V is for Vacation

Andrew & Gwen next to one of the Moose statues in the park at Coeur d’Alene.

V is for Vacation, because after this move I need a vacation!  To relate this to Corgis/dogs, we will consider this road trip a vacation with the dog!  I’m not sure that Gwen really likes vacations…

Today was a shorter day of driving and once again, Gwen was still in the midst of her “fun hangover” from playing with doggie cousin Rorie for three days.  In other words Gwen once again slept all day.  Since we didn’t have too far to drive today we stopped to do some fun stuff.  One of which included going to the 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar which is not only a bar but also a huge gift shop, restaurant, motel, gas station, and casino.  (I probably missed something.)  It’s world famous!  This place is located on I-90 on the western border of Montana.  I’d never stopped there before but Andrew had.  We proved to be very good tourists since we purchased some things at the biggest gift shop I have ever seen, gawked at the silver dollars, and got some ice cream. 🙂  Gwen sat in the car.  We did let her out to go potty but all she wanted to do was stick her head into ground hog (?) holes.

Also, if you are a horse person and need a place to stop to water your horse or to spend the night, they have an area (corral and parking/exercise areas) on the west side of the motel at the 50,000 Silver $ place.  They’ve got water, parking, and areas for exercise.  Short stay or over night.  Maybe keep that in mind for the next time you are hauling your horses on I-90 between Idaho and Montana.  Just look for the 50,000 Silver $ sign — you can’t miss it!  (There was a sign right next to the door, had to check it out for myself and pass along my findings!) 🙂

We stopped at Coeur d’Alene, ID to get out of the car and walk around the park there by the lake.  Just getting out of the car the dog almost gave me a heart attack!  As Andrew went to go pay for parking I was left to deal with the dog.  I was reaching for something in the car while Gwen was standing outside of the car on her leash.  She was at the end of it so I tried to pull her forward but she was having none of it.  When she pulled against me she slipped her collar!  We were in a parking lot right off of a busy road of course.  To make matters worse she refused to come to me!  Normally she has great recall but of course when it really matters she acted as if I didn’t exist!  I stopped and called her name, all happy like, but she kept on trotting away from me (towards the road).

The closer Gwen got to the road the more worried I got — how could I not!  We were so lucky that there were people walking on the sidewalk next to the road.  I was jogging towards the side walk carrying Gwen’s leash and collar while calling her name, obviously I was after the little devil.  There was a couple walking on the sidewalk and the girl paused to try to pet Gwen and luckily Gwen went up to her but didn’t let the girl actually touch her.  That and Gwen’s short attention span were what kept her from running into the road!  There was some interesting smell on the sidewalk that Gwen felt she just had to sniff because when she stopped I grabbed her!

Her collar got tightened after that and I also pulled out her dog park (dirty) collar so that wouldn’t happen again since that one won’t loosen like the pretty one.  After that we did end up walking around the park and sitting by the water for awhile before we headed on down the road to find our hotel.  At that park, dogs are not allowed INSIDE the actual park but ARE allowed to walk ON THE PATH around the outside.  City ordinance.

Tomorrow we will have the keys to our new house!  Can you tell we are excited?!  We won’t spend the first few nights there until we get our furniture, until then we will be visiting my family since we have moved back home (for me) and my family is only a couple hours away.  Gwen will finally get to meet her Aunty Dayzee (my parents’ lab), cousins Bella (lab) & Tucker (Cocker Spaniel), and Uncle(?) Nemo (Poodle).

I feel that today may or may not have followed quite with the A to Z theme/topic that I chose…let’s wrap this whole thing up by saying that taking Gwen on vacation is interesting to say the least; it has been a new experience for us all.  Have you ever taken your dog (or other pet) on vacation with you??  Was it difficult?  We found that THE BEST hotel to stay in is La Quinta since they are pet friendly — pets stay FREE — and usually very clean and nice to stay at.  We also stayed in Days Inn which is a good one but they do have a small pet fee.

Oh yeah!  Gwen’s first birthday is on Saturday!!!!!!!!!  Only 2 days left!


7 thoughts on “V is for Vacation

  1. In Germany we always went on vacation because dog are pretty much allowed everywhere. Here it is a bit more difficult but we still get to go. We love the Drury Inns. They are not in the entire country but they are so great, top condition, no pet fee, no size limit, 2 dogs, no problem. Really great!

  2. Oh, having your dog slip her collar is one of the scariest things there is!! I work Blizzard outside the fence in her choker, which I slip over her collar. Another scary incident was when I was walking Xena along the wall next to the river in Hillsborough Park (good chance of gators). She fell off the wall, but I hauled her up by her leash, and her collar was tight enough so it didn’t come off. I didn’t walk her there anymore… (Fortunately she was wasn’t a big dog.)

  3. We rarely take our dogs on vacation, but we moved from Boston to Florida once with two dogs and five cats. (The five cats were in three carriers.) The nights were interesting. Bast climbed the curtains, and Pagadan yowled under the bed all night.. (We put the little pan in the bathroom, btw.)

      • Oh, yes, I worried about that too–and them going potty on the carpet, but it was a pretty good trip, actually. Fortunately, Spindrift was still a puppy (thus smaller), and she’d gotten over being car sick… Pagadan’s yowling under the bed all night!–and me pounding on the floor and yelling at her to be quiet–was probably the worst of it.

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