S is for SNOW! — Gwen’s First Snow!

Gwen’s First Snow Experience

Yesterday, we arrived in Denver and are staying with Andrew’s family for a couple of days.  My parents came into town to visit my brother who lives in the area also but with the impending snow they decided to only stay a day and then head out with my truck.  (Andrew’s mom &  grandpa had driven it half way and my parents were to continue the other half.)  My mom and dad did, however, get to finally meet Gwen even if it was for a short time before they headed off.  We will see them soon though and Gwen will also get to meet her Aunty Dayzee and other cousins, Bella, Tucker and (Uncle?) Nemo!

Here at Gwen’s grandpawrents’ house are two dogs, Faline and Rorie.  Faline is a black spitz of some sort (fluffy and black) and Rorie is a Terror-mutt  terrier mix.  Faline is the family dog from when Andrew was in High School and Rorie is the new addition, being only around 6 months old.  Needless to say Gwen and Rorie get along great (now) but Gwen and Faline don’t really see eye to eye, and that has nothing to do with height…

Rorie & Gwen. Look at the ears on that thing!

I tried to get Faline in the picture too but she politely declined.  I just remembered that she hates to have her picture taken….

Gwen and Rorie play like puppies, rough housing and causing a ruckus and in doing so leave Mother Hen Faline out.  I don’t think Faline really likes that, especially since Rorie is “her” puppy and play thing.  She is a bit jealous and does not hesitate to let Gwen know.  She will bark and growl at Gwen and Rorie when they are playing and they don’t tend to listen to her admonishments.  There was one instance when the pups were out in the yard that Faline was growling and barking and then Gwen paused in her wrestling with Rorie to turn to Faline to snarl at her.  They ended up in a stand off for a long moment where they both had snarly faces on staring at each other.  I think that was the point where Gwen stood up to Faline and said, “Hey Lady, if you aren’t going to do anything about it then leave me alone!”  They never went after each other, just had ugly snarl faces.

This is Faline.  She’s a Mother Hen.

As for the snow, Denver has some!  The snow is also going to make us delay leaving for a couple of days since the Challenger is not really the best vehicle to be driving in the snow…it is currently covered in snow.

I can’t believe that the A to Z Challenge is almost done!  Only 7 more letters to go!  That means 7 more days!  Well, technically I still need to do my A and B but I am planning on combining those later this week with another one.  I should’ve just done them in beginning when I had a chance to catch up (remember, I’d almost forgotten about the challenge), oh well.  Gwennie’s FIRST birthday is coming up too!  She will be turning a year old on the 27th!!!!!!!!!!!!!



6 thoughts on “S is for SNOW! — Gwen’s First Snow!

  1. Congrats on your 100th post! And thanks for sharing the photos of Gwen; she is so cute!! I bet you’ll have fun watching her frolic in the snow. I’d love to see our dogs discover snow, but it’s not likely here in Florida… Rorie is cute too, btw; and Faline (love the name) looks like a pretty little wolf.

  2. Congratulations on your 100th post! I’d give just about anything to see my dogs play in the snow. We live in the desert, so they’ve never seen it! 🙂

    Happy A to Zing! 🙂

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