O is for Obedience

Corgis are definitely smart little things, no doubt about that!  One of the things that we kept seeing when we were researching the breed before we even contacted Gwen’s breeder was that it was very highly recommended to start their training very early on since they are quick learners and will easily outsmart their humans if not taught at an early age who is their pack leader and what it means to listen to them.  At around 10-12 weeks their little brains are like sponges and they will learn very quickly.  The first day we had Gwen home she learned “sit.”  A couple days later we started working on “down” and she picked that up right away!

She was also house trained fairly quickly, only having accidents when we weren’t able to get her outside in time.  She would try to tell us in her own little puppy way (whining and nipping) when she needed out — her humans caught on very quickly to her signals.  We also kept her on a pretty regular schedule as to taking her out to reduce accidents.  Puppy Rule of Thumb:  puppy bladders can hold about an hour per every month they are old.  Works like a charm!  She would get very grumpy with us if she had an accident too, that was kind of funny!

We enrolled Gwen in puppy classes as soon as we could (when she was done with all her puppy shots) at our local Petco and she went way beyond what was normally taught in Puppy Level I.  By the end our trainer was trying to come up with things to do!  She learned sit, down, stay, wait, Bang! (play dead), roll over, heel, come, leave-it, bed, shake, on, and off.  We’ve been working on some more tricks with her to keep her thinking and her latest to master has been “sit pretty” though sometimes she falls over still.  Walking nicely on a loose leash is another of Gwen’s “talents.”  Admittedly she doesn’t always walk nicely but she is easy to correct, all you have to do is check her back and she’s good.

Gwen graduated from her puppy class with flying colors!  We had originally signed her up for the next round of obedience classes after she got spayed (about a month later) and then there were some problems at the store and our trainer wasn’t able to finish her classes so we were given a refund and we said we’d try to sign up again later.  At the time I didn’t want to wait for a new trainer to be hired or to go to a store in a different city, having to start over.  Fast forward a few months, I got my job at Petco and now I wish I had gone to that store (different one) for puppy classes!  I like both of the trainers and we would have been able to continue on training.  I signed Gwen up for the AKC Canine Good Citizen course — take the AKC CGC test at the end to get certified — but while we waited for the class to start, Andrew figured I wouldn’t be able to finish the class since we were “supposably” leaving at a certain date but turned out we weren’t.  Things changed and he got extended here so in hind site I wish we’d done the class but at the time we didn’t think it was going to work.

The AKC Canine Good Citizen is a certification that is great to have.  When it was suggested to me, I whole heartedly agreed that it would be awesome to do!  The tests are things that are normal or that you would see in sort of an everyday setting if you were to be out in town with your dog or something like that.  There are 10 tests which include accepting a friendly stranger, sitting politely for petting, and reaction to distractions.  I have put the links to all the info about the CGC test and certifications in here a couple times, please check it out!  It is well worth it. 🙂

Once we get moved and all settled in we will try to get signed up for another class.  I want to get this certification under our (Gwen’s) belt or I guess collar in her case! 😉

I would also love to get involved in some sort of club or organization or even just classes with other dogs just to be able to meet other doggy people and to be able to do something fun with the dog!  I was in 4-H with my horses growing up and I wish they had 4-H for adults!!  Eventually we would love to do something like agility or even obedience with Gwen, for now we will settle for having such a cute little snuggle buddy, companion, and house pet.  Though I am sure Gwen would hate to be called a “house pet” if you were to ask her…she’d prefer “Corgi Princess Extraordinaire!


Yes, my dog is perfect! 

Happy A to Z!


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