N is for Noses & Nuisances

Corgis have cute noses!  Well, I suppose all dogs have cute noses, they just can’t help it!  When we got Gwennie she had pink on her nose and it eventually turned black as she aged.  Now it’s like a lump of coal except it is cold and wet and she likes to stick it in places and it sometimes gets her into trouble.  For instance, last night she got herself trapped in the corner of the bedroom trying to get into the closet.  We watched her walk into her little predicament because she was curious and we also watched the wheels turn in her little head and eventually she got out but only after knocking a bunch of stuff over.

Okay, so see the picture above?  I have a picture from “back in the day” of Gwen very similar to this…

I just love this Corgi pose!  Big eyes, big ears, cute black nose!

Gwennie says, “I noz you has my new bally right there…please can I have it now? I’m being a good model!”

“Here, make sure you get my good side!”

As well as having a cute little black nose, Corgis — at least THIS Corgi — has a knack for being a nuisance.  Especially lately since we’ve got no furniture and she is quite bored and curious.  We ended up buying some more toys (most of hers got packed and sent away) the other day to keep her happy.  The great thing is all the things we got except one thing were on clearance!  We got a bunch of those stuffingless birds with squeakers at Petsmart the other day!  Anyways, I digress.  She is currently being a big nuisance by poking her nose around the bags of clothes and trying to steal water bottles when they are not yet empty.

“Can I have this new ball yet??”

*Sigh* “I guess I will just have to wait a little longer. Silly human needs to take pictures faster!”

A to Z Update:  I think we are about half way through the A to Z Challenge!  I still have to post letters A & B but I think that will hopefully be done this weekend…I forgot about the first days of the Challenge because I lost track of time (and I am forgetful) but I have not failed (totally) in keeping up!  There have been a couple days when I had to post multiple posts in one day but I do have a valid excuse:  we are in the process of moving and things are a big hectic to say the least.  Finding time to make Corgi/dog related posts is proving to be fun and a bit challenging and some days it just turns out to be something random (like day L).  Hope you are enjoying our posts!  Happy A to Z!


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