and just dropping him off there was easier than it had been when he left on his NROTC Midshipman cruises when we were still in college.  At least then I was able to go home and be with my parents and go to work.  Here, now, I’m not working, I don’t have any friends yet, and I’m not living with my parents.  The days leading up to his departure were not fun at all.  I can only hope it gets easier (doubt it though).

What does it feel like for him to be gone?  Painfully lonely and sad.  The only communication that we get is via email and even then it is not often at all.  For them to receive email on the sub, they have to surface and the messages for the whole boat as well as the communications and other official whatnot all get received and put through a “pipeline.” From what I understand, it is like using dial-up while trying to put a bunch of stuff through it while at the same time sharing with a bunch of people…slow and difficult.  So it is a real treat to receive an email from them, so far I have received two little emails. 🙂

*   *    *    *    *

After my husband left, Gwen was at first a little sad like she was when he was doing his training back in South Carolina but after being a little mopey she returned to normal.  I think she was figuring he would be back in the morning like usual.  When he was packing all his stuff she was following me around since I have always been the one to leave to go see family.  She didn’t understand.  The next day she slept in the chair that she and him both like to sit in…it is “her” chair since “her” blankie is on it…she didn’t want to move anywhere and the next couple of days she spent long hours laying in that chair or looking out the window.

I tried to keep her busy, giving her toys with treats inside, throwing the ball, tying her outside so she could dig holes in the yard, and going on as many car rides as she wanted.  We even went to Petco and picked out some new treats the other day!  I like to think that Gwen enjoyed that. 🙂

Gwennie has been a big help keeping me from being too lonely.  When I get sad or lonely she knows.  A Corgi can’t dry your tears but she can lick them away, clean your ears, and cheer you up!  If I’m feeling down she will bring me her Kong and will lick my ears until I laugh and play with her.  This little dog is going to be my saving grace. ❤


3 thoughts on “We got da Bluez

  1. LOL, “big Navy” – sorry, thought that was funny! I was in for 8 years. I went from a sub tender to aircraft carrier to shore duty. Kudos to him for having sub duty, I got to tour a sub and I like daylight too much!

    {{hugs}} to you all ! It can’t be easy to see your hubby leave on deployment, but think of how awesome with will be when he gets home!!!

    • I called it the “big Navy” since all he’s been at have been training commands and school so far! Almost like getting kicked out into the “real world!” haha 🙂

  2. I visited as a suggestion from dreaminofbx…..very heartfelt post. It reminded me of my dear brother-in-law’s many tours of duty in the army. Corgis are cute…as are all long-backed dogs. I have a mini-dachsie.

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