Q is for Quest

In the crate in the back seat.

Gwennie would like to tell you her story today:

We are going on a QUEST! The hoomans loaded up the big orange pumpkin chariot and said “comeon Gwen! Lets go for a ride!” And then we drove and drove and drove for like 8 hours!  It felt like FOREVER!

We had a bunch of evil rains today.  It was really, really loud and hurt my poor corgi ears. 😦

We stopped at a Chik fil a for lunch (they didn’t give me any but let me go for a potty break, thank goodness!) and at a gas station. We are in Nashville, TN for tonight.  It’s my first time staying in a hotel.  The momma isn’t so sure about me being a good dog…her thinks that I bark too much.  People keep walking by outside!  I MUST BARK!

I gots to ride in an L-E-vader [elevator] to get to our room!  Lots of peoples got in with funny suitcases and some stranger petted my head then everybody left!  There are lots of funny smells here and I keep getting into trouble for chewing on this funny carpet.  Now the humans think it’s a good idea to put me on a leash indoors.  What’s up with that?!

Now I am sitting on the bed with my hoomans.  At home I’m very, very rarely allowed on the big human bed — they think I’m going to jump off it and hurt myself.  I figured out how to get on this bed all by myself.  They were impressed but also worried I might hurt myself since I am a long backed corgi and not supposed to be jumping such big jumps.

Oh yeah, and I did NOT get car sick today!  Yay!!!  That’s a first for a long car ride.  I’m proud of that. 🙂

Sitting on the human bed in the hotel!

Day 1.  Only 2 more til Denver to visit the daddy’s family, then another 2 or 3 til we get to our new home!


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